Sunday, March 18, 2018

1d10 Horrible Hives

This was going to be a post about Hot Springs Island, but the group only got about an hour in before I was struck by a terrible allergic reaction to store-bought General Tso's sauce. My face got all swollen up and boiled-lobster red.

My true form, revealed!

I think it's one of the preservatives in there, since the only other foods that trigger hives are Kraft macaroni and cheese and Oreo pop-tarts. The General Tso's at every Chinese place I have ever gone to has no effect. I have no idea what is up with this.

So instead of writing a session report (very little happened, and we rescheduled), have a random table fueled by the misery of last night.

1d10 Horrible Cases of the Hives

  1. You are filled with thousands upon thousands of ants, each the size of a sand grain and burning hot. They are perfectly fine where they are and don't want to leave.
  2. A glowing red spot of unbearable itchiness migrates from point to point across your body, with no sensible pattern. Scratching at it will root it to the spot for a moment, but increase the itchiness tenfold. It will shine brighter and brighter as it is scratched. If scratched too much, a burning, lidless eye will open there.
  3. Your face has inflated, removing your ability to speak. Your eyes turn red, and you are able to see the blood pulsing in others' veins. The only sound is the thump of your own heart in your ears.
  4. Each hive is the size of a silver piece, and bulbous. They expand and contract with your breath, quivering with wordless menace.
  5. The hives are blackened and cracked, and spit out wisps of necrotic miasmas. If scratched, they flake away like charcoal under your fingernails.
  6. Your sweat has the stink of bile, and your hands move on their own, seeking to tear at your skin unbidden by your mind.
  7. You seep honey from your scratches, and under the puckered skin you catch glimpses of the combs.
  8. Your hives rise and then separate from your body, buzzing about in a cloud before dispersing into the still and stagnant air.
  9. Hives harden into brilliant red pebbles. The itching fades, but in its place there are only the smooth, cool stones embedded in the skin.
  10. God-damn goblins and their god-damn itching powder!


  1. Easily the strangest thing to happen in the middle of a session so far. The bar is set!

    1. One of my players' family members once ran away from home while we were playing online. They were missing for a few hours.

      Very worrying for everyone involved of course, and the sobbing in the background made it difficult to play.