Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dan's Notebook of Unfinished Wonders

I accumulate ideas like pockets accrue lint, which means my apartment is filled with notebooks and scraps of paper covered in ideas for story and game material that might never see the light of day.

So instead of letting that happen, here's some of the decent stuff. I'll pass on whatever I can to Hex Describe, and expand / revisit whatever strikes my fancy down the line.

Challenge Mode: Roll a 1d60 (or look at a clock), take that thing, make something cool out of it, and tell me.
  1. Refined folk, dark of countenance, who wear robes of tiger hides.
  2. Colorful jellies containing the torn-up heads and bodies of alien beings.
  3. Blind religious order - white robes and boxlike hats, stripes and lips of red.
  4. Insectoid race that lives in the desert mountains. Scavengers of the dead and dying civilizations around them. Strict feudal hierarchy.
  5. Aboleth's Head Bar - Opium den, building carved of a single piece of jade, operated by drow refugees.
  6. Bill Norman the Doorman, dolorous guard of the Whitecliff Academy
  7. The Blood Rites Movement - marchers are the spawn of the late vampire lord Osrick the Shrike, trying to get the courts to recognize them as legal kin to the Shrike's estate.
  8. Library of Khutal Nan guarded by a pair of Sphinx sisters constantly playing cards, checkers, backgammon, etc.
  9. The mountains of Bismuth
  10. 37,000 foot drop in a giant cave; demon with a secret guard and a stone gaze (confession, this was a hand of Superfight)
  11. Project "Forget-Me-Not", a counteragent for rampant contagious memory loss
  12. Submersible stranded on the ocean floor, terrible fate within
  13. Dugen Baroo - a monster of sorts
  14. The Bulls of Newtown
  15. Anatomical museums run by the mob for money-laundering purposes
  16. Radioactive clone-fruit
  17. The Left-Hand Inscriptions of Tzegeim
  18. Exotic brothel on an abandoned oil rig
  19. Phaenan Triptoline - a drug
  20. The Martian Cathars
  21. Ravens on the eaves, singing the Poetic Edda
  22. The Emerald Emperor, king of all elves, who ended the human race
  23. Orders of Chromatic Mages - Black / White (0th Order), Red / Blue / Gold (1st Order), Green / Purple / Orange (2nd Order), Brown (3rd Order)
  24. Giant crab fortresses wandering across the shallow seas. Coral and barnacles on their shells are carved into settlements.
  25. Trollhiemen Cider Company
  26. Yunaska Island Island Zombie Reserve
  27. Soldier subclasses: war priest, savant-fanatic, peacekeeper, antisoldier
  28. The great goddess Jubilee, golden cherub-maid of good fortune.
  29. Hundred-Handed Ones are arms dealers - simple daggers all the way up to legendary astra. Weapons are forged in cyclopian volcano-factories by blind craftsmen. Each HH1 has a personal coat of arms in which it stores its weapons.
  30. Dryads are parasites, eating away at treants until both die and the dryad births its swarm of nymph-larvae..
  31. Beastmen are the result of giant psychic druid drug-orgies.
  32. Swordwife - a class
  33. "Only in Haign-Lota would someone call a theologian for engine repair."
  34. Gorgon - A hunched figure in rags. A mane of many snakes emerge from the burlap hood. The host is trepanned, and a hydra egg is implanted in the brain.
  35. Great alien machines offering technological Faustian bargains - accept the gift, and you are now an acceptable target.
  36. Abandoned church with three tigers sitting out front.
  37. The moon changes every month, taking an alien form after each new moon. It never repeats itself.
  38. Cigarettes that coat the lungs in sporicides.
  39. Caste bred specifically as maturation vessels for potent corpse medicines.
  40. An organ like a second heart holds the humours in its four chambers, and is thus the emotional seat of the body rather than the brain.
  41. Slave Lake, in the Redlands.
  42. The camp at Lake Stoneburner.
  43. The Language of Shouting
  44. City dependent on the summoning and binding of succubi and incubi, lost generation of cambion mules.
  45. The Wherehouse, where lost things go.
  46. Written language that looks like coils of barbed wire.
  47. "Flowers for Oberon."
  48. Mail-order magical girl powers.
  49. Crowns are parasites, they make kings.
  50. Giant squids everywhere and no one really notices.
  51. Dying season - undead are seasonal, rising up in the spring and summer, hibernating in the winter.
  52. Decameron in a villa on the slope of Olympus Mons
  53. The Paracelsus Engine
  54. Planet with breathable air only during certain seasons.
  55. An elf's body will live forever, but their minds will unravel just like a man's. The live in a cycle of aging to madness, mind-death, and rebirth.
  56. Dungeons are subterranean food-production centers gone feral.
  57. The anti-environmentals, actively attempting to kill the earth-goddess
  58. Dissol Varut - A person
  59. Synaethetic monks
  60. Giant sky-corpses, floating limply through the clouds


  1. Filler time, filler time, go add stuff to Hex Describe.

  2. Oh, I very much like these, especially 20, 24, 30, 34, 53, and 56. 56 reminds me of the PKD story "Autofac," and 30, in its hidden ecologies, of Wollheim's "Mimic."

    54 could be a chilly world with an eccentric orbit: in the summers the toxic vapors sublimate off the rocks, and redeposit in the winters. Or maybe the whole atmosphere liquefies and boils at different seasons.

  3. The sword - wives are an order of martial nuns, sworn to take no husband who cannot first disarm them.

    1. Good idea. I had been thinking they were legally married to their swords.

  4. 33. Haign-Lota is the holy city of a machine-focused religion- similar to the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Church of the Broken God. The clerics there have healing spells specifically for machines.