Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Unicorn Meat Is Live!


Rowan A. (Mon)

At long last, it is here.

Unicorn Meat is now available for purchase.

It has been a long and winding road, full of many ups and downs, but at last we have arrived. What else more is there to say? Likely something, assuredly there's something I can say - I do love to chatter on about things I have written - but for now, I think I will bask in the "job is finally done" stage.

A great many thanks go out to a great many people who helped me along the way - Rowan, Gus, Jarret and Fiona for their parts in putting it together, the playtesters who ran games during development (thanks, Martin and Mike!), and all the folks who offered their encouragement and support during the process (thanks, TLN and Emmy!)

Do let me know how it goes; find me on discord, yell at me on twitter, dump a comment down below. I'd love to hear the play reports / see coloring page maps / read reviews and all that.

The time is neigh, the center cannot hold, the rough beast has reached Bethlehem.

Exalted Funeral (Print+pdf) (pdf)


Drivethru RPG (pdf)


  1. As it turn out, if you get something approved to go public on DTRPG and then make it private again (so that you can make it public at the appropriate time), you have to go through the entire approval process all over again.

    1. Update: It is now available through DTRPG

  2. Do you know if any European retailers will be selling the print version?

  3. Done

  4. Congratulations, Dan. You deserve to bask!