Saturday, March 9, 2019

An Evening at the Jasmine Dragon


Owned and run by the man once called the Dragon of the West (and now known to all just as Uncle), the Jasmine Dragon is an upscale tea shop tucked deep in the city center. The shop has a much broader clientele than what would be typically be expected for the neighborhood - Uncle throws the doors open to friends old and new and certainly isn't above helping folks out when they need it.

"Have you heard? Judge Dee is in town to investigate..."

  1. The brutal murder of a gifted young painter.
  2. A newlywed bride, dead of poison.
  3. Theft of expensive silks bound for the capital.
  4. A break-in desecration at the local shrine.
  5. Three men claim the child is theirs.
  6. A reclusive scholar found strangled in a locked room.

The old man at the pai sho table...

  1. Has two teeth and cataracts, is half deaf, and he keeps winning.
  2. Has gone 0 - 45 today, but he's still sitting there with a smile.
  3. Has a buffalo-snake tattooed on his face. Always pauses before responding.
  4. Has been gambling away a fortune without a care in the world.
  5. Has a beard that reaches his ankles and claims to be 140 years old.
  6. Is some nondescript scholar with glasses. Certainly cheating, but how?

 Special brews on the menu include...

  1. Iron Goddess of Mercy
  2. Monkey's Elixir of Immortality
  3. Dragon's Dance Oolong
  4. Yu Yan Special
  5. Camel-Yak Milk Tea
  6. Air Monk's Breakfast Blend

Urgent News! Great Aku, Master of All Darkness, is...

  1. Unleashing unspeakable evil!
  2. Tearing open a portal in time!
  3. Flinging his enemies into the future!
  4. Telling stories to a group of children!
  5. Hiring even more bounty hunters!
  6. In a slump and depressed! He is simply too good at winning!

Class: Elemental Bender

HD: d6
Armor and Weapons: Varies by specialization.
  • Water - No armor, simple weapons. Add Level/2 to AC. Bending attacks do d6.
  • Earth - Light and medium armor, light and medium weapons. Bending attacks do d10.
  • Fire - Light and medium armor, light and medium weapons. Bending attacks do d8.
  • Air - No armor, staffs. Add Level/2 to AC. Bending attacks do d4.
Elemental Arts:

Minor use of bending can be done without a roll. Attacks and skill checks are made with the addition of a deed die, as featured in the DCC fighter. When 3 or higher is rolled on a successful attack or check, the deed succeeds.
  • Level 1: d3
  • Level 2: d4
  • Level 3: d5
  • Level 4: d6
  • Level 5: d7
  • Level 6: d8
  • Level 7: d10
Each discipline has an advanced form learned at level 3 and a master form learned at level 7. Advanced forms use a deed die one step lower than normal. Master forms use a deed die three steps lower.

Optional: If you want to add chi dice (they work like glog dice, burn out on a 6) and get a good idea of how much can be manipulated at once, I shall steal from Mateo.

  • Level 1: (1d6) Palm
  • Level 3: (2d6) Bucket
  • Level 5: (3d6) Truckbed
  • Level 7: (4d6) Bedroom
  • Level 9: (5d6) Barn


  • Advanced - Healing
    • You may use Cure Wounds as a cleric two levels below you.
  • Master - Plants 
    • You may control the water inside plants. Works best in wet environments.
  • Master - Blood 
    • You may control the blood inside another human being. Requires a full moon.


  • Advanced - Tremorsense
    • You can detect vibrations within 50 feet if you have bare-skin contact with stone or earth.
  • Master - Metal
    •  Becomes more difficult the more refined the metal is.
  • Master - Lava
    •  I shouldn't have to mention how excessively dangerous this is.


  • Advanced - Breath Control
    • You can create flame and adjust the intensity of fire through breath alone.
  • Master - Lightning
    • You may generate and redirect lightning bolts.
  • Master - Combustion
    • You may fire an explosive projectile from your forehead.


  • Advanced - Flight 
    • So long as you have something to glide with, you're a leaf on the wind.
  • Master - Sound
    •  You can create and muffle sounds.
  • Master - Vacuum
    •  You can create bubbles of vacuum, centered on yourself.


  1. Pugbytes/pugletto/pugletz's old Worldbending art (which seems to have been taken down)is my Platonic ideal for Avatar. Central American firebenders, people.

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