Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Creature, a Character, and Warframes for Mothership

Micah (via OSR Discord)


Hits: (3)15
Speed: 55
Instinct: 30
Attack: 2d10 bite
  • Pack Hunters: Generally coordinate in groups of 3-6. Loners are almost always scouts. Their typical tactics are to flank, separate, and ambush prey.
  • Anticoagulant Saliva: Those bitten by a chupacabra will continue to bleed until they receive medical attention. They will take 2 damage / turn until treated.
  • Extending Neck: The bulk of the neck is coiled like a spring in a cavity within the upper torso. At full extension, it has a reach of 10 feet.
  • Limb Sever: On a critical hit, the chupacabra is able to neatly sever the target's 1: right arm 2: right leg 3: left arm 4: left leg 5: lower right arm 6: lower right leg 7: lower left arm 8: lower left leg 9: 10: head.
  • Extra Sensory Awareness : Chupacabras rely on chemical, vibration, and electric field sense to track down prey. For these reasons (and their lack of eyes) they hunt nearly exclusively at night.
Who the fuck designed these. Who the hell decided to create something that is, for all intents and purposes, a bobbit worm stuffed inside a mangy dog. They smell like old fish. They will tear your guts out. They mutilate cattle for fun by tearing their guts out through their assholes. The cows' assholes, not their own assholes. What the fuck. Who made these. They will live just about anywhere below the frostline and generally seem to do better for themselves the shittier the climate is. They really love deserts and rainforests.

Kim Rukiana

Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou

Professor of Climatology and Terraforming at Dì Kù Planetary University (Scientist)
Stats: Strength 26 / Speed 26 / Intellect 43 / Combat 19
Saves: Sanity 44 / Fear 31 / Body 27 / Armor 34
Skills: Cryogenics +10%, Climatology +10%, Planetology +15%
Equipment: Heavy survival jacket (As hazard suit sans vacuum seal), foam gun, personal assistant drone ("Snowball").

Ice Queen of the Planetology Department. Somewhat infamous for her years-long interstellar research sabbaticals. Lone survivor of a catastrophic cryobay malfunction during her graduate program's research expedition to Parashurama (Epsilon Eridani VI). Indefatigably upbeat.

Kevin Glint

Bullet-Jumping Space Ninjas

You are a space ninja. You have a space mom. You are a bullet-jumping murder machine whose primary motivation is looking fucking fabulous. There's something else about maintaining balance of power in the solar system but who cares about that. Get paid.

Pfft. Who am I kidding? You just found the thing in an old cryopod. No idea what it was or what it did. There's no manual for one of these things. 

You're wearing one of the most valuable pieces of biotech in the universe, and now everyone else is more than willing to peel it off your cooling corpse to get their hands on it.

A warframe rig has the following traits:
  • +20% armor
  • Advantage on speed checks
  • Special ability. Each frame has a different ability, which has a certain number of usages (1/3/5) before it requires recharging at a stable and sizable power source (i.e. hooked up to some kind of reactor).
There are, as of writing, a downright excessive number of frames out there. Ain't no way I am converting all of those, so here's a bulleted list of some potential options
  • Enemy-stunning smokescreen
  • Enemy-detecting sonar ping
  • Create protective sphere of ice
  • Monomolecular blade
  • Gain a protective outer armor
  • Twin heavy revolvers
  • Create a wormhole with a 50-meter exit range
  • Release a toxic miasma cloud
  • Attacks on targeted enemy restore life
  • Create a shield aura around allies
  • Turn invisible
  • Summon thrashing tentacles
  • Chain enemies in place
  • Everyone gets a speed boost!
So on and so forth.


  1. This started with "let's just make a post using whatever pictures I have that inspire me" then turned into "three cool Mothership things" then turned into "get that Warframe post out there."

    1. Also that pic of Mei was from a really good set of Overwatch characters that seems to be only findable as reposts now (which is sad because they're all fantastic)