Saturday, January 13, 2018

100 Convictions

These can be used with +Arnold K. 's conviction system , or just on their own.
  1. The aristocracy must be overthrown.
  2. I will take my father's ashes to the summit of Mt Endon.
  3. The dead are a resource we can never run out of: why not use them?
  4. Others exist only to serve my needs and wants.
  5. Gold-Eye Tom is going to pay for what he done to this family.
  6. Health and cleanliness are of utmost importance in life.
  7. The underclass need to be regularly reminded for their proper place.
  8. I've got to take care of my sister's family, what with her ill and her husband a piece of shit (good riddance). 
  9. Money trumps all bonds of blood, king, or god.
  10. Be honest and forthright - duplicity, deceit and hypocrisy are the greatest of evils.
  11. I don't care where I go, I just want to get away from here.
  12. It's turtles all the way down - have a laugh!
  13. Weakness cannot be tolerated.
  14. I will sea the ocean again, before I die.
  15. Love is most noble and beautiful, a perfect and delicate treasure to go a-questing for!
  16. Love is hard work, every day, but it's solid and real and dependable.
  17. Love is for idiots. It never works out.
  18. Nothing better in life than a good fishing spot and some peace and quiet.
  19. The treasures of the past must be cared for and learned from.
  20. I will see the gods of Bathepshaar taken from the temple there, and see the king of that city thrown down at my feet. 
  21. There is a comet fast approaching; I must prepare for the ending of the age.
  22. A person's public face is their worth. I care not for private matters, so long as they remain so.
  23. My body is a loathsome thing, I need to change it somehow.
  24. We are all, all of us, running out of time.
  25. Nothing good ever came from wizards.
  26. You can't just go around life like you're sleepwalking.
  27. City folk don't have a clue what it's really like out here.
  28. It's not an invasion, it's a rescue mission.
  29. All beings possess an innate dignity.
  30. What authority has a king? Countries and borders exist only on maps.
  31. Trust no one and nothing. The world is a sham, the truth is hidden by the powerful.
  32. It's their own fault. Let them die.
  33. This world is hell, I must find a way to escape.
  34. I can't use it now, what if I need it later?
  35. Animals are better company than people.
  36. Personal responsibility must be avoided; it is too great of a risk.
  37. War is man's greatest folly.
  38. With this expedition I am certain that my theories will be vindicated!
  39. I will find my brother, pull him out of that Red Star Cult, and bring him home.
  40. I will give what aid and comfort I can to the suffering.
  41. It is a pleasure to burn.
  42. Sacrifice to the gods and you will be blessed.
  43. Don't fuck with bridge club.
  44. I will become a vampire! I definitely, totally will! And it will not backfire!
  45. The only good is serving the Supreme Leader.
  46. There's so much to be learned from the barbarians outside our borders. 
  47. The rightful king must be restored, and I shall be his right hand.
  48. Cheat to win, back down to live. Honor will get you killed.
  49. My spouse and kids and the most important things in my life,
  50. There are things people don't need to know. Let them remain secret. 
  51. Strive towards balance and fairness in all aspects of life.
  52. I've never experienced this distant foreign culture, but I'm still fetishistic in my adoration.
  53. I must keep my shameful addiction secret at whatever cost.
  54. Make the world yours. Stamp your face upon it.
  55. Things used to be better, now they're awful (and this is not true).
  56. Things used to be better, now they're awful (and this is actually true).
  57. Everything is a wonder, nothing is mundane.
  58. I must complete this work of art, I have come too far to quit.
  59. The world cannot be saved, but I can slow the decline.
  60. We will found a new nation, free from the corruption and tyranny of old.
  61. One cannot grow stronger without being broken first. One must be the breaker.
  62. The moon landing was faked by wizards.
  63. Modernity is full of vice and sin, it's much better to live alone in a swamp.
  64. It may take fifty generations, but we can bring life back to these arcane wastes.
  65. I am motivated primarily by ass.
  66. The gossip and drama of nobility are the great vicarious pleasure of my life.
  67. Peaceful approaches have failed. Justice must now be delivered by steel.
  68. Ironclad faith leads to mad, dangerous, impractical acts of devotion.
  69. I must atone for my crimes during the war.
  70. When you look at the net positives, human sacrifice isn't all that bad.
  71. Contrary to all evidence, you know your nation is the greatest on the earth.
  72. The record needs to be set straight about Amhuld Sanshar.
  73. Everything is a gamble, nothing a guarantee. Bet anyway.
  74. The gods have brought me nothing but pain. I spit upon them all.
  75. Simple, honest living builds a good man.
  76. All sharp edges must be rounded, all roughness smoothed out, all complexity simplified.
  77. We need to teach our ancestors' ways to the younger generation.
  78. Fuck the future, damn the consequences, give it all to me now.
  79. Things will get better, someday. 
  80. It's always better to act from the sidelines, rather than the front.
  81. Everything outside my immediate sphere of comfort is profoundly terrifying and is to be avoided whenever possible.
  82. These new-fangled young professors don't have any respect for academic tradition!
  83. Letting go of the past is difficult, but necessary.
  84. Hell will be emptied, paved over, and laid to rest at last.
  85. Perceptions of reality are malleable: the thing itself might as well not exist.
  86. I am absolutely not controlled by mind-worms.
  87. Induction into the sacred mysteries will reveal the Golden Secret of Creation.
  88. I love ADVENTURECORP (TM)! They made me what I am today!
  89. If we're going to go out, we ought to go out loud.
  90. The magazine wants an article about the flesh-eating insects of the Ranpolog Basin, and by gods they shall have it!
  91. The simple solution is best, no matter who it pisses off.
  92. If you deal with a devil, make sure you can steal your soul back.
  93. All life is based on understanding and our relationships with others.
  94. I live for the approval of strangers.
  95. I've got to avoid repeating my father's mistakes.
  96. Creativity is too big a risk: use what worked in the past, it'll be fine.
  97. Stagnation is just death in slow motion. There must be change.
  98. Chaos will see the end of everything with have worked to build.
  99. See the world! There's so much to explore.
  100. They're going to write a book about me, when I'm gone.

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