Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Class: Adipomancer

Are you ready, kids? Aye aye, Auntie Maya! I can't heaaaar you! AYE AYE, AUNTIE MAYA!

School: Adipomancer

Perk: You gain +2 AC for every unburnt spell die past the first. Your unarmed attacks do 1d6 damage.

Drawback: Each unburnt spell die counts as an encumbrance point and takes up an inventory slot. You can only regain burnt spell die through consuming an additional ration's worth of food.


1:You may spend a ration to gain advantage on a reaction roll.

2: You may enter Mountain Stance. You cannot move while in this stance, but gain +4 to saves vs being knocked over and your unarmed attacks do 1d8 damage.

3: You can burn any number of spell dice at will, to no additional effect.

Spell List:

Belly Drum
R: Touch  T: Self  D: 0
Cuts current HP in half, provides that many points in additional damage that may be split among subsequent attacks.

Aura of Warmth
R: Touch  T: Self  D: [sum] hours
The caster is immune to cold environmental conditions and takes half damage from freezing attacks for [sum] hours.

Cannonball Dash
R:50'  T: Self  D: 0
The caster barrels ahead at great speed, doing [dice] + [sum] damage to all targets in their path. Targets may make a save vs being knocked down.

Fist of Burning Spice
R: Touch  T: Self  D: [sum] attacks
The next [sum] attacks will ignite flammable material on contact.

Metabolic Overdrive
R: Touch  T: Self  D: 0
Recover [sum] HP.

Gravity Pull
R: [sum] x 5 feet  T: Object or creature D: 0
The target is pulled in a straight line towards the caster. By choosing to burn a die (an additional die if one was already burnt), the caster may make an attack after casting.

Black Well
R: Touch T:Point D: [sum] hours
The caster creates a stationary black sphere that can store [dice] pounds of material (orinventory slots). Secret training of the adipomancers permits them to carry this within their mouth, but they cannot speak or eat during this period. Items can be released from the Pit at will, but this will dissipate the spell.

Become Delicious
R: Touch  T: Creature of [dice] x2 HD or less  D: [sum] varies
As written by Skerples: "Target creature smells and tastes delicious for the spell's duration. The smell radiates 20' in calm air, but can spread via wind or leave a trail. Sentient creatures can usually resist the urge to eat the target without a Save, but animals and other ravenous creatures must Save or select the spell's target as their primary attack target. Insects will be attracted to the target for the spell's duration. The target may Save at the end of each duration interval to negate the effects. 1 [dice]: minutes, 2 [dice]: hours, 3 [dice]: months, 4 [dice] years. This spell can also affect dead creatures."

Gravity Wave
R: < 30'  T: Self  D: 0
The caster can either repulse or attract loose objects and creatures of [dice] HD or fewer, within a radius of their specification. Repulsed bodies will be pushed to the edge of the area of effect.
Sweet and Sour Palm
R: Touch  T: Creature  D: 0
The target is launched back [dice] x5 feet when hit. The attack deals acid damage and will leave a burning red handprint.

Pudding Bomb
R: Touch  T: Self  D: 5 minutes
The caster creates [dice] lipid simulacrums of themselves. These creatures have 1 HD and can explode for 1d6 damage. Unexploded bombs will be reduced to an inanimate puddle if they travel more than 100' away from the caster, or as time runs out. The caster retains remote control and awareness of all bombs. All dice spent on this spell count as burnt.

R: Touch  T: Creature  D: 0
Burn a spell die: gain an additional attack this turn. Die explodes on a 6.


  1. Spell die only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
  2. Paralyzed for 1d6 turns.
  3. Take 1d6 damage.
  4. Struck with incredible hunger, spend a turn eating a ration.
  5. Burnt spell die do not reduce encumbrance for 24 hours.
  6. Bizarre and obtuse cravings for 1d6 days. Save vs magic at end of period, permanent on failure.


  1. Your appetite flees you. You cannot regain burnt die for 24 hours.
  2. Food tastes utterly disgusting for 3 days. You must pass a save vs poison to eat a meal.
  3. You permanently lose your faculties of taste and hunger, and may no longer eat additional portions.
This doom can be avoided by preparing and consuming a dish of True Angelfood, or by fasting for ten days and nights.

Final notes:

This is an adaptation of Connor W's lipimancer class, now flavored as a monk because fat jolly monks who also know kung-fu are awesome.

This class is absolutely designed to work with Skerples' Monster Menu-All and the cooking rules from Occultesque

Yes, I know that Maya is actually ripped as hell and just uses layers of clothing to make herself look fat. I will use any excuse I need to.

Using GLOG for magical martial arts was a great idea.


  1. Who came from a far land to murder the gods?
    She learned it from Meti who lived in some pots!
    If artfulsome Cutting be something ye wish
    Then take a big slurp of these noodles delish!
    (Shatter the gates of he-a-ven!)

  2. This...this is the best thing I've read since Veins of the Earth. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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  4. Putting this into my GLOG hack! It's one of my favorite wizards.

    1. It's remained one of my favorites, I've considered doing a revised version.