Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Expanded Pantheon Generator

The Manse has a really good pantheon generator. I'm adding some modifications.

One of the primary changes is the idea of Moiety. Gods can either be Hot (active, chaotic, expansive, passionate) or Cold (passive, orderly, controlled, introspective). You can only have viable godly offspring between gods of different moieties (I mean, it's possible to get double hot and double cold, but that's where you get legendary monsters) - the god's typical physical representation has nothing to do with it.

Honestly, this should probably be called the Big Old Divine Clusterfuck Generator.

Where Did They Come From? (d8)

  1. Born of primordial being, usurped it.
  2. Born of corpse of primordial being.
  3. Crawled out of chaotic nothingness.
  4. Did not form, have always been there.
  5. Nobody knows, nobody really cares.
  6. Some fanciful and clearly false story.
  7. Some fanciful and very true story.
  8. Existence unproven, only surmised.

The Godhead (d8)

Who is at the center of the pantheon?
  1. Monadic - A single being or force from which all others spawn. Both Hot and Cold.
  2. Duality - Two complimentary and/or rival beings 1 Hot, 1 Cold.
  3. Tripartite - Three equal beings (or trinitarian aspects). 1 Hot, 1 Cold, 1 Both or 3 Both.
  4. Quartet - Two pairs of Hot and Cold
  5. Five Powers - Either 2 Hot + 2 Cold + 1 Both or 5 Both
  6. The Hextet - Three pairs of Hot and Cold 
  7. Absent - The throne is empty. Begin with the 1st Generation
  8. Distributed - There is no central authority. Begin with the 1st Generation + 1d3 gods.
For the 1st generation of gods, roll 1d6+2 for each pairing. You can do this once and split them between the entire godhead, or once for each pairing among them.

For the 2nd generation, roll 1d3-1 for each pairing

For the 3rd generation, roll 1d2 -1 for each pairing.

The 4th generation, should you choose to go that far, cannot have offspring. This is because they are celestial Hapsbrugs if you are playing with high Hellenistic ick, and it's indicative of a major cultural shift if you are playing without Hellenistic ick.

If you would like to avoid Hellenistic ick in your pantheon, choose one (or more as needed) member of pairings that got  and declare them to be an Old God (that is, one of the gods from the culture that was here before the current main culture.)

If you want to get real extreme, start over with a new godhead and pantheon once you hit the stopping point. Gods have a base 40% of getting killed off, increasing if...
  • Their moiety is weak (+10%)
  • They are of third or fourth generation (+10%)
  • Their domain is culturally or politically specific.(+10%)
  • They are part of the godhead (+30%)
  • Draw 3 tarot - these aspects (upright or reversed) are considered unfavorable by the new culture (+10%)
Those that survive will be renamed and married into the new pantheon.

Typical Representation (d8)

Gods being gods, gender is more of a vague suggestion wafted in their general direction.
  1. Male
  2. Male
  3. Female
  4. Female
  5. Androgynous
  6. Both: Male and female portrayals.
  7. Both: Male and female features.
  8. Nonhumanoid

Moiety (d6)

Strong-embodiment gods will, as a rule, be more active and widely worshiped than weak-aspect gods.
  1. Hot (Strong)
  2. Hot (Weak)
  3. Cold (Strong)
  4. Cold (Weak)
  5. Both (Strong)
  6. Both (Weak)

Primary Relationship (d12)

This is where everything becomes an actual, ridiculous mess. What you want to do is...
  • Pair off all compatible gods
  • Roll for each relationship
  • Adjust if you get rolls that entail additional parties
  • For additional parties, number compatible gods and roll accordingly.
  • Single gods may have 1 offspring via divine mitosis.

I am so terribly sorry for the shitshow that is going to be unleashed.
  1. One-Time Fling: -1 offspring
  2. Good terms with ex: Normal offspring
  3. Passionate Lovers: +1 offspring
  4. Bitter Rivals: -1 offspring
  5. Slept Around: Offspring split between 2d3 compatible partners (round down if lovers > offspring)
  6. Open: +1d3 gods join, + 2 offspring split between compatible pairings.
  7. Married (Dedicated): Normal offspring roll.
  8. Married (Unhappy party): -1 offspring, 1d4 bastards by other god(s)
  9. Married (Mutual Beards): Both get normal offspring rolls with other compatible gods.
  10. Mentor / Apprentice: Secret romance. Normal offspring roll.
  11. All by design: Single designer offspring
  12. Asexual: 0 offspring, 50% of romantic partner.
  13. Same result twice in a row: Taboo - must be with god of same moiety. -1 offspring. Produces monsters.

