Tuesday, May 9, 2023

MOSH: Inner Abraham

Playing around with the Rimspace Planet Generator


Three planets: Inner, Outer, and Inmost.

Outer Abraham is an enormous, poorly tempered but typical superjovian. Inmost Abraham is similarly typical and unsuited for colonization, its sun-kissing orbit boiling its atmosphere away. Inner Abraham is the anomaly - a life-bearing terrestrial world that survived the gravitational chaos that expelled all the other major bodies from the system.

  • Planet Type: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 14952 km (Large)
  • Average Temperature: 37 C (Thermal protection required)
  • Gravity: 1.76 G (High gravity habituation required)
  • Atmosphere: Thin, toxic. (Air filtration required)
  • Hours Per Day: 31
  • Prominent Elements: Helium, Iron, Yttrbium

Points of Interest

1: Unidentified Object

Twirling lights broadcast haunting tones on all frequencies

Caught in a long, highly-inclined elliptical orbit around Inner Abraham. Moves extremely fast. Extremely radioactive. The tones do not repeat or loop, and the object doesn't respond to any hailing transmissions. The blurry photographs and grainy video don't allow one to make out its shape.

2: Crater

Strangely-colored meteorite

The impact is recent - wind, water, and root have yet to erode the site. The meteorite itself is anomalously intact, and of a shimmering, opalescent quality. Radioactive. Traces of exotic elements in surrounding region.

3: Lifesigns

Injured local fauna lie in the open while others watch from the shadows

The grassland's dominant predator of the grasslands uses the distress cries of its prey - the old, sick, or juvenile - to lure others of the herd into ambush.


2(20) C:40 I:30

Three-legged. Eyeless, narrow head. Clicking and hissing echolocation. Chitin plating.

  • Serrated Tongue 2d10 - Body save vs bleeding
  • Pack Hunt - Never fewer than 3, never more than 8.
  • Echolocation - As motion tracker
  • Mimicry - Voices, but not words. Moans, shouts, cries of pain. It learns fast.

Planetary Database

1: Terrain

Petrified wood mesas from ancient colossal stumps shine with pearlescent radiance

The trees are not so large as the initial reports indicate, but indeed there are entire petrified forests on Inner Abraham, looming over the lower brush with bare, milk-bone branches. No doubt someone would try to make jewelry or sculpture out of it, and surely it would sell.

2: Hook

The planet's coordinates appear in every corporate advertisement in the sector.

Recent legislation has established that advertisements for colonization must include externally-verifiable locational data, after Doux Interstellar was sued into oblivion for offering debt-reduction in exchange for moving to colonies that didn't exist.

Inner Abraham has not garnered enough attention for the rightsholders to invest in a colony.

3: Mystery and Phenomena

Corpses contort after death, dancing in exquisite agony and bliss

Something with the bacteria, perhaps. Something that triggers spasm in the muscles. Surely it's the bacteria. Just local microbes. Has to be.


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