Sunday, March 8, 2020

d20 Magical Precipitations

That's rough, buddy.

A payment to Erika on the Discord for helping me out with formatting woes.

  1. Rain of Frogs - The classic. Where do they come from? Where do they go? No one knows.
  2. Blessed Rains - A little extra divine influence has rendered the coming rains at least mildly devout. Anyone who has recently been sinning that gets caught in it will come down with skin irritation and a bright red rash.
  3. Manna from Heaven - A glistening, milky-colored dew. When it evaporates in the morning, it leaves flaky residue of the same color everywhere. Edible, but tasteless and labor-intensive to gather.
  4. Reverse Rain - Water on the ground now goes up into the sky. If particularly strong, it'll start affecting the sewers and groundwater.
  5. Chaos Storm - Coruscating auroras of red/purple/black/octarine lash the world, mutating what they pass over.
  6. Death Rain - It's like normal rain, except it corrodes your soul to the breaking point of its tether to your body.
  7. Devil Eclipse - Many cultures think that eclipses are some monster eating the sun. This is not true. The moon is in fact doing its best to protect us from the unbridled screaming hate of the sun when it occasionally remembers that we exist.
  8. Abyssal Snow - Exactly the same as it is at the bottom of the ocean, now falling on land. Drifts and drifts of decaying organic particulate. Entire region will smell like a low-rent fish market for weeks afterwards.
  9. All-in-One - Sun, snow, rain, hail, sleet, wind, thunder, dark of night, all dumping down on your head like some titanic meteorological patchwork quilt of misery.
  10. Paradox Ice - Freezing rain that remains ice at room temperature.
  11. Devouring Mist -The pepto pink is not a friendly color. The pink is liquefied meat from the last person who stepped in it.
  12. Rods from God - An iron dowel, two meters long and just wide enough to fit in the arc of your thumb and forefinger, and thrown down from the heavens at catastrophically high fractions of a percent of C.
  13. Spore Clouds - Yellow-green-brown thunderhead formations darken the western sky, coming in fast, The fungal jungle has been agitated.
  14. Godsfall - When goes fight, gods will occasionally die. Those that do crash down to earth with all their blood and meat and shit, and all their angels too.
  15. Fertile Fall - A gentle, sweet-smelling rain that makes plants grow violently vast and impossibly healthy. Makes animals and people both rather fruitful and in the mood for it. Always a baby boom nine months later.
  16. Fairyrain - It shimmers, it glitters, it is repulsed from worked metal, and there's a five-times greater chance of being abducted by the Kindly Folk if you are caught out in it.
  17. Voxels - Ineffable glossy black cubes that sprout after the rain. They will stick together weakly, and after eight to ten hours will float up into the air and dissolve
  18. Soup - "Ow! That was a full carrot!"
  19. Meteor Shower - As the typical variety, but much more numerous. Pack a sturdy umbrella.
  20. Antiwater - Little pellets of mineral salts with bismuth angles, so dense and potent to be extremely poisonous.


  1. Formatting is my true enemy.

  2. 20. Antimony trichloride for the win. Diana's doves.

  3. 12. Oh no. O h n o.

    18. Delicious.

  4. Godsfall, like whalefalls in the oceanic depths, is auspicious. For millenia after the event, a silhouette of sacred geometry becomes fertile and vaguely numinous. New ley-lines form where supernal bones and nerves once were. Probability is a little more favorable.

    ...But what sorts of Scavengers drift in slowly from the cold void Outside to pick the carcass clean? I'd love to see a Lamprey Angel statted up.

    1. Forget leaving it for outsiders, it's time to take communion literally! What boons may accrue to a person physically induced with divinity?