Tuesday, November 5, 2019

20 Questions, Esoteric Enterprises Edition

The original remains one of the best posts in this scene, here's a version tweaked for modern paranormal games.

I would definitely advise doing this with your group, especially if it's a real life group and you are using a real-world location everyone is familiar with.

  1. How aware is the public of the Underground?
  2. How much does the government interfere in the Underground?
  3. Where's home base? 
  4. Where can we lay low if we get burned?
  5. Where do we go for under-the-radar medical care and augmentation?
  6. Who are the big names to watch out for?
  7. Do we have any friendlies in the area?
  8. Who's our fence?
  9. Where do we get our drugs?
  10. How do we best research the occult?
  11. What's the biggest threat in the Underground?
  12. What's the most valuable treasure in the Underground?
  13. What are the worst monsters down in the Underground?
  14. Where's the nearest Enterprise-friendly dive?
  15. What's the biggest conflict going on right now?
  16. Are there any Underground organizations to join?
  17. How and where do I hire help?
  18. Which cults are big nowadays?
  19. What factions are not to be fucked with?
  20. What are some common beliefs (that are definitely, disastrously untrue)?
Do you have other questions you'd want answered as a player? Leave them in the comments. I'll revise this when EE comes out properly and throw up my own answers then.

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