Thursday, November 7, 2019

Class: Theotokos


This is a gimmick class, a mash-up of Monsieur's Witch and Lexi's Cleric. It is above anything else an excuse to use this image, which I am quite fond of.

Class: Theotokos

Somehow or another, you ended up carrying a god's child. It might be your profession, your fate, your choice, or your bad luck, but it's where you ended up.

Uses HD as wizards, in games where this matters. No armor or weaponry skills at all.

Miraculous Magic

A theotokos gains access to the miracles of their deific partner and may only cast them when in service to one of that deity's commands, as per the cleric class linked above. They do get access to increasing spell dice as per the witch (lvl+1 d4, lvl d6, or lvl-1d8), through one of the two options applies.

1) The die size increases with level. As GLOG spell dice cap at four, this is a convenient way of marking off trimesters, with the birth of the god-child occurring at level 4.
  • Level 1: 2d4
  • Level 2: 2d6
  • Level 3: 2d8
  • Level 4: 3d8
2) Your spell die size is determined by the manner of the whole deal. The child may already be born with this option, at the player's discretion.
  • d4 - Your child is particularly blessed by your deity, but otherwise mundane.
  • d6 - Your child was conceived in the typical fashion with a human partner, but contains the spark of divinity within them.
  • d8 - Your child was conceived purely by the god's power. A physical act may or may not have occurred. The child is a full demigod.


A theotokos may have up to their level in followers. At any given time, only one of them may have class levels.

The follower gained at first level will likely be a spouse, partner, close friend, attendant, or protector.


A small selection of potential god-parents includes:
  1. Auson, god of undeath and the wilds - Death is a thing born in cities. In the wilderness beyond those shimmering white-gold walls, the world lives and lives and lives forever and ever amen carcinogen.
  2. Oublor, god of storm and elemental ooze -They are the watery greenish eye in the center of the viscous hurricane that never ends, that tamps down the waves with slime and makes sludgy wastes of the land.
  3. Edu Tatanu, god of authority and nobility - Fuck this guy. Narcissistic autocratic sister-fucking wig-wearing war-starting eugenics-loving boot-licking orphan-kicking puppy-eating peasant-impaling Malthusian prick. Eat shit and die, Edu.
  4. Ai-Thoth, god of knowledge and love - Rarely emerges from their hidden library, but is a tender and temperate lover in those brief moments.
  5. Mammonatum, god of creation, forge, and greed - The creator of the world demands repayment from all life that came forth from their work. Interest is charged.
  6. Riksennic, god of blood and vengeance - When violence is committed, violence meets it. Despite this, they are a mild god and detest the cycles they represent and perpetuate.
  7. SALTY JOHN, god of elemental surprise and the crab - Wait, who's that? It can't is! Holy shit! It's SALTY JOHN! Hell yeah! Salty John!
  8. Mnysillias, god of the harvest and the spider - When the leaves turn orange, leave an offering in the attic. Fine silks will be granted to the devout.
  9. Redmane, god of blood, battle and the lion - A roar tears across the battlefront, the god stirs in the hearts of men and is brought forth beneath the banners.
  10. Sev Likon, god of trickery and undeath - Forever dancing out of the reaper's hand.


  1. If I could get a big version of that pic to put on my wall I absolutely would, it's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for using an exuse to use this interpretation of Maria. It's great.

  3. Even aside from the class itself, that's a great list of gods.

  4. What in the world happens when you give birth?

    1. Well that depends on how you are running it. Either you reach maximum miracle power, or it's already happened and you have to deal with godling tantrums.