Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quick Quest is Good Stuff

Giffyglyph made this! It's great!

For ages we have search for the bridge between the worlds of 5e and the OSR and by all the gods above and below I think it has revealed itself to us.

Quick Quest is amazing.  The more I look at it the more I like it. The cleanliness and single-page nature go without saying, but there are a pair of mechanical bits that are chef's kiss.
  1. The archetypes are a brilliant. Without specific skills, players are guided into describing how they do what they want to do, and those approaches aren't locked to specific stats. Interpreting a mural could be WIS + Art to get into the artist's head, or maybe INT + Fight to analyze the battle that's been portrayed, or CHA + Rogue to fool people into believing what you're talking about it.
  2. In the thread, Giffyglyph talks about how Ancestry and Calling (race and class) are considered "permissions" - ie. this is where you can just go "yeah I can do that, because I am an X". You can go and toss class features out like it's the Defenestration of the Prague because you don't need them. All you need is enough description, just a paragraph, so that people are on the same page.
The combination of these factors forms the shape of your abilities and limitations in your head, thereby freeing you to play the game.

It has 5e game-mouth-feel: modifiers adding up vs difficulty rating, split class and heritage. It's got OSR mechanical simplicity. It's got a little bit of storygame freeformness.

It's good, is what I am saying. It's a good bridge. All parties involved can grok this. You can use anything from anywhere, because mechanics don't matter anymore. Only flavor now.

It is now time for random tables.

Ancestries (d30)

  1. Amazon
  2. Blemmyes, Anthropophagic
  3. Bluecap, Knocker
  4. Brownie
  5. Cambion
  6. Cat of Ulthar
  7. Cynocephalus
  8. Dullahan
  9. Dwarf, Lithic
  10. Dwarf, Maggot
  11. Eloi 
  12. Gnome 
  13. Goblin
  14. Gremlin
  15. Kishi
  16. Martian, Cephalopodic
  17. Martian, Red
  18. Martian, Thark
  19. Monopod 
  20. Morlock
  21. Mothman
  22. Oni
  23. Orc, Liberated
  24. Redcap
  25. Salamander
  26. Sphinx
  27. Sylph
  28. Troll, Metastisized
  29. Undine
  30. Zoanthrope

Callings (d30)

  1. Airshipman
  2. Alewife 
  3. Anchorite, Former
  4. Antiquarian
  5. Barber-Surgeon 
  6. Cannoneer
  7. Carcosan Nobility, Exiled
  8. Corpse Collector
  9. Cryptozoologist
  10. Cultist, Moth 
  11. Death-watch Collector
  12. Demonologist 
  13. Dreamer, Advanced
  14. Demolitions Expert
  15. Fungal Host Body
  16. Hedonist Fop
  17. Investigator, Public 
  18. Lamplighter
  19. Lord of Swords, Minor
  20. Mapmaker
  21. Miner, Godmeat
  22. Monk, Gutter
  23. Queen, Niche
  24. Roustabout 
  25. Sin Eater
  26. Veteran, Martian War
  27. Veteran, Wonderland Campaign
  28. Warmage 
  29. Whale Oil Factory Worker
  30. Woodwose


  1. Gotta say I am real proud of these lists.

  2. It's pretty good all right. I'd like to see a quick desription of what a reaction is, and I'd prefer to swap out Merchant for Artist for my group (who aren't going to play a Bard type), but otherwise it seems like it should work well.

    1. I think one of the nice things about these lists is that it is trivial to swap out entries for flavor and customize to each group.

  3. Big Electric Bastionland energy from these lists! This system looks fantastic; it's so dense for one page that I can't help but want to homebrew for it

  4. So many views on this, yet I do not understand where they come from.

    Ah well. I'll accept it this time.

  5. Sort of a 1 page Fate Accelerated hybrid. Pretty cool.

  6. If I was making a Calling list for this, I'd give all of them an adjective (Carcosan Nobility, *Exiled*) because it leads to more questions for the player. Why are you exiled, anyway?