Thursday, February 7, 2019

All Purpose Mad Libs Late Capitalist Scenario Generator

You better believe this is for Mothership.

1. [Company 1] releases [Wildly successful product]

2. [Company 2+], envious of the success of [Company 1], draws up plans for [Copycat product]. They completely abandon [Once popular product], under patently untrue claims that no one wants it anymore.

3. It is obvious to even casual observers that [Copycat product] will never reach the heights of [Wildly successful product] due to [Crippling oversight] and [Missing features] born of risk aversion and lack of any practical understanding of [Product field].

4. To make [Copycat product], [Company 2+] hires expendable contractors at low wages to fulfill [Task] under crushing deadlines. These contractors have no love for the company or their conditions, but are forced into service to afford [Necessary expense]. Many will die.

5. [Copycat product] is either a complete failure or otherwise performs below shareholder expectations, surprising fucking no one who has two functioning neurons. Contractors are terminated and development teams are closed, cancelling whatever good ideas they might have had.

5b. [Copycat product] is successful and [Company 2+] devotes all possible man power to iterating upon it. This inevitably results in failure.

6. This cycle continues until [Company 1] fucks up and [Wildly successful product] is no longer wildly successful. The buyer base will move on to [Different trending product], and it repeats.

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  1. This post brought to you by the video game industry.