Monday, December 23, 2019

Just Like Back in the G+ Days

Twitter is a shit website but sometimes you can get it to do what you want, instead of what THE ALGORITHM wants.

I started up a thread crowdsourcing stuff for Esoteric Enterprises. Since Twitter is garbage with thread organization, I have pulled everything and put it here, doing a few little cleanup edits and bumping it up to 50 entries.

d50 Esoteric Enterprise Inspiration Seeds

  1. PC - Reynauld. Mercenary. Octogenarian. French. Riot shield, rifle, broadsword. Kills Nazis. Might be a bit too into the Song of Roland. (Me)
  2. PC - Dismas. Criminal. Age & origin undiscerned. Italian? Best friends with the above. Very handy with a knife. Lets knife do a lot of the talking. (Me)
  3. Grimoire - "The Wasteland Children" - Details story of how Eve left Adam after Abel was killed and started romantic relationship with Lilith (Me)
  4. Symbiotic esophageal bobbit worm oh god what the fuck (Me)
  5. Underworld currencies- USB sticks with porn, cup noodles, fresh vegetables, toilet paper (Me)
  6. Spell - Detect Bullshit. Like detect lies but works if the target believes what they are saying. (Me)
  7. Weapon - Glitter covered platform shoes that can be unfolded into a laser rifle. The laser is also glittery. (Nick Whelan)
  8. Drugs - Tootsie pop, except instead of a tootsie roll at the center it's one of a random set of targeted hallucinogenics.(Nick Whelan)
  9. Entertainment - Hiring poor people to say shitty things so you can be righteously angry at them. They argue poorly on purpose so you can feel smart when you intellectually demolish them. (Nick Whelan)
  10. Cosmetic Surgery - Reshape your butthole to make your farts play pop music. (Nick Whelan)
  11. Art - Purchasing babies and modifying them via surgery & gene splicing to create aesthetically interesting creatures. "Abomination unto god" is currently in vogue. (Nick Whelan)
  12.  NPC - "Ode to Lost Love," an escaped artbaby who sells information in the deep slums. (Nick Whelan)
  13. Disease - Saphirication. Your body is slowly turning into big crystalline sapphires. Starting with your bones, then cartilage, fat, muscle. Neural tissue last. Your corpse is a priceless wonder, and highly contagious. (Emmy Allen)
  14. Spike-maw. A two-inch-long translucent parasitic lamprey that hides coiled up in an unopened beer bottle. When you take a swig, it follows the beer into your mouth, and latches onto the back of your throat to feed. Victims look like they have a second tongue.(Emmy Allen)
  15. Scene on the street - A young human is arguing with her two romantic partners (a large Noble rat and a wooden automaton) about setting boundaries in their new relationship (Theory Without Context)
  16. Bio-fuel - a local repair shop promising to help old vehicles keep up with new emissions standards is replacing engine parts with body parts. Now the cars want more. (Pandatheist)
  17. Social media haunts: they passed away without heirs. Now only their accounts are left. They've managed to start updating yours. At first banal, amusing. But the latest pic is from your job. That's not you in the picture with coworkers. And somethings wrong in your reflection... (Pandatheist)
  18. Abandoned shopping cart from a chain that disappeared from this area ages ago. It's filled to brim with discontinued snack-stuffs and toys from your childhood. (ktrey)
  19. Outgoing frantic text messages on everyone's phones that no one recalls sending. All to the same phone number. Go ahead...give it a call. (ktrey)
  20. You can find the Punic goddess Tanit's personal phone number is written in cremains on the walls of a bathroom stall under the phrase "For A Good Time Call." She's excited to talk about the latest episode of a popular situational comedy. (ktrey)
  21. Everyone's wild about a new camera filter app and images of people with glorious ophidian tresses are soon minefielding timelines everywhere. They start becoming more scarce around the time that the realistic sculptures of folks taking selfies show up. (ktrey)
  22. Ritual aid: Starfish are intrinsically pentagrams. Use a starfish (a single limb, in powder form, etc) for your magic, instead of drawing a pentagram. Handy for when a flat surface isn't available / you are trying to avert attention, etc (Zedeck Siew)
  23. Your great-gran: she is guilt tripping you into making services for her friends/clients in the afterlife. And you'd feel bad about not doing her a favour now and then. In this case, you are only the exploited part, the business is for departed souls. (Paolo Greco)
  24. The weather app is showing a low chance of raining blood scheduled for midnight. Increased chances have been correlated with news coverage but the ad buys today have been through the roof (Pandatheist)
  25. Oracular vapors surge from the streets of NYC in a pattern no one can predict – least of all the long-lived cult operating within Con Edison that seeks not only to chart the vapors' chaotic course and minimize exposure, but to find anyone who can breathe them and live. (Lumensimus)
  26. The dead letter office finally caught up with you. Stacks of old letters, envelopes with post marks dated over seven decades. Each contains a single sheet of a grimoire, that if assembled and studied contains a handy ritual for disrupting/delaying communication.(ktrey)
  27. A shiny, "just flensed," caprine skull lives in a newspaper machine on the corner. Goes by Orville. For some spare pocket change and an offering of honey, he'll let you ask a truth about the last person you kissed. Who reads newspapers anymore these days? (ktrey)
  28. A family of vampiric contractors discovers a formula to mix blood with concrete, allowing members of their brood to meld with sidewalks and travel at inhuman speeds – even by day. The network is thus far isolated to a four-block square, but citywide bidding is coming up... (Lumensimus)
  29. To visit the sanctum and laboratory of Wilberforce Gonzalez, you need a special key. Conveniently, it can be used in the service keyhole of any elevator. (Ktrey)
  30. “Step on a crack, break your mothers back” you heard children singing on one street corner. Then on the next in the same tone. And the next. And the one after that. Now the sidewalks are glowing and the hospitals can’t handle the overflow. (Pandatheist)
  31. Riley's Water has claims on the bottle that it comes from deep within the Mariana Trench. Those who drink it sometimes wake up the next morning married, teleported, or driving a Buick.(Ktrey)
  32. A woman claiming to be Frida Kahlo has shown up in Mexico City with 4 crates of brilliant new paintings. She says she wasn't dead, just dreaming. The pieces have been verified by art historians and auction houses both and oracles say she believes shes telling the truth. (Pandatheist)
  33. Dorian is still using his old friendster profile pic everywhere. It's gained considerable image compression artifacts over the years and is barely recognizable. He's still just as young and beautiful as he ever was. (Ktrey)
  34. You keep getting outbid for an online auction for an old libram by one Dr_Faustus666. Then the seller contacts you directly for your best offer...(Ktrey)
  35. Powerful anti-necromantic sigils and wards surround the Natural History museum's fossil-filled basement. For obvious reasons. (Ktrey)
  36. Strange tacks indeed. Something teetering on stumps shuffling down the alleyways. Cinderella Golems are looking for the perfect foot-fit. (Ktrey)
  37. At the new barbershop they cut as much hair as you ask but it doesn’t get any shorter. There's strange noises from the back, and some of the customers have been having seizures...(Pandatheist)
  38. If you don't sleep for a couple of days you can ask the city a question by thinking of it and wandering the streets for 1d6 hours in the wee hours. It'll tell you stuff. Sometimes it'll bring you to places. (Imaginaryhallways)
  39. Insomnia infections in the underground have led to a strong market for OTC drugs that can counteract the effects. Others use the city-talking ability insomnia gives to work as bit-rate sages, but you typically have to guard them if they're walking the underground for an answer. (Imaginaryhallways)
  40. That one song on the pop charts. No one can remember how long it's been #1, but everyone recognizes it instantly. It's the default ringtone, the muzak in the elevator. Backmasked vocalizations end up reanimating dead rock stars as ghouls. (Ktrey)
  41. The next cultists the PCs start to gun down don't fire back; instead they drop to their knees and frantically begin drawing summoning circles in the blood. Giant shrimp from hell begin to pour in from the abyssal layer through these circles. (Dishwasher Possum)
  42. Drug - Mummia. Corpse-ash and black tar, fills the users with feelings of effortless potency and regal warmth, extended use can cause shadow personalities and organ rebellion.(Anthropocene Grotesque)
  43. Librarian- a symbiotic fungus attracted to large amounts of stored data, often run-down libraries. They network with other colonies. Fruiting bodies cast Glamor to hide true form. Can be consulted for information, but they usually want new information in return (jaykay_44)
  44. "Airstrike" is underground slang for magic that causes physical harm at a distance. (symeonho)
  45. Ritualistically eating someone’s liver should always give you some sort of mechanical bonus (Anthropocene Grotesque)
  46. A squat house that keeps a powerful oracle in the basement: The preserved head of Nancy Spungen. (symeonho)
  47. Sergei has guns for trade, but doesn't want money. He desires the metacarpals of a convicted fratricide. (symeonho)
  48. Kilmoulis, tired of working the mills, became the best drug sniffers. Entire species addicted and controlled now (TheLawfulNeutral)
  49. Grimoire - Höw 2 Drâw Åñímē & Màngä. No one is quite sure what this one does, but the previous owners have been scraped off the walls so that has to count for something. (Me)
  50. Grimoire- Vampires Don't Exist. A book ostensibly written in English that attempts, for over two hundred and sixty pages, to persuade the reader that vampires do not exist. It is generally regarded as ineffectual. (Me)


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