Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dan' Notebook of Unfinished Wonders, Vol 5

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Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

As always, I make no promises that what is written here has not already been written.


  1. Diagetic found-footage monster manual entries
  2. Magical desert reclamation, & other major projects you can logically do with magic.
  3. Catastrophe Junction - a town, city, planet, realm, whatever.
  4. Unspooling black holes for matter, drawing out a flow like a thread by temporarily dissolving gravity.
  5. Nativity pageant with a live birth.
  6. Humans considered as "godmakers" by aliens, in reference to the human propensity to create and spread virulent memetic hazards - "We do not wish to come down with a case of the gods."
  7. Planets: Shashanasak, Jonbei, Pauzhe, Rix, Luu, The Worm-King Moon, The Houses of the Shena-B.
  8. "This story was passed on to me by my grandmother, on winter evenings when the night was clear, when we would sit by the hearth and drink yak-milk together. Long ago, when the Silver River was young, there rose a people from a distant star who..."
  9. The First Elders, who learned the secret of immortality, the path called God-Walking, the path that could not be unmade. Those that took the God-Walk became the Great Digitals.
  10. Bands of pink and blue to the west, under a slim crescent moon.Mosquito bites on ankles, lightning bugs above wet grass.
  11. A whorehouse district covered in yellow butterflies.
  12. A profession: hemometeorologist
  13. Ashkedash sky-squid
  14. Straw Hat Ministries
  15. Casings from ship guns floating in the water. Sailors take pot shots at them as a game
  16. “Well, you’ll be dead and I’ll be eating three meals a day.”
  17. High above in orbit the golden moonlet laughed, and all the choirs of electric angels in the silicon cloisters of its heart proclaimed with joy, “Holy, holy, holy!”
  18. Sandalphon’s consciousness stretched and got up out of bed, as it were. 
  19. Calico the cutpurse with her tricolor bird mask, born on horseback, can speak ogre

20) She left the inn when the scablands were still misty and grey, on a long-necked horse striped blue and black. The crumpled track of dirt and stone twisted out in silence. Aquinas would rise first, then Augustine, and the hard white sunlight would burn away the mist and fill the day with sharpened edges.

21) The ghosts of Mars sing dirges in the red hills and the knife valleys. They sing by the icy streams, and in the chiming bone forests. They sing in the mists and in the rusting iron sky, and the pale Twins at night. In the dust storm and the calm, they are there. They sing in the Smoke-Towers, and the God-places. They are the crown upon the Mountain, and in the canals choked with reeds.

Space Teamster Inspirational Playlist for Mothership 

(my GF helped with this one!)
  1. We All Lift Together (Warframe OST) 
  2. Space Lion (Cowboy Bebop OST) 
  3. Pushing the Speed of Light (Julia Ecklar and Anne Prather) 
  4. Blues 2.0 (Fruteland Jackson) 
  5. Keep the Wolves Away (Uncle Lucius) 
  6. Devil Wears a Suit and Tie (Colter Wall) 
  7. The Chemical Worker's Song (Great Big Sea) 
  8. Your favorite Johnny Cash song 
  9. Internal Conflict (Black Mesa Xen OST) 
  10. Dawson's Christian (Leslie Fish and Vic Tyler) 
  11. What Do You Know? (Annihilation OST) 
  12. Make This Perv (Spewcup) 
  13. The Mermaid Sisters' Song (Carole and Tuesday OST) 
  14. Metallica Goes to Punjab (Wax Audio) 
  15. Demon Days (Gorillaz) 
  16. SILA (A Tribe Called Red ft. Tanya Tagaq) 
  17. Roll Northumbria (The Dreadnoughts) 
  18. Song to Boddho (Pathologic 2 OST) 
  19. Main Menu (Outer Wilds OST) 
  20. She Shines (Transistor OST)
  21. Fingers to the Bone (Brown Bird) 
  22. Kugutsuuta Ura Mite Chiru (GitS 2 OST)
  23. Blood on my Name (The Brother Bright)
  24. Bonya (Fatoumata Diawara)
Or just cheat and play the entire discography of Julia Ecklar.

Remnant notes from the one marathon ironman game of CK2 I managed to complete.

  • King Ailbrend of Ireland is lucky enough to ascend just after gavelkind is tossed in favor of primogeniture. Inherits Scotland when his unmarried niece dies. He marries princess Damiane of Byzantium (Grey Eminance, In the Purple, Kind, Humble, Charitable, Craven)
    • Six daughters over the span of 15 years: Slain, Conchenn, Be-Fail, Dub-Lenma, Eua, Forbflaith
      • Slain is a gigantic troublemaker, gets married off to a prince of Abyssinia because this house values multiculturalism.
      • Be-Fail dies of sickness at age 10. 
    • A son is born! Eochuchan arrives while Ailbrend is off catching pneumonia on pilgrimage to Rome.
  •  I am wounded in battle putting down a rebellion and become known as The Great.
  • Then years later I die and my son is undermined by one of my advisors who was apparently a fervent Scottish nationalist who moved us back to gavelkind which would eventually split Ireland and Scotland apart when Eochuchan's sons take the thrones and it's all a mess and we could have stopped the English, we could have stopped them.
Also Spain was Yazidi until France conquered it and the HRE devoured Hungary


  1. On the Identification of False Magi
  2. The Antarctic Codex 
  3. The Cthonic Sermons 
  4. Arcanum Carcinogenus 
  5. Signs, Works, Symbols 
  6. The Ketrell Record 
  7. The Amber Mysteries 
  8. Meditations Upon the Deep Waters 
  9. The Red Samarkand Letters 
  10. The Demoniac Fragments 
  11. "On Decay" 
  12. The Book of Rust 
  13. Rites and Rituals of the Great Star Family 
  14. Burgess Shale Tablets

Stations and Habitats

  1. Clever Lu's
  2. Cahokia
  3. Amaterasu Station
  4. Icebox
  5. BloodBathHouse
  6. Danny Dregs' Shipyard
  7. Masada
  8. Cheap Date
  9. Relay 23
  10. Sagan Station
  11. The Fishbowl
  12. Ashoka
  13. Lockjaw
  14. The Bastard

Phenotypes of Lizardman

  1. Crocodile
  2. Ankylosaur
  3. Komodo
  4. Gila
  5. Tortoise
  6. Horned devil
  7. Therinzosaurus
  8. Salamander
  9. Ceratopsian
  10. Feathered
  11. Parasaurolophus
  12. Pachycephalosaurus
  13. Sauropod
  14. Tyrannosaurus
  15. Spinosaurus
  16. Raptor
  17. Stegosaur
  18. Iguanodon
  19. Pterosaur
  20. Lambeosaurus

Mothership Tarot

0 - The Astronaut
I - The Scientist
II - The Saints
III - The Captain
IV - The C-Level
V - The Datamind
VI - The Crew
VII - The Ship
VIII - The Marine
IX - The Hidebehinder
X - The Freelancer Board
XI - The Android
XII - The Colonist
XIII - Hard Vacuum
XIV - The Union
XV - Malware
XVI - The Elevator
XVII - The Main Sequence
XVIII - The Eagle
XIX - The Swarm
XX - The High Houses
XXI - The Homeworld

Types of Marriages

  1. Pre-arranged by families
  2. Short-term renewable contract
  3. Subscription fee for civic benefits
  4. Purely economic, consorts expected
  5. Purely personal, property and economic functions handles by other means



  2. weaker than average this time around but #6 is pure genius imo, defining humanity in a global-federation setting as "the religious ones" (and giving their religions some degree of actual power) could be a stroke of goddam genius

  3. *slurps upon a fine crafted slushy, equal parts exquisite fruit flavoring and road gunk, just like mama used to make*

  4. Number one of the slushpile already exists in Trail of Cthulhu. Check the suggested clues for each monster in the bestiary. It's easily the most interesting part of the book.

  5. I should make a Mothership playlist...

  6. Love the playlist and the tarot. These piles always have a half-poetic rhythm to them, it's lovely.

  7. Do the Mothership tarot choices correspond to regular tarot? Or is it a new system? (I know nothing of tarot)

    1. I went with the closest correlation in terms of image, but the meanings are likely twisted around and about.

  8. I feel like komodo is the default lizard man, minus the septic bite. A beautiful list, though, despite the lack of chameleon. Therazinosaurus legit gave me a spine-tingle.

  9. No guarantee if I made something cool, but I tried: