Monday, January 15, 2018

The Wanderers

They are wanderers among the stars, descendants of some ancient race that was particularly sensitive to the emanations of the cosmos.

These are based on the format of +Skerples'  races, and are a fine fit for spaceship crews.


Lean and fleet-footed. Grey, pock-marked skin. Hairless.
  • Reroll DEX
  • Will not get tired from from running
  • Will die if more than lightly encumbered

Wreathed in veils of golden haze. Beneath the clouds one might glimpse rugose folds of technicolor fungi. Eyes like stars. Always female.
  • Reroll CHA
  • Take half damage from fire, acid, and heat.
  • Will corrode carried items that are not glass or magical metal

Swarthy brown. Stout. Hair like moss. Smells of petrichor. Tracks dirt and dew everywhere.
  • Reroll choice
  • Can speak with animals and plants
  • Disadvantage on saves against poison

Wiry, rust-red. Hair and beards like dirty snow. Drink blood. Broken teeth. Always cold to the touch. Always male.
  • Reroll STR
  • Does not need to drink water
  • Spites peace in all forms

Broad shoulders, thundering voice. Banded skin like orange sherbet. Hair like roiling clouds, blue and white. Red right eye socket, empty.
  • Reroll CON
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Aura of spell failure (save vs magic to cast), draws spell aggro

Tawny gold skin. Ice-particle halo. Faint hexagon scales. Elegant and calm.
  • Reroll INT
  • Can float atop water
  • Eat their own children

Electric blue and placid. Features are rotated 90 degrees: the upper limbs are one leg and one arm, the line of the face is perpendicular with the ground, and so on.
  • Reroll at random
  • Trained in a random skill (3-in-6)
  • Perpetual target of mockery

Deep blue, splotched with darker spots and ribbed with white. Bide their time, waiting for moments where patience might be discared and storms may erupt.
  • Reroll WIS
  • Half damage from cold
  • Cannot eat cooked or warm food

Reddish brown and white. Small. Orbited by five small, smooth stones, said to be plucked from the rivers of the dead.

  • Reroll none
  • Advantage to saves against fear, can speak with the dead.
  • Haunted by cold and lost souls


  1. Yeah, they're space tieflings.

  2. Are you using the LotFP skill system with the GLoG?

    1. More the other way around: I use GLOG magic with LotFP for my home games.