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The Hoypoloi Sector

It's map time! People liked the last one, I like making them, it's a good relationship we've got going here. This time it's in space. Planets were generated using Stars Without Number, races were selected at random according to an old post of +David McGrogan 's, which I have been waiting to use forever. For extra fun, I used a different bestiary for each entry.

Inhabitants of the Hoypoloi Sector

  • Alkalion (Veins of the Earth)
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins (Carcosa)
  • Giant Nudibranch (Yoon-Suin)
  • Togruta (Star Wars Alien Anthology)
  • Kuo-Ta (5e MM)
  • Velociraptor (Volo's)
  • Coralkin Angler (Hot Springs Island)
  • Predator Saint (Fire on the Velvet Horizon)


Planet Gazetteer 

A-1: Hendiron
  • Togruta, Velociraptor
  • Sole Supplier - The only source of Elbow-Gourd Grease in the sector.
  • Post Scarcity - A low population plus robust 3D printing technology lets the locals enjoy a life of luxury, mostly free of want. A haven for artists and their kin.
B-4: Kittakikat
  • Velociraptor
  • Zombies - Of the fungal variety. Landing on world is not recommended.
  • Maneaters - If the meat is clean, you learn to stop complaining.
B-7: Riktik
  • Velociraptor, Kuo-Ta
  • Battleground - Continuous clan warfare has left much of the planet either wilderness or unsafe, outside of the fortress-cities of some of the largest alliances.
  • Secret Masters - The wars are organized and perpetuated by some of the original colonizers of the planet, kept alive through Overmind techno-magic. Not for any real reason, of course, it's all a game.
C-1: E'pe
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-ta, Coralkin Angler
  • Warlords - The Nudibranchs rule in technicality, but it is the coralkin warlords who wield the most power here. Their Kuo-Ta hordes swarm across the hills in mad frenzy.
  • Mandarinate - Schools for the coralkin warrior caste are run by the local Nudibranch creche, content to master the academics of war themselves while their proteges learn the practical skills.
C-6: Grrlblgrgl
  • Coralkin Angler, Kuo-Ta
  • Misandry - Male coralkin are little more than parasitic sex organs, and the females of the species apply that opinion liberally to males of other species.
  • Taboo Treasure - Overmind nanotech is commonplace on the world, feared and desired by the local populace.
C-7: Opa'luhahe'e
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta
  • Fear of Magic - How the normally-permissive Nudibranchs turned against the arts is lost in the foggy history of their isolation, but their hatred runs deep. Under local law it is punished by death: looming international
  • Cultural Power - The isolationist / anti-mage message has spread to neighboring worlds, taking root in those with large populations of Kuo-Ta.
D-1: Junji-Tho
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Restrictive Laws - In an effort to emulate the refinement of their patrons, the Kuo-Ta of this world have instituted incredibly strict, incredibly thorough systems of polite interaction. Offworlders are, at best, buffoons.
  • Local Specialty - Best mushroom soup in the sector. People have been killed over bowls of this stuff.
E-3: O'a'paluho'nu
  • Nudibranch
  • Minimal Contact - Despite its location near major worlds, the thick cloud cover, low material wealth, and lack of proper space infrastructure mean this world can go months to years without a ship coming in to port.
  • Hostile Biosphere - Local pathogens wiped out the original Kuo-Ta population, leaving their masters on their own for the first time in kiloyears.
F-1: Ha'o'Apa
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta, Coralkin Anglers
  • Theocracy - Home of the Nudibranch God-Creche, where new king-queens are spawned.
  • Pilgrimage Site - Nudibranch client races from across the sector and beyond come to pay homage. The Togruta and raptors don't care much for the pomp, but pilgrims are good for business.
F-4: Oxwyndorsep
  • ???
  • Friendly Foe - Both the Overmind and the Nudibranchs placed this world under interdict, for housing an ancient enemy known only to them. Things have been quiet for centuries, but the guard has not been lifted.
  • Xenophiles - Radio broadcasts pour out of the planet, inviting guests to come visit. They are creepily sincere and don't seem to have much of a filter.
F-8: Edge-Upon-Which-Folly-Befalls-Fortune
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins
  • Badlands - A failed terraforming process left this planet halfway to habitability. It suits the Lurkers just fine, but it is too dusty by half for all else.
  • Exchange Consulate - The Lurkers, against all sense, run the largest bank in the sector. The insurance rates are as brutal as one would expect from swirling clouds of obsidian chips.
G-1: Ota-Tarunga
  • Kuo-Ta, Nudibranch
  • Major Spaceyard - The Ota-Tarunga spaceyards are the lifeline keeping the planet afloat, and now even they are suffering under the stress of better goods from Pa'ahuil'el'e and CATLOTEH.
  • Fallen Hegemon - Economic catastrophe sent a once-glorious planet into a downward spiral. Few Nudibranchs remain, having been pulled from their tanks and made examples of in the violence.
G-2: Rritshiski
  • Velociraptor, Kuo-Ta, Togruta
  • Refugees - Kuo-ta fleeing the recent chaos on Ota-Tarunga have swiftly formed a significant demographic, leading to tensions with the raptor elites.
  • Regional Hegemon - With its rival world in deep straights, the raptor capital has seen
G-3: Antola
  • Togruta, Alkalion
  • Mercenaries - "Peace at home, war abroad" is the Antolan motto. Those with a need to smash some heads are sent off to the stars to vent some aggression for coin.
  • Primitive Aliens -The planet is home to the Alkalions, beings whose all-dissolving claws are so potent they might be used in starship drives to aid in poking holes through time-space.
G-6: Pa'ahuil'el'e
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta, Togruta, Velociraptor
  • Abandoned Colony - Surface settlement of Pa'ahuil'el'e was abandoned early in its development. The Nudibranchs refuse to speak of it. With a good lens, one can still see the pre-fabricated buildings and bubbledomes on the arid surface.
  • Major Spaceyard - Pa'ahuil'el'e Spaceyard
G-7: Cut-Along-The-Line-Of-The-Event-Horizon
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins
  • Unbraked AI - They are old and alien, potentially works of the Lurkers or the Lurkers themselves - we do not know. For now they are fit to remain on their world.
  • Heavy Industry - The planet is slowly metastisizing with industrial tumors. Some factories create things of use, others do not, and in time the forges are recycled and rebuilt.
H-6: Chendo
  • Togruta, Predator Saints
  • Rising Hegemon - The rise of Chendo - political, cultural, spiritual - has been meteoric. Other polities watch them carefully. There is something unright with them.
  • Altered Inhabitants - The saints ask of things. The people give. The saints make changes. The people are changed.
H-8: Akishka
  • Velociraptor
  • Great Work - A megascale project is underway to build an artificial continent, sculpted as a perfect wildlife preserve and hunting ground.
  • Beastmasters - The native wildlife provided several species perfect for domestication, leading to early settlers founding one of the strongest hunt-cultures among raptor worlds.
I-1: Tuho-Ba
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Alien Ruins - Remnants of extensive Overmind settlements sit deep in the devouring jungle, untouched since their abandonment.
  • Hostile Biosphere - The few things on this planet that do not want to kill you will do so anyway due to the horrific toxic mess of the local sludge-forest ecosystem.
I-3: Trellivoon
  • Togruta
  • Mandate Base - Ancient complexes of the Knotmen dot the planet, mercifully absent of their creators. Their mad service to the Overmind is well-documented.
  • Cyclical Doom - The highly irregular orbit of Trellivoon dictates a climate that swings between unbearably hot and deathly cold. Surface life is minimal due to this.
I-4: Tekrikit
  • Velociraptor
  • Anthropomophs - It is the fashion of this world for its inhabitants to modify themselves in the forms of other avian species from across known space.
  • Anarchists - There is no sitting government in Tekrikit: in its place are community moots which tend towards chaos. Diplomacy is a nightmare.
I-7: A'lahi'o
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta
  • Dying Race - The native inhabitants of this planet are the Salamanders, who face starvation in the face of the current ice age.
  • Gold Rush - Lowered sea levels have revealed vast mineral wealth along the equator, ripe for the plucking. Factory-cities work day and night to eat up their share.
J-3: Derrish
  • Togruta
  • Permeter Agency - A watchpost and listening station abandoned by an older Overmind-client sits on this world, being the only settlement of note.
  • Night World - Derrish is a rogue planet without a sun, adrift and secretive.
J-7: Tuko-Tuko
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Police State - After the departure of their nudibranch overlords, the newly independent kuo-ta polities used their newfound freedom to stomp down on freedom withunstoppable enthusiasm.
  • Sectarians - Politico-religious violence between rival totalitarian factions defines daily life on Tuko-Tuko.

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