Saturday, February 17, 2018

Class: Thaumonaut

Delta V equals effective exhaust velocity times the natural logarithm of the initial total mass including propellant divided by the initial total mass without propellant.

This is the rocket equation of Tsiolkovsky. It dictates entry and egress between the world and the spaces beyond. Its rule is law, save one exception.

That exception is the law of magic, and it reads as follows:

"Fuck you, I'm a wizard."

(These guys are very much a variant of Arnold K's orthodox wizards, (and Skerples' take on the same so a lot of the spells will be barely modified or copied wholesale from one of those guys.)

Dustin Harbin

School: Thaumonaut

Perk: You have a space suit. It counts as leather armor and can hold an atmosphere until it takes damage.

Drawback: Your time in space has left you physically weakened. -4 to saves vs physical effects.


1: You can determine the time, date, and your location by viewing the heavenly bodies.

2: You can create a small burst of air in order to orient and propel yourself in 0-G environments.

3: You are a pseudo-universal translator, and can understand the general intent of any sapient being's language.

Spell List:

Hamal's Holographic Image
R: 100'  T: Point  D: 10 seconds x [dice]
The caster creates a holographic doppelganger of themselves at the desired location. It may take a single pre-programmed action, but cannot make sound. Every additional [dice] invoked allows another action to be programmed into the hologram.

Aldebaran's Feather Fall
R: 10'  T: Object or creature  D: 0
The target drifts gently to the ground, taking no damage. In 0-gravity environments, the caster may determine which direction is down.

Pollux's Frozen Sleep
R: 50  T: Creature  D: 10 minutes
Target falls into cryogenic hibernation, and can't be awoken without spend a standard action. They are uncomfortably cold to the touch. Non-alert, unaware targets are not allowed a save. Well-insulated targets make their save with advantage. Can affect creatures up to [sum] HD. If [sum] is at least 4 times the creature's HD, the duration becomes permanent (until slapped) and the creature no longer needs to eat or drink while sleeping.

Al Tarf's Magic Missile
R: 200'  T: Creature  D: 0
Deals [sum] + [dice] damage, no save.  As appropriate to the school, this spell produces a black bolt speckled with starlight pinpricks in all colors of the main sequence.

Regulus' Face of the Stranger
R: Touch  T: Person  D:[sum] hours
Transforms the target's face to resemble that of a stranger from the stars: small mouth, flat nose, grey skin, massive black eyes, and no hair. The target's voice will become soft and nasal. If the spell is used on multiple targets, all will look and sound identical. If 4 [dice] are invested, this will become permanent. 

Spica's Light
R: Touch T: Object or creature D: [dice] x 2 hours
Object illuminates as a torch, with a radius of 20’+[dice]x10’. Alternatively, you can make an Attack roll against a sighted creature. If you succeed, the creature is blinded for [sum] rounds. If [sum] is greater than 12, the creature is permanently blinded. If you invest 4 [dice] or more this light has all the qualities of natural sunlight. You may select the color of the light.

M: Dim red
K: Cool orange
G: Bright yellow
F: Pale yellow-white
A: Sterile white
B: Luminous blue
O: Burning blue (acts as blacklight)

Zubeneschamali's Blue Marbles
R: Touch  T: n/a  D: 0
Creates [sum] blue marbles. When crushed, a marble will create 1 gallon of salt water filled with alien plant and animal life. When frozen, it may be used as a slingstone that deals freezing damage. When boiled, it will balloon to 1 foot in diameter and become light and bouncy. When planted in soil, it will bloom into a large, brightly-colored alien flower. When eaten, it will grant advantage against mental influence for [dice] hours.

Antares' Field of Force
R: 10' T: plane or sphere D: concentration
Creates a shimmering force field, 10‘x10’, centered up to 10' away. Alternatively, create a sphere centered on the caster 5' in diameter (large enough for the caster and +1 person). The force field has [sum] HP. All attacks against it hit.

Kaus Australis' Cerebral Satellite
R: Self  T: Self  D: [sum] hours
Creates a small metallic device that will orbit the caster's head. It is capable of making audio and visual recordings and playing them back to the user. It gives off a steady blinking light and soft beeping noise.

Deneb Algedi's Dyson Sphere
R: 10'  T: Light source  D: [sum] x 2 minutes OR [dice] x 2 hours
The target is shrouded by a dark cloud of particulate, giving off no light. Upon the spell's ending, the light will shine as normal, with no loss of burn time (ex: A torch with half an hour remaining will still provide a half hour of light after the spell is completed)

Sadalsuud's Supernova
R: 200'  T: 20' diameter  D: 0
Does [sum] damage to all objects and creatures within range. Additional traits are dependent upon the stellar classification of the attack.

M: Extinguishes all other light sources present.
K: Leaves personal possessions of the target(s) intact.
G: Plants within 100' of blast radius grow exponentially.
F: Superheats all metal within 100' of blast radius.
A: All within 100' must save vs being knocked prone by shockwave.
B: All within viewing distance must make save or be blind for 1d8 turns.
O: All within viewing distance must save vs. mutation.

Terraforming of Eta Piscum 
R: 10' hour  T: Surrounding environment  D: Concentration
The caster can replace the local environment with an alien one. If 3 or more [dice] are invested, the area will be safe from cross-contamination (otherwise, a cumulative 5% chance per day of catastrophic ecological failure). For quick examples, roll on this table.



  1. Gain crippling fear of open spaces for 1d6 minutes.
  2. Gaze upon an empty void for 1d6 turns.
  3. Take 1d6 damage from a micrometeorite impact.
  4. Deafened by interstellar radio waves for 1d6 turns.
  5. Temporally misplaced, will re-appear at a random location within 100' in 2d6 turns.
  6. All speech replaced with incomprehensible alien sounds for 1d6 hours.


  1. You are struck with an episode of space madness for 24 hours. This will entail crushing feelings of isolation, being watched by vast and terrible powers, and infinitesimal smallness.
  2. The space madness now lasts three days.
  3. You have gazed upon the Shape of Creation. The space madness is now permanent.

These dooms can be avoided by living underground for the rest of your natural life, or by reaching the center of the galaxy.

A Note on Actually Getting Into Space

You can buy or build a spaceship through normal means. Methods of interplanetary teleportation and the creation of star drives are incredibly powerful, carefully-guarded rituals, and so ought to be treated as rewards.

For purposes of use, rituals will always do the same thing. Every die invested past the first will cut down on casting time. Invested dice will not be returned until the spell is completed.

Those spells include, but are not limited to:

Aasimov's Orbital Insertion
(10 hours, -[dice]*2 hours)
Everything within the magic circle (max 150') will be transported into geostationary orbit. The process takes 6 seconds. 

LeGuin's Amazing Ansible
(1 hour, -[dice]*10 minutes)
Permits accurate communication between parties in different solar systems. Caster will always be able to make contact if they know the identity of the contactee.

Clarke's Awakened Engine
(30 days, - [dice]*4 days)
Creates a functioning spaceship drive. Requires 5000 sp worth of components.

Elon's  Madcap Scheme
(3 days, -[dice]*6 hours)
Everything within the magical circle (max 20') will be transported to another planet in-system, at a speed of 1 AU/hr.


  1. Class 4 of 6, and this time, more space!

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