Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Dragon Republics

This post is old as hell. Like, probably around 3 years old. Back before I decided that the dragons were all murdered and they sat around running banks and monopolistic guilds. This was back in the days when I still brainstormed 5e stuff, it's that old.

It's been a good long while since I've done a straight-up random table like this.

The Dragon Republics

  1. Arretin – Destroyed by volcano and buried in ash. A new city was built on top of the ruins. Haunted. Demons live in the sewers.
  2. Hannia – Home of Sarino’s leading mage college, master gunsmiths, an alchemists’ symposium, Tinker’s Alley and epidemic lead poisoning.
  3. Potenzi – Home of the church-in-exile after the dragons burnt its home city to the ground. With the line of the pontiff severed by the market, the surviving bishops are trying to piece together a working hierarchy again. Golems made of saints’ relics are a growing sight, as are heresies.
  4. Ciarri – City run by mercenaries – the previous doge was drawn and quartered during a coup. Famous for breeding war-dogs.
  5. Valduchu – A colorful town built around the base of a mountain. The mountaintop holds two ancient monasteries of a revered order (Order of Sts. Rotechto and Naisani).
  6. Leodoa – A port city of canals and islands. Pirates welcome. Buildings on stilts. Home of the Tower of Commedia, Sarino’s grandest school of humor and clownery.
  7. Vi’Sanno – Gigantic baroque opera house. Duchess is eccentric lesbian who plays dumb as cover to undermine the dragons’ control of the city and its economy (also writes horrible operas filled with equally horrible puns)
  8. Szelio – Famous for their lamprey farms. Good vacation spot. Esoteric occult orders and secret societies behind every door.
  9. Pantria – Former home of the church – dragon inhabits once-grand cathedral. Partially rebuilt after the dragons burnt it down – majority is still slums and shantytowns. Population consists of guild members and the incredibly poor.
  10. Zanis – Operates on a pre-republic caste system, now modified to elaborate political parties. The forum never sleeps in Zanis, and the soapbox-sellers make fortunes.
  11. Barrana – Best vineyards on the continent. Best whorehouses on the continent. Best gambling houses on the continent. Dominoes is serious business. Duke is has a secret police devoted to enforcing a mandated level of good cheer, to nefarious ends.
  12. Zhrone – Former leper colony. Rebounded very nicely. Locals fond of decorative scarification, heavy body piercing, and coffee.
  13. Ensil – A recent acquisition to the north. The local dialect is difficult to parse. The cobbles in the roads are all mosaics, writing out a history that has yet to pass.
  14. A’Fostuna – Sorcerous mafia families called truce to practice eugenics. It’s really an elaborate play orchestrated by the city’s dragons for their entertainment.

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