Tuesday, October 10, 2017

50 Dungeon Hobo Signs

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I threw in some real hobo signs to go along with the dungeon-specific ones, since the basic needs of an itinerant worker are pretty stable across the board.

In-game, I'd say that any previously-delved dungeon will have some of these carved or drawn on the walls. Some might be misleading, some might be no longer accurate, but they should be true enough that they can be an aid to players' navigation and help them in making choices. Compare "there are passages to the north and west" to "north passage is marked 'ooze territory / safe campsite'. west is marked 'disabled trap / monsters can be reasoned with / don't look behind you'".

They're pretty helpful on the DM side too if you need quick ideas for rooms.


  1. This is very cool. Would be nice as a card deck. Something to explore?

  2. Hi! Did you approve free russian translation of this article?

  3. You could also set these up on a d100 system, like 1-2: get out now, 3-4: scrambles the mind, etc.