Divine Domains (Tarot Draw + 1d4)

Alternate domains 1: Roll on the Manse table and use the tarot card for flavor

Alternate domains 2: Choose 1 from each category.

0. Fool
1. Travel1. Fools
2. Messages2. Transitions
3. Youth3. The Trickster
4. Discovery4. The Stranger
I. Magician
1. Knowledge1. Hubris
2. Invention2. Dark Arts
3. Magic3. Gateways
4. Inspiration4. Science / Alchemy
II. High Priestess
1. Witchcraft1. Cats
2. The Old Gods2. Autumn
3. Mystics3. Poetry
4. Memory4. Truth
III. Empress
1. Motherhood1. Beauty
2. Fertility2. Harvest
3. Abundance3. The Hearth
4. The Earth4. Diplomacy
IV. Emperor
1. Kings1. Tyranny
2. Authority2. Warfare
3. Fatherhood3. Cities
4. Law4. The Nobility
V. Heirophant
1. Guilds1. Government Office
2. Tradition2. Tax Collectors
3. Ritual Magic3. Charity
4. Sacrifice4. Priests
VI. Lovers
1. Love1. Lust
2.Sex2. Music
3. Fertility3. The Arts
4. Marriage4. Spring
VII. Chariot
1. Horses1. Warfare (Mounted)
2. The Hunt2. Sloth
3. Transportation3. Lost Things
4. Roads4. Sailors
VIII. Strength
1. Protection1. Soldiers
2. Athletes2.War
3. Self-Improvement3.Glory
4. Forge 4. Weaponry
IX. Hermit
1. Silence1. Healing
2. Reflection2. Winter
3. The Inner Life3. Isolation
4. Books4. Hedge Magic
X. Wheel of Fortune
1. Chance1. The Seasons
2. Good Fortune 2. Bad Fortune
3. Divination3. The Marketplace
4. Debt4. The Inevitable
XI. Justice
1. Justice1. Injustice
2. Law2. Poverty
3. Peace3. Nightwatchmen
4. Hospitality4. Lawyers
XII. Hanged Man
1. Criminals1. Fear
2. Law2. Thieves
3. Repentance3. Commoners
4. Imprisonment4. Freedom
XIII. Death
1. Death (Incarnate)1. Murder
2. Death (Psychopomp)2. Grief
3. The Underworld3. Loss
4. Funeral Rites4. Disease
XIV. Temperance
1. Balance1. Wealth
2. Virtue2. Gluttony
3. Rationality3. Alcohol
4. Old Age4. Self-destruction
XV. Devil
1. Demons1. Enslavement
2. Corruption2. Dark Arts
3. Addiction3. Destruction
4. Heresy4. Sin
XVI. Tower
1. Chaos1. Destruction
2. Change2. Disaster
3. Craft3. The Ancients
4. The Sky4. Construction
XVII. Star
1. The Stars1. The Unknown
2. Time2. Distant Lands
3. Hope3. Pestilence
4. Imagination4. Omens
1. The Moon1. Madness
2. Secrets2. Blood
3. Magic3. Monsters
4. The Night4. Dreams
XIX. Sun
1. The Sun1. Blindness
2. Light2. Drought
3. Fire3. The Day
4. The Forge4. Summer
XX. Judgment
1. Justice1. Punishment
2. Repentance2. Assumption
3. Forgiveness3. Ignorance
4. Law4. Guilt / Shame
XXI. World
1. The World (In totality)1. Animals
2. Nature2. Rebirth
3. The Ocean3. Eternity
4. The Cosmos4. Other Worlds


  1. If anyone actually does this and makes a post about it I will lose my marbles.

    1. I'll do it but I'm gonna automate it first

    2. Would love to have a link to the automated thing.
      This also works as a "heaven down" world generator. You can tell a lot about a culture by its gods.

    3. Late to the party, as always, but I partly automated it (spreadsheets!) and wrote it up. http://www.ehfakemonsters.com/2021/03/using-pantheon-generators-of-manse-and.html

  2. Also, your "where did they come from" says d6 but there is 8 entries.

    1. Fixed, also fixed the bad math on the one night stand, as pointed out by Catalessi

  3. "Pair off all compatible gods"

    How do you do this with gods that have "Both" for their Moiety? Split their relationships by God 1A (Hot) and God 1B (Cold)?

    1. In my own runs I said they could have a partner of any moiety