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Mother Stole Fire

Clever Lu and the Dragons
40 Questions
Core Themes 
The World of Mother Stole Fire
Darvatius the Eternal
Bakunawa and the Seven Moons
The Bhedu
Cloacina and the Merde Grande
Mushrooms of Llaphedon
Courts of the Alfar
Panacea Potions
Mundo the Seal
The Lilu
The Old School Part 1, Part 2
Satchel Buck's Lonely Souls Club
Four Knightly Orders
Dungeon Hobo Slang and Signs
Clerical Relics
Self-Indulgent Lore Garbage
Amazons and Androgons 
The Dragon Lords 
Gods of Man, Great Powers, Blessings 
Mother and Moloch
Mother Stole the Background Kits 1, 2, 3, 4
Moon Beasts, Necromantic Republics, and Hell 
Of Baba Tubalkhan
The Dragon Republics
The Sixth People of Man 


Amazons and Androgons
Book Club Witch
Clerical Relics
Dung Knight 
Elemental Bender
Knights of the Broken Sword
Nightsoil Priest
Sanctioned Cambion
Star Warriors


Florens and Hauflins 
Neandr and Idaltu 
Everyone is Human


Reverse Monsters
Ordinary Magical Animals
Spaceship Encounters
Three from the Public Domain
Monsters of Linnaeus
Fun With Linnaeus II
Monsters Born of Sin
Jon Tatterdemalion 
The Dream Eater
Primates of the Post-Causal Paradox Peninsula 

Dungeons & Adventures & Games etc.

Gullet of the Rust Demon
A Look at Video Game Megadungeons
Making Dungeons with AI 
Lighthouse on the Spur
The Therefore Game
The Wizard's Fugue
The True Love Potion 


Alternate Progression Methods
Cybernetics for Knave
Guns and Kung Fu for Knave
Health, Healing, and Injuries
Material Methods of Protection Against Evil 
Material Methods of Detection
Soul Magic and the Soul Cycle 
Unified Food Theory
The Greatest Table Ever Made 
Magical Languages
Card-Based Expeditions 

Random Tables

100 Biblical Events and Aesthetics
100 Convictions
20 Hordes of Monstrous Humanoids
20 Lingering Effects of Petrification
20 Memories of Old Wars
20 Magical Masks
20 Weird World Locations
20 Spells From My Playlist
20 Wizarding Colleges 
20 Wizardball Mascots and other Wizarding Sports
20 Soulslike Bosses 
26 Cults
24 Easy Family Trees
336 Wizards
What the Fuck am I Scrying?
The Crow's Foot
Goblin Plots, Pockets, and Broodmothers
It's October 9th!
10 Horrible Hives 
What's the Fishman Excited About? 
The World According to Mr. Welch
100 Level 0 Characters for Super Smash Classics 
66 Folk
Big Table of Cultural Traits
Post Apocalyptic Nuns on the Run
50 Animal Mutations
Archaisms and Alzabos 
10 Secret Hideouts
7d8 Road-Weary Wanderers
10 Magical Items 
Random Fantasy Christ Figure Generators
50 Esoteric Enterprises Inspiration Seeds
Random Tables from Twitter 1, 2, 3
20 Magical Precipitations


Original, Simple, Ready to Hack
The Demons in Dark Corners
Organically-Grown Investigations
Dredge are the Coolest Orcs
Layman's Guide to Being Horrible

Mothership Space Stuff

Unnamed Setting: Basics
Unnamed Setting: Gazetteer
Five More for Mothership 
Uplifts for Mothership
Even More for Mothership
Converting Eclipse Phase Monsters to Mothership
A Creature, a Character, and Warframes for Mothership
Layman's Guide to Hard Sci Fi 
All-Purpose Late-Capitalist Mad Libs Scenarios
Jump Nine Empires 
The Ship Children
The Extrapolation Game
Classless Character Creation
Web of a Million Lies
A Tour of the Solar System
Mothership Planet Generation 1
Mothership Planet Generation 2
Testing the Planet Generation Tables
Sons and Daughters of RHEA
Iblis' Crown
The High Celestial Houses

Non-Mothership Space Stuff

Spaceship Character Class
Spaceship Encounters
O'Neill Cylinders 
Gorgonopsid Space Liches 
Danscape Planejammer
d66 TROIKA Spaceships
Pandora Gate Map (Eclipse Phase)

Esoteric Enterprises & Lighthouse

20 Questions, Esoteric Enterprises Edition
Esoteric Enterprises Exhibition / Lighthouse Field Guide 1 
Lighthouse Field Guide 2
Adul-Atpah, City of the Corpse
Blood Slaves of the Conquerer Worm 
Lighthouse Rules 0.1
Jubilee and Briggs: A Lighthouse Contact

Other Settings, Maps, and Conversions

The World of Fwea 
Extrapolating the Mythos
Return to the Mythos (Gods and Dreams)
The Book of the Night 
Fragments of a Setting on the Steppe
OSR Banner Saga
Poetry Challenge Setting
2017 Year in Review Setting
OSR Horizon Zero Dawn
An Evening at the Jasmine Dragon 
Adapting the SCP Wiki
Adapting the SCP Wiki 2: Groups of Interest
The Magnus Archives Post
Magnus Archives Referee Starter Kit 
The American Powers (Magnus Archives)
RED and BLUE Enterprises
Degenesis and Ruinations
10 Monster Setting
A Tower Unto Heaven
All Quiet in Canniel Hexmap 
Pandeimos: A New New Crobuzon
Disco Elysium All Night Long
Mass Effect for Mothership
The Dryad Queen Mother
A Last Hope In Hell 
Quick Quest is Cool Stuff

Unicorn Meat

7 Days of Unicorn Meat
Hooks and Factions
Ashcan Release Announcement
Card-Based Expeditions 

The Great Discape

Part 1, Part 2
Bestiary 1, Bestiary 2, Bestiary 3
The Great Discape Arises from the Deep!

Distant Lands of Diy

Version 1, Version 2

Fantastic Prehistory

Ancient Epochs 1
Ancient Epochs 2 
Gorgonopsid Space Liches

Play Reports

One offs: 1 (Tomb of the Serpent Kings), 2 (Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine in Space!)
Fwea: 1 (Tomb of the Chimera Kings), 2 (Kidnap the Archpriest)
Diy: 1 (Blood in the Chocolate). 2 (Hot Springs Island)
DCO With Randos: 1, 2
D6 Star Wars: 1
Danscape Adventures: 1, 2, 3,4 & 5
Delta Green: Operation HYACINTH 
Esoteric Enterprises: 1, TAKE HOME CONTAINER
Mothership: GREAT SCREAMING HELL 1, 2, 3, 4,  


Assorted Books 1, 2, 3,
2019 Shotgun Scenarios
Chromatic Soup
Delta Green Handler's Guide
Eclipse Phase 2e 
Esoteric Enterprises
Faux Pas 
Godkillers, Ynn, Stygian library, Black heart of Paradise, Black Powder Black magic
Fire on the Velvet Horizon
Kings of the Wyld
Lamentations 2
The Malazan Book of the Fallen
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Tome of Beasts
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
UVG & Others


The Greasetrap Lesson
Joyce Byers is the perfect Call of Cthulhu NPC
Horror is a Living Thing
Build a Better Cult
#DIY30 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Womb of Annihilation
Hoypoloi Sector
Notebook of Unfinished Wonders 
Notebook of Unfinished Wonders 2
Notebook of Unfinished Wonders 3 
Notebook of Unfinished Wonders 4 
Notebook of Unfinished Wonders 5
The Podcast Post 
Son of the Podcast Post
40k Ecology
Star Wars Clearinghouse
An Account of Inherited Books
You Remember Our Venerable House... 
3 Miniposts 
Talking about The Worm Ouroborous
A Few of My Favorite Things 
Games in my Folders 
Booze and Violence!
Fellows at the Bottom of the Stairs
Notes from my First Game
The Florentine
A Character in 13 Items 

Abandoned Projects

Delta Eclipse
Notes Towards a Pyre Tabletop 
Shadow of the Escaton

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