Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mother Stole the Background Kits #2

Lady Arrowsmith

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Table 2: Uncommon Kits

1. Shield Maiden

I am no man.
  • Axe(d8, 2s)
  • Chainmail (14ac 3s)
  • Shield (+1ac, 1s)
  • Runestones (Augury)

2. Flagellant

Pain purges sin, pain keeps Hell away.
  • Cat o’ Nine Tails (d6, 1s)
  • Heavy Scarring (+1ac, 1s)
  • Penitent’s Hood

3. Plague Doctor

Bring out your dead.
  • Dissection Tools (d6, 1s)
  • Treated Robes (12ac, 1s)
  • Sealed Mask
  • Censer & Incense

4. Whaler

Twenty years on the decks and docks.
  • Harpoon (d8, 2s)
  • Oilskins (12ac, 1s)
  • Rope
  • Jug of Grog
  • Scrimshaw Set

5. Frontiersman

A simple life in the woods; Clean air and solitude.
  • Axe (d8, 2s)
  • Heavy Furs (12ac 1s)
  • Musket (d10, 2s)
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Spell: Hermit’s Hideaway
  • Companion Hound

6. Black Amazon

Orca's laconic warriors.
  • Obsidian Greatsword (d10, 3s)
  • Whalehide Armor (13ac, 2s)
  • Jug of Hot Milk Tea
  • Ambergris Totem-Fetus

7. Shrine Keeper

Keeping the local Folk are satisfied.
  • Bell and Staff
  • Ceremonial Robes
  • Spell: Call Upon the Folk

8. Monster Hunter

Hunting the bumps in the night.
  • Monster-Bone Greatsword (d10, 3s)
  • Monster-Hide Armor (14ac, 3s)
  • Camouflage Shroud
  • Bottle of Musk

9. Collegiate Wizard

All that debt was worth it, right?
  • Robes and Hat
  • Spellbook
  • Framed Diploma
  • Spell: Levitate
  • Spell: Thaumaturgy
  • Spell: Wizard's Eyes

10. Veteran

Returned from the War, irrevocably changed.
  • Long Rifle (d10, 2s)
  • Bayonet (d8, 2s)
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Trench Shovel
  • Tinned Rations x2
  • Post-Traumatic Stress

11. Sanctioned Cambion

Evil beginnings do not mean evil ends.
  • Pistol (d8, 1s)
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Knife (d6, 1s)
  • Clerical Garb
  • Saint's Icon
  • Exorcist's Emblem
  • Holy Water

12. Bard

Pass the hat around.
  • Instrument
  • Knife (d6, 1s)
  • Colorful cloak
  • Spell: I Once Knew A Man...


  1. The second of twelve. After this, we start going into more specialized tables.

  2. Got that Dark Souls feel! Reminds me of character creation for those games.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed you do. The DD premades for Lamentations might be my top RPG resource of all time so I am channeling that spirit here.