Monday, January 22, 2018

1d20 Magical Masks


1. Manticore
  • Needle teeth, a mane of scarlet hair, a necklace of pearls.
  • Gained by healing the ulcers of the Great Manticore.
  • Grants a 1d6 bite attack - killing a man with this will produce a soul pearl worth 500 silver.
2. Oil Slick
  • Oozes tears of crude, shit-eating grin.
  • Found at the bottom of the Black Well.
  • Oily vomit (as grease) 1 / day.
3. Calligrapher's
  • Latticed strips of illuminated parchment, eyes of ink.
  • Provide Eldraman with the inspiration to finish his great work.
  • Allows flawless, instant transcription of words into text.
4. Poppyfield
  • A blooming red poppy painted on plain wood.
  • Found on a scarecrow on the old Stoneburner plantation.
  • Can emit a calming cloud of pink soporific.
5. Widow's
  • A black veil, lace, a single burning red eye.
  • Bequeathed at the funeral of Lily Havish. No one else was there.
  • Allows one to pass through the Branna Hill mausoleum without attracting malicious intent.
6. Baku
  • A tusked tapir's head, sewn from scrap cloth.
  • Exorcise the haunting of the newlyweds.
  • You can eat dreams.
7. Domino
  • Ivory plate, three dots on top, five on bottom.
  • Won from Don Gravine in the gambling house.
  • One of 28, organization unknown.
8. Tusk
  • A ragged hood of leather, sinew, and teeth.
  • Found in the Tunga warcamp (2nd visit, after it has been emptied).
  • Allows a brutal charge attack.
9. Dead Man's
  • A black sack, a face crudely stitched in red.
  • Taken from the corpse of Job Vancer on the gallows.
  • Those who see you will believe you to be a corpse.
10. Ibis
  • A blue hood, a long beak, jet-bead eyes.
  • Found in the empty bookstore on Pennyknife Lane.
  • Permits entrance into the Great Library of Aza-Thoth.
11. Greemling
  • Lime green with splotches of bright yellow and painful blue, grimacing face all twisted up.
  • Endear yourself to the Great Greem through acts of spurious and slovenly slander.
  • The Slimemarket will expand its merchandise for you.
12. Lightningrod
  • Brass skullcap with a slender spike.
  • Pulled from the roof of Dr. Frenzico's lab on Thunder Hill.
  • Attracts all electrical currents, reduces them to 1 damage.
13. Invader's
  • Slick metal, red and gold, cool to the touch.
  • Found on the mysterious skeleton in Sytlazkob Pass.
  • Filters out poisonous fumes, intercepts distant broadcasts.
14. Oarfish
  • A gaping mouth, a long red streamer.
  • Found on the corpse beneath Watacanee Cliff.
  • Can call forth beasts of the deep to the cold and lonesome shore.
15. Banker's
  • Teeth like gold coins, beard like an abacus
  • Stored in safe deposit box 1034 in Yansky & Loch
  • Allows creation of a new currency type
16. Lazy Cat
  • Expression of contentment and self-satisfaction.
  • Give the golden mouse to Tawny Tedrick.
  • Carries one charge of exceptionally good luck.
24. Mask of Lamentations
  • A pair of hands, held up to catch tears.
  • Found in Dismi's room in the Silver Lily.
  • Will dredge up the regrets and sadness of those who look upon it.
18. Basket
  • A tall woven basket with four slots for eye-holes.
  • Given when you persuade So-Chi to give up his monastic life.
  • Can pull oneself up inside it to hide.
19. Mushcap
  • Somewhat like a skull with an amanita cap.
  • Found in the abandoned farmhouse on the Fungal Margin.
  • Gives off faintly luminous dust.
20. Bonepipe
  • The hollowed femur of a large beast, perforated with small circular holes.
  • Given as a gift by the Mysterious Visitor (found shortly after midnight at Weeping Face Cliff.)
  • Plays a haunting, horrible tune, which sickens those of this world and pleases the other.


  1. One of my favorite parts of Majora's Mask was how many of the masks were linked to specific times / places / actions / people. There was a connection with a greater world, which I have aimed to replicate here.

  2. This was enjoyable to read; the second bullet points get me thinking.

    1. Treasure that helps establish and build setting is great fun to write up.