Monday, April 30, 2018

Gullet of the Rust Demon

I am not particularly skilled in choosing fonts.
Cut it close to the buzzer, but here it is! My entry to this year's One Page Dungeon Contest.


  1. If anyone ends up using this, let me know!

  2. Is this ooze meant to be unkillable? Also what are they salvaging from the rooms that mention it? I may be missing something, sorry.

    1. Yes the ooze is unkillable. The main objective is to escape the dungeon after the teeth chomp down.

  3. Ran this last night with Into the Odd for my 5e group (we were down a bunch of players), and it was a great success!
    I let them peek through the eye-holes into rooms 3 & 8 before entering. It's just big enough that they managed to explore the whole thing in ~3 hours and "solve" it shortly after.
    My players quickly settled on using clock times to refer to the rooms (they've done this before), which only got a little confusing between the numbers on the map, the order they explored the rooms in, and the "time" of the room.
    The ooze worked really well as a recurring one-shot enemy, and after they tried to kill it with (strong) acid, I dropped its "hp" to 1d10 at each encounter.
    Rules for the "weak" acid took a little working out. We landed on it dissolving stone (at least marble) and organic matter, but not metal. I could not for the life of me remember if there is a real-world solvent that does that.
    Thanks for sharing this!