Sunday, May 10, 2020

3 Years, 300 Posts: The Map of the New World

Made in Azgaar's. Click for full size.

And here we are: post 300, three years to the day since I started the blog.

Thank you all: for your support, your guidance, your friendship, and above all thank you for everything you do to sustain this little pocket of creativity.

Twice before I have made this map, now it is time for a third. As before, my method is "fit as many things as I own or know well enough about into a single map." If you don't see your favorites, I apologize in advance.Room is limited. Thankfully, this map is not canon.

Enough sentimentality. It is time for The Goods.

Everything with a hyperlink is available for free.



  • Bastionland - All the territory that owes its allegiance to Bastion, as opposed to some other, non-Bastion-related city.
    • Electric Bastionland, Chris McDowell
  • Autumnal Wilds - The rustic old hill country. Filled with hobos, puritan halflings, cicadafolk and lowmen.
  • The Coal Dukes - Fragmentary duchies in the southern Wilds who together claim a near-monopoly on the export of coal.
    • Unicorn Meat, Dan D.
  • The Commonwealth - Diverse collection of states and cities that collectively murdered the old aristocracy but forgot the clean the skeletons out of the closet.
    • Unicorn Meat, Dan D.
  • Low Country - Backwoods, haunted houses, and pluff mud fields.
    • Low Country Crawl, John Gregory
  • The Biting Marshes - The wetlands along the Black Snake River.
  • Deep Country - The untamed northern wilds in the iron grip of the past, far beyond the reach of Bastion, filled with petty kingdoms and the ruins of older days.
    • Electric Bastionland, Chris McDowell
  • Weird Marches - Unclaimed territory where the world goes strange.
  • Tveland - Frigid, dark, diseased, miserable, dying.
    • Mork Borg, Pelle Nilsson
  • Circle Sea & the Rainbow Lands
    • Ultraviolet Grasslands, Luca Rejec
  • The Ultraviolet Grasslands - The lands between here and the most utter west.
    • Ultraviolet Grasslands, Luca Rejec
  • Swordfish Islands - Home once to a decadent elfin civilization
    • Hot Spring Island, Jacob Hurst
  • Rift of Mar-Millior - The place you go when you've neither got nor want other options.
    • Rakehell vol 1, Brian Richmond
  • The Great Road - The artery across the continent, from Bastion to the Black City.
  • Meatlandia - An island offshoot of Xor.
    • The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia, Wind Lothamer & Ahimsa Kerp
  • Xor - A land of flesh and gristle.
  • The Winter Lands - The place untouched by time.
    • Wolf Packs and Winter Snow, Emmy Allen

Cities and Kingdoms

  • Lon Barago - The free city of the central plains, overflowing with wealth and wickedness.
  • Bastion - The only city that matters, at least according to the Bastionites
    • Electric Bastionland, Chris McDowell.  
  • Infinigrad - The endless city of unnumbered guilds and their dogs, forever warring with itself.
  • Umberwell - Blackened be its name, a teeming hive of grot, crime, and corrosion
    • Umberwell, Jack Shear
  • Endon - A city on the cusp of making some terrible choices that seemed reasonable at the time.
    • Magical Industrial Revolution, Skerples
  • Emerald City - Metropolis, home of the Cogflower megacapitalists and their church.
    •  Ultraviolet Grasslands, Luca Rejec
  • Jukai City - Slumbering swampland city of dark organic towers.
    • Fire on the Velvet Horizon, Patrick Stuart & Scrap Princess
  • Corpathium - The city that's never the same way round twice.
  • Marlinko - The fever-dreaming capital of the Hill Cantons.
    • Fever-Dreaming Marlinko, Chris Kutalik
  • Carrowmore - Deep Country township at the foot of an ancient dam. Has recently gone quiet.
    • Deep Carbon Observatory, Patrick Stuart & Scrap Princess 
  • Opeth - A tiny town that sits alongside the eastern expanse of the Great Road.
    • Faux Pas, Nick Whelan
  • The Wicked City - King of the Great Road, a city of clockwork men, hydraulic despotism, and impossible wealth.
  • The Immortal Capital - The only city that mattered, a long long time ago.
    • Kidnap the Archpriest, Skerples
  • Thule - Ancient stronghold of the church and home of the archpriest of the Heliopapacy.
    • Kidnap the Archpriest, Skerples
  • Gathox - Migratory alien slum-mountain
    • Gathox Vertical Slum, Davis Lewis Johnson
  • Whispershire - De facto capital of the Weird Marches, a place where the Commonwealth sends the adventurous, foolish, and unwanted.
  • Troika - The Troika on the earth is only part of the whole: the true body of Troika sits in orbit high above, the jewel in the center of the humpbacked sky.
  • MR-GR-KR- The Death-Rolled Kingdom; the river demesne of the crocodile lords.
    • Thousand Thousan Islands 1, Zedeck Siew
  • Kraching - Kingdom of cats and the god Auw.
    • Thousand Thousand Islands 2, Zedeck Siew

Points of Interest

  1. Tomb of the Serpent Kings (Skerples)
  2. Gullet of the Rust Demon (Dan D.)
  3. Prison of the Hated Pretender (Gus L)
  4. Monastery of Dor Amon (Dale Horstman)
  5. Challenge of the Frog Idol (Dyson Logos)
  6. Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos (Evey Lockhart)
  7. The Maw of the Mountain (Brian Richmond)
  8. Night School (Camilla Greer, Demon Collective Vol 1)
  9. Bad Faith (@comradepollux, Demon Collective Vol 1)
  10. She's Not Dead, She's Asleep (Mabel Harper, Demon Collective Vol 1)
  11. Meal of Oshregaal (Arnold Kemp)
  12. Hidden Tomb of Slaggoth the Necromancer (Nick Whelan)
  13. Silent Titans (Patrick Stuart)
  14. The Halls Untoward (Michael Prescott et al)
  15. Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine (Logan Knight)
  16. A Hole in the Oak (Gavin Norman)
  17. The Tower of Nicanor (Fco. Javier Barrera)
  18. Lighthouse on the Spur (Dan D.)
  19. Call of the Light (Michael Prescott)
  20. Gelatinous Dome (Jeff Call)
  21. Aeon Caves of Treasure (Aleksander Petrovic)
  22. Hounds of Low Tide (Michael Prescott & Kiel Chenier)
  23. The Man From Before (Michael Prescott)
  24. Unicorn Meat (Dan D.)
  25. The Hyqueous Vaults (Various)
  26. Flesh for the Witch Queen (Jason Sholtis)
  27. Lorn Song of the Bachelor (Zedeck Siew)
  28. Scourge of the Tikbalang (Zzarchov Kowalski)
  29. Under the Waterless Sea (Zzarchov Kowalski)
  30. Misty Isle of the Eld (Christ Kutalik)
  31. Slumbering Ursine Dunes (Chris Kutalik)
  32. From the Vats (Various)
  33. Through the Gates of Flesh (Carl Niblaeus)
  34. Blood in the Chocolate (Kiel Chenier)
  35. The Inverse Tower (Michael Raston)
  36. Basilica of the Leper Messiah (Michael Prescott)
  37. Arsenal of the Warrior Princess (Alessandro Dullemotta)
  38. Fallen Throne (Gus L.)
  39. Hush (David Shugars, Demon Collective Vol 1)
  40. Comes the Mountain (Gus L.)

Realms Above, Below, and Beside

  • The Ghoul Market - Accessible from graveyards. 
    • Vacant Ritual Assembly 1, Clint Krause
  • Gourmet Street - Accessible from the side streets of any major city. 
    • Gourmet Street, John Gregory
  • The Gardens of Ynn - Accessible from any garden where the proper invocation has been made.
    • The Gardens of Ynn, Emmy Allen
  • The Stygian Library - Accessible from any room filled with books where a murder has occurred.
    • The Stygian Library, Emmy Allen
  • Goblintown - Accessible from any filthy hole in the ground.
  • The Crystal Spheres of the Humpbacked Sky - Accessible via a golden barge out of Troika.
    • TROIKA!, Daniel Sell
  • The Mysterious Menagerie of Dr. Orville Boros - Found in whichever metropolis one wishes
  • The Isles of the Dead (Arnold Kemp) - Accessed through total party death.
  • Zyan - Through a dreamlike door-break in reality.
    • Through Ultan's Door, Ben Laurence
  • The Veins - Accessed by delving too deep.
    • Veins of the Earth, Patrick Stuart & Scrap Princess

The Grand Tour

Players start in Lon Barago, poorfolk tossed into the Lair of the Lamb as sacrifices to that terrible creature. Those that survive will likely not want to spend any more time at the mercy of the city's hospitality, and will take off on the plains-roads Their direction is determined by their great desire.
  • Civilization - Take the east road towards Bastion, first stopping at the Gullet of the Rust Demon.
  • Riches - Follow the river southward to the arid hills and ruined cities that house the Tomb of the Serpent Kings.
  • Freedom - Take the rough and ill-kept road northward, passing the Prison of the Hated Pretender on the way to the true Deep Country.
  • The Great Unknown - Take the west road, stopping at the Monastery of Dor Amon before passing on to The Wicked City and Circle Sea.


  1. Well, here it is. The 3-0-0.

    Let us seek the golden lands beyond the distant hills.

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