Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Converting Eclipse Phase Monsters to Mothership

Save the section at the end of Dead Planet, there's no bestiary for Mothership. There will be one in time, but for now we are on our own.

Thankfully, the freely-available Eclipse Phase library can fill in. These are all stripped right from the X-Risks book.

Basic Conversion Guidelines

  • SOM / 5 = number of health pools a creature has.
    • For lower health (or more human enemies), divide by 10 instead.
  • DUR = Amount in each health pool.
  • INT + REF = Instinct (a creature's catch-all save)
  • Speed is weird, as EP only has two levels of it for monsters. This is just going to have to be eyeballed.
  • Attacks remain the same, keeping hit percentages and damage.
  • Special powers follow the same procedure as attacks.
  • Everything else gets ditched.

Barbed Eel

Seems more like a slug, fatter than an eel. Barbels with bioluminescent tips. Six eyes