Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Random Tables from Twitter: Part 3, Enterprises Edition

Buckle up folks, it's a double header via @imaginaryhallw1

d20 Things Underworlders Desperately Need

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Vitamin supplements (C&D especially)
  3. News and mail from the surface
  4. Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper
  5. Spices and seasonings
  6. Water filters 
  7. Canned food and dried goods
  8. Antiseptics and OTC meds
  9. Tampons, pads, birth control
  10. Underwear and socks
  11. Replacement computer components
  12. Smut
  13. Batteries, chargers, adapters
  14. Music, movies, games, books
  15. Up-to-date maps and guides
  16. Ammunition
  17. Camping supplies
  18. Magical reagents
  19. Memetic vaccinations
  20. Translators, doctors, therapists

d20 Paranormal Youtube Rabbit Holes

  1. Fleshcrafter beauty / workout vlogs.
  2. The Dero got into the  Indian nursery rhyme spam accounts again...
  3. Stygian Library explorations with the Book Club.
  4. Ynnian gardening tips.
  5. Those idiots trying to do the King in Yellow in 15 second clips.
  6. In-depth literary and lore analysis of Madotsuki's dream diary.
  7. Identifying underworld graffiti tags.
  8. That one guy who homebrews his own space mead.
  9. Clips from a popular delver podcast, animated in SFM.
  10. Official channel of the Lithic embassy at Bárðarbunga. The ambassador really loves his flintbirds.
  11. Livestream of a silent delver's campsite. They wear a mask and occasionally play the banjo.
  12. Mad scientists unboxing and testing new tools.
  13. Ghost hunter drama channels.
  14. Investigations into missing delvers, attempting to find what happened to them.
  15. Faerie sightings, plus the creepy fandom around them.
  16. Obvious serpentmen-created homunculi attempting social engineering
  17. People really into occult cryptocurrency.
  18. Underworld cooking channels
  19. Technomancer-modified Let's Plays
  20. Lo-Fi Cult Music Study and Chill Infinite Mix


  1. These have been my favorite so far of the entire batch

  2. One can only imagine how much scurvy there is in the Underground.

    1. "How to identify if the shambling monster approaching you is a zombie or someone with scurvy: the beginner's guide."

  3. ...what happened to your book review #4 post after this one?

    1. I reverted it to draft and am waiting to repost, because bots were spamming it with views and throwing off my top posts sidebar.