Sunday, March 14, 2021

Assorted Random Mothership Tables

I love random tables.

Regions of Human Expansion Sphere

  1. Core Backfill - Systems that are technically within the Core, but are difficult to reach and were colonized far later than their neighbors. Many sit at the end of dead-end hyperspace routes, or have no hyperspace access at all.
  2. Expansion Belt - Any number of dozens of  Rim regions that have seen a large colonization push - generally used in past-tense reference to regions where this mass migration has stopped or stabilized. Today's frontier is tomorrow's belt.
  3. Rust Routes - Early hyperspace routes (and their waypoint settlements) that have seen a drastic decrease in use (and economic fortunes) after the discovery of newer, more efficient routes.
  4. The Road - The primary network of high-traffic, wide bandwidth hyperspace lanes through the human expansion sphere.
  5. Independent Rim - Any system that is not controlled by a Core-based polity, a member of a Core-based political union, or otherwise allied with a Core-based polity.
  6. Seedship Bubbles - Small expansion bubbles centered on systems settled by ancient seedships. Are usually cultural isolates, having been separated from the greater interstellar community by travel time and comm lag.
  7. Corporate Frontier - Wide swaths of company-claimed territory in the Rim, that has not yet become part of a major migration rush. Most CF systems are only superficially scouted and most are unsettled.
  8. Periphery -The very edge of charted space, yet to be claimed by corporate colonization projects. Irregular hyperspace access and few, if any stable routes have been found or made. undocumented colonies might be found here.
  9. Collapse Zones - Expansion belts that have suffered a breakdown of transport, trade and communication networks. Their corporate sponsors have either fallen apart or pulled out. Littered with dead and dying colonies.
  10. Antipode - Secondary expansion sphere culturally and technologically severed from the primary due to loss of bottleneck hyperspace routes early in its settlement.

Regions of the Core

  1. Old Core - Sol and the nearby stars that host first generation interstellar colonies.
  2. Deep Core - A supposed (though never confirmed) series of red and brown dwarves severed from the hyperspace network that serve as long-term homes for the immortal corporate oligarchs
  3. Junction Systems - Otherwise-unnoteworthy solar systems that sit at the crossroads of multiple stable hyperspace routes. Typically have considerable infrastructure and population.
  4. The Reserves - Colonies where the unmodified inhabitants are deliberately kept at a low tech level and isolated from the greater interstellar community, both as social experiements and as a means of repopulating the expansion sphere should a civilization-killing event occur.
  5. Fortress Worlds - Heavily fortified systems located at chokepoints between the Rim and Core.
  6. The Mantle - Second-wave and later colonies within Core space, heavily settled-and well-connected. When people talk about the Core, this is what they mean.
  7. Torchworlds - Burnt-out remnants of the Core War. They have remained unreclaimed, as a warning to any potential future rebellions against the powers that be.
  8. Paradise Archipelago - Planets terraformed into natural utopias and promised as rewards to loyal members of the underclass - the scope and legitimacy of the reward is debated and variable.
  9. The Underbelly - A parallel society existing within Core systems, consisting of underclass settlements purposefully barred from participation through language and cultural engineering, operating system and immonological incompatibility.
  10. NoThought Zone - Worlds where the complete integration of dumb-AI into omnipresent brain-computer networks has erased any outward expressions of conscious thought from the population.

Midmarket Ship Manufacturers

  1. Cat's Eye Shipyards - The spaceship version of a budget sports car.
  2. Runkadunk-Voix - Their ships fly in much the same way that bricks don't.
  3. Sunstreamer -Notoriously energy-inefficient because the assholes rigged all their ships to mine (now worthless) cryptocurrency in transit.
  4. Bubo Works -Deliberately obtuse "alien" designs; all curves, bright colors, and unintuitive controls.
  5. Blood and Thunder - Decommissioned and disarmed military vessels sold at auction.
  6. Kuztomizo - Ships made and decorated to-order only. Good quality, prohibitively expensive.
  7. Astromechanico - Employee-owned for 350 years. Good reputation among spacers.
  8. Big Dipper Star Pilgrims - A new company, still has the bright-eyed optimism of those who have yet to have a long sit down with the venture capitalists funding the operation.
  9. Standardized Interstellar Transports, Incorporated - Bottom of the barrel for this price range. They function - not well, but consistently.
  10. Monastery Union - An orbital community of Benedictines who have taken to shipbuilding.


  1. Bioism - Biological life should be valued and protected.
  2. Primitivism - Biological life should not be modified with intent by intelligence.
  3. Networkism - Intelligence should be networked together.
  4. Uploadism - Biological intelligence should be made digital.
  5. Ascendism - The point of intelligence is to grow in complexity and scope.
  6. Omegism - All intelligence will converge into a single connected whole.
  7. Stewardship - Naturally-existing biospheres should be kept as untouched as possible.
  8. Pantropy - Life should be adapted to new environments.
  9. Terraformism - Existing worlds should be made earthlike, regardless of existing biospheres.
  10. Neogeny - New biospheres and forms of life should be made.
  11. Ontological Creationism - Godlike beings must be created and then submitted to.
  12. Negentropy - Energy waste and information loss should be minimized.
  13. Redoubtism - Society must be prepared to survive the deep future.
  14. Hiderism - Interstellar civilization is unstable and must be withdrawn from.
  15. Simulationism - Correct action may only be judged through comparison of all potentials.
  16. Virtualism - Physical reality should be abandoned in favor of virtual simulation.
  17. Escapism - Some means of exiting the universe must be found.
  18. Accelerationism - High-entropy technologies are to be embraced.
  19. Emmanationism - All components of the universe are emanations of higher principles.
  20. Angnotism - Self-awareness is a net-negative and should be curtailed or removed.

Government Types

  1. Corporate Feudalism - Rule by a property-owning employer class.
  2. Hydraulic Despotism - Rule by the controller of a necessary resource.
  3. Cultivation Hierarchy - Rule by those who have achieved highest ranks in
  4. Autodelegated Universal Demarchy - Rule by lottery, guided by AI for competencies.
  5. Post-Scarcity Pastoralism -  Rural communities supported by automated resource allocation.
  6. Anchoritic Advisory Council - Ruling group advised by isolated mystic hermits.
  7. Maternal Echidnacracy - Rule by the echidna machines.
  8. Colonial Suzerainity - Rule of a government by a distant foreign government.
  9. Bonobo Anarchism - Small matriarchal communities, mediation via sex & monitored conflict.
  10. Quickdraw Self-Sovereignty - Everyone is armed, all the time. Cowboy law applies.
  11. Encoded Ideology - Social cohesion through universal memetic programming.
  12. Representative Direct Datademocracy - Direct vote in person or by mind-imprint.
  13. Distributed Migratory Cybernation - A collective nation with no borders
  14. Americanist Representative Oligarchy - Rule by a two-party capitalist false-democracy.
  15. Self-Reinforcing Kakistocratic Technofascism - It can't get much worse than this.
  16. Esoteric Race-Science Xiphic Totalitarianism - God damn it get out of here space nazis.
  17. Absolutist Rationalist Hierarchy - (It's actually AItheocratic fascism)
  18. Arch-Familial Councils - Rule by heads of enormous extended families.
  19. Aristocratic Necroligarchy - Rule by mind-imprints of the dead.
  20. Animist AItheocracy - Rule according to the necessities of co-existence in an AI ecosystem.

I Stole These Planet Classifications from Space Engine 

[Temperature Class]

  1. Frigid (<90K) - Liquid nitrogen, methane, and hydrocarbons possible.
  2. Cold (90K-170K) - All water will be frozen
  3. Cool (170K-250K) - Snow line to equilibrium Earth temperature.
  4. Temperate (250K-330K) - Equilibrium to maximum temperature of Earth.
  5. Warm (330K-500K) - Arbitrary
  6. Hot (500K-1000K) - Arbitrary
  7. Torrid (1000K +) - OH GOD

[Volatiles Class]

  1. Airless - No atmosphere at all.
  2. Desertic - Atmosphere, but no surface liquids
  3. Lacustrine - Lakes and small seas of liquid.
  4. Marine - Liquid oceans
  5. Oceanic - World-spanning ocean
  6. Superoceanic - World-spanning oceans of immense depth.

[Mass Prefix]

 ME = Mass of Earth, MJ = Mass of Jupiter, numbers listed are the upper boundary for their category.

SolidIce GiantGas Giant
Micro.002 ME  
Mini.02 ME4 ME 
Sub.2 ME10 ME.2 MJ
X2 ME25 ME2 MJ
Super10 ME62.5 ME10 MJ
Mega< 10 ME< 62.5 ME< 10 MJ

[Bulk Composition]

  1. Ferria - Metals >50% of mass
  2. Carbonia - Carbon compounds >25% of mass
  3. Aquaria - Water and ice > 25% of mass
  4. Terra - Not Ferria, Carbonia, or Aquaria. Primary mass is silicates (rocks)
  5. Jupiter - Hydrogen & helium >25% of mass. "Gas giant"
  6. Neptune - Hydrogen & helium < 25% of mass. Can contain water, ammonia, methane, and a rocky core. "Ice giant"



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