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Spaceship as Character



Spaceship as Character

Spaceships have six stats. Roll 3d6 for them in order.

Weapons (WEP) - The ship's ability to successfully hit another moving object with a third moving object.
    Engines (ENG) - The ship's speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

    Hull (HUL) - The ship's structural integrity.
      Systems (SYS) - The ship's unthinking background functions: life support, communications, sensors and so on.

      Shipmind (SHP) - The ship's built-in intelligence.

      Luck (LK) - The ship's accumulated mana, mojo, and moxie.

      If the ship is operating remotely in a proxy body (robotic, cyborged, or homunculi), substitute the above stats for their standard counterparts. They will act as specialist.

        Other Spaceship Attributes


        HP: None. A successful hit will result in damage being taken directly to your HUL.

        If your ship takes HUL damage, make a HUL save to avoid damage to other systems. Failing the save reduces another stat at random by half of the damage taken, and any modules that would be lost by reducing that stat are rendered inoperable.

        HUL and other stat damage must be repaired in a shipyard, and costs 1000 monies per point recovered.

        Attack Bonus: Base of +1, plus WEP modifier.

        Armor Class: Ships have a base AC of unarmored + ENG modifier. Armor provides damage reduction of 1/2/3 for light / medium / heavy

        Weapons and Armor: A ship's permitted armor and weapon types are determined by its class.
        • Light: Can use light weapons and armor.
        • Medium: Can use light and medium weapons and armor.
        • Heavy: Can use all weapons and armor types.
        To avoid needless granularity, the above weapons are to be treated as all of a ship's weapons of a certain type combined, rather than individual gun emplacements. 

        Light weapons may reduce incoming damage by half with a successful WEP save.

        Heavy weapons take up 2 slots, and must spend a turn between shots to recharge.

        Heavy armor takes 2 slots, and incurs a further -1 to ENG

        Saves: Roll under the appropriate stat.

        Additional Class Modifiers: A ship's class carries additional traits.
        • Light
          • +2 ENG (for purposes of AC calculation only)
          • -2 module slots
        • Medium 
          • +0 ENG (for purposes of AC calculation only)
          • +0 module slots
        • Heavy 
          • -2 ENG (for purposes of AC calculation only)
          • +2 module slots
        XP and Debt: Ships comes with debt. Characters level up by paying off the debt of their ship. Starting debts are as follows:
        • Light: 120,000 XP
        • Medium: 240,000 XP
        • Heavy: 360,000 XP
        Additional fees may be added during ship construction.

        Ship upkeep between major voyages will cost a fraction of the ship's cost, depending on the state of the current port. Upkeep and repair do not count towards XP debt. These values are pulled from Coriolis.
        • Substandard: 1/500
        • Average: 1/1000
        • Superior: 1/2000  
        Alternatively: Use SWN system of 5% per six months. 
        (The base XP value for a medium ship was calculated as what is needed for a 4-man party of fighter, wizard, cleric, and specialist to reach level 7. Maintenance rates were plucked directly from Coriolis.)

        Modules: You know how gear works in Veins of the Earth? Use that.

        This thing.

        1 module = 1 slot unless otherwise stated.

        Spaceship as Race

        Where a ship comes from is often just as important as the crew running it.

        • Cat's Eye Shipyards - Slick, sleek, and fashionable. For those who want to live fast and look good.
          • Reroll ENG
          • Makes a good impression.
          • Does not sell heavy vessels.
        • Runkadunk-Voix - Family owned and operated for three centuries. Sturdy, affordable ships, though you'd best look elsewhere for fancy.
          • Reroll HUL
          • x0.9 cost
          • SYS and SHP stat maximum of 13. Sometimes have to kick things a few times to get it working.
        • Sunstreamer - High-end, experimental vessels built by a start-up company of hip transhumanist venture cybercapitalists.
          • Reroll SYS
          • Free computer uplink implants for all crew members.
          • Distinct lack of privacy due to data collection, adblock doesn't work
        • Bubo Works - Alien mercantile hegemons. Bright colors and bulbous shapes.
          • Reroll SYS
          • Advantage defending against digital warfare.
          • The shipmind will not reveal itself, if it exists at all.
        •  Blood and Thunder - A PMO that got into the spaceship business.
          • Reroll WEP
          • Intimidating exterior commands respect.
          • Small print states you are now members of Blood and Thunder and are thus obligated to fulfil contractual combat obligations, whether you want to or not.
        • The Womb
          • Reroll SHP
          • Begins with Cloning Wombs module
          • Gross flesh-tech, shipmind is a star child fetus, ship is vulnerable to contagious diseases.
        • Astromechanico
          • Reroll choice
          • Repair costs cut by 50%
          • BECOME AS GODS
        • Big Dipper Star Pilgrims
          • Reroll LK
          • Magnet for benevolent astral spirits
          • Magnet for malicious astral spirits
        • Standardized Interstellar Transports, Incorporated - Mass produced budget ships. Blocky, bland, utterly soulless.
          • No reroll
          • x0.5 cost
          • Stat maximum of 12
        • Lichyard Union - The finest necromatic astronaval vehicles in the galaxy.
          • Reroll HUL
          • Begins with Skeleton Crew module 
          • Internal atmosphere is thin and desiccated; cracked lips and bad skin are guaranteed.


        There are six required modules in every ship: 
        • Bridge / Cockpit
        • Computer
        • Drive
        • Life Support
        • Quarters
        • Storage 
        These modules count against your module total.

        50 Additional Modules
        1. Alchemical Distillery - A potion brewery and reagent workshop. A normal brewery too.
        2. Ancient Astronaut Starter Kit - Comes with everything you need to pose as gods to pre-contact civilizations.
        3. Angel Choir - Rows of electrum and silver choir lofts. The colony of angels that calls this place home will provide navigational aide, and protection against most magical threats. 2 slots.
        4. Aquarium - A glass tank filled with fish and other aquatic lifeforms. Can be used as quarters for amphibious crew.
        5. Armor - Comes in light (as leather, DR 1), medium (as chain, DR 2), and heavy (as plate, DR 3, 2 slots, -1 ENG)
        6. Asteroid Smelter - A small factory, capable of mining and smelting rocky bodies. Provides an additional 2000 monies per month. 2 slots.
        7. Backup Shipmind - A 10 SHP computer that can be used in case the primary mind is damaged.
        8. Cloning Wombs - Can grow a clone of anything in its memory in 9 months.
        9. Cold Storage - Cryogenic chambers for long-term storage of organisms.
        10. Data Storage - A secure computer, separate from the ship's main system.
        11. Diplomatic Lounge - For impressing heads of state, alien ambassadors, and people you pick up in bars. 
        12. Dragon Roost - Provides amenities for a visiting space dragon. Highly radioactive. 3 slots.
        13. Entertainment Suite - For when you just want to watch space-Netflix, or play space-video games. The whole nine yards.
        14. Escape Pod - A short-range emergency pod, can survive atmospheric entry.
        15. Exorcism Field - Keeps etherghosts and space demons out of the ship.
        16. Gravity Generator - Provides a down direction to the entirety of a ship. 3 slots.
        17. Gremlin Nest - Happy home to a family of maintenance gremlins.
        18. Hydoponics - The ship's garden. Supplements food supplies but can support a small crew in case of emergency.
        19. Illusiondeck - Uses high-potency illusion magic to make a completely interactive environment out of an empty room. Comes with a limited number of pre-enchanted scenarios.
        20. Impossible Space - Spacial anomaly leads to a room containing several square miles of uncharted and dangerous alien wilderness.
        21. Kitchen / Mess - A proper place to eat and socialize.
        22. Laboratory -  A place where science happens.
        23. Lightskipper Drive - A potent arcane device allowing travel between stars. Can be integrated into an existing drive for 10,000 monies.
        24. Lucky Charm - An object, an image, an old spot of damage, something of great personal importance to the crew. 1 / session, a roll result can be flipped on a successful LK check.
        25. Lure Launcher - Used to distract astral predators.
        26. Map Room - An interactive display that will provide up-to-date information on the system and region. Reduce travel times by a quarter.
        27. Medical Bay - Halves recovery time from critical injuries.
        28. Ooze Tanks - Storage for cleaning and repair oozes.
        29. Ornate Prow - A battering ram, a gigantic android mermaid, a Gothic nightmare battle cathedral, whatever you want.
        30. Planejumper Drive - Permits travel between stars by flying through an overlapping plane. Attracts the attention of extraplanar entities.
        31. Pilgrim Shrine - Dedicated to the panoply of astral gods and spacer saints.
        32. Printer - A 3D printer with a sizable blueprint catalog. Can create standard items.
        33. Privacy Suite - A soundproofed chamber permitting a moment of quiet while aboard the ship.
        34. Probe Bay - Holds and launches satellites, drones, and probes.
        35. Re-entry Modifications - Allows the ship to enter and exit a planet's atmosphere safely.
        36. Rotating Ring - Provides gravity for a segment of the ship.
        37. Scrying Mirror - Provides low-lag communication with other mirrors within 10 LY.
        38. Sealed Environment - Useful when taking aboard aliens of differing biochemistries.
        39. Secret Compartment - Hidden storage, insulated from most forms of remote detection.
        40. Shield Chamber - A warded and engraved sphere with a single door. Will keep those inside safe from any malicious astral magics directed at the ship.
        41. Ship’s Brownie - A little dwelling place for the ship's small god.
        42. Shuttle - A smaller vessel from transfer between ships, or between the ship and a planet's surface. 2 slots.
        43. Skeleton Crew - This necromantic core comes with 10 dutiful and enthusiastic skeletons.
        44. Solar Sails - Permits a ship with damaged engines to course correct. Reduces resupply costs one step.
        45. Storage Cells - Additional storage, can also serve as a brig.
        46. Summoning Room - A relatively secure chamber for summoning astral or hyperspatial entities.
        47. Teleportal - A short-range spatial gate, permitting access to another gate on the surface of a planet or nearby ship.
        48. Thaumatorium - A wizard's study, fit for the copying and learning of spells, as well as general research.
        49. Trophy Room - A place to display the spoils of one's adventures.
        50. Weapon System - Comes in light (d6, reduce incoming damage by 1/2 with successful WEP save), medium (d8), and heavy (d10, recharge 1, 2 slots)

        Spaceship as Dungeon

        Take all the modules you rolled and arrange them on a sheet of paper. Connect them as you see fit. Fill them with inhabitants and interactives. Use whatever generators you want to fill them out, I'll probably supply one in the future.

        Now you have a downed or derelict vessel to explore, or even a way of passing time on your own ship as you travel between locations.


        1. A good spaceship is a character already, so it ought be treated as one. Plus, more space fantasy is always a good thing.

        2. I can finally identify as an attack helicopter!!!

        3. What if instead of (Weapons)WEP you use Gunnery(GUN) then you can specifically have light med and heavy weapons as equipment and its less confusing. for instance a cruise missile launcher (heavy weapon) as a weapon would lower your GUN but raise a damage modifier?