Thursday, January 16, 2020

Random Tables from Twitter: Part 1

I've been feeling dreary and uninspired of late, so I took to twitter to get some requests for random tables. Here's the first batch.

d6 Reasons Lord Cobain and Lady Malton Confiscate all Horses of Visitors to the Stranded Isles 

(via @shutteredroom)
  1. Epona is worshiped here, all horses are hers by right.
  2. Very little can live here. The Lord and Lady have a taste for fresh meat.
  3. Those horses were theirs in the first place.
  4. It's a tradition dating back to the Iron Years. Just a formality nowadays.  
  5. They are specialized cavalry psychopomps. War ravages the waking world.
  6. They honestly don't know.

d10 Strange Potion Containers 

(via @anxietywizard)
  1. Insulated thermos
  2.  Hollow basilisk skull
  3. Cow's udder
  4. Miniature aquarium
  5. Portable puddle
  6. Quantum glassware
  7. Compressed beadlets
  8. Squeezed from a stone
  9. Psychedelic cactus
  10. Breastfruit

d10 Magic Bullets (for EE, obviously) 

(via @imaginaryhallw1)
  1. Gun-Saint fingerbones - Counts as blessed.
  2. Dissolvershot - Dissolves into mist after impact.
  3. Segmentation rounds - Bullets can split in two at a -2 to hit and 1 damage die penalty
  4. Moonlight bullets - As cold iron vs fae or ghosts.
  5. Needle ammo - Pierces armor.
  6. Plague rounds - Carries a disease, one per ammunition unit.
  7. Foamshot - Save vs stunning as it rapidly expands and hardens.
  8. Delayed reaction ammunition - Hits target 30 seconds after it is fired.
  9. Brimstone bullets - Catches fire on contact with air.
  10. The Legendary - A bullet that was used to kill a notable figure.

d10 Rumors about the Sea goddess' Temple 

(via @marshallbrengle)
  1. There are pearls the size of a fist down there!
  2. The rooms surrounding the sanctum are a gigantic puzzle.
  3. Yeah! Makin' out with merfolk!
  4. Access is granted only by casting fresh blood on the coral doors.
  5. The cyclops stonemason who built it still lives on-site.
  6. Rare fish swim through the corridors as if the air was water.
  7. It has been swallowed up by an enormous whale!
  8. Sludge spirits from local industrial cites infest and desecrate the temple.
  9. Priests of the rival earth god have been camping outside and issuing challenges for weeks.
  10. A star declaring a miraculous spawning has risen.

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  1. Oooh, the cool thing about The Legendary is that you have a reasonably short list to deal with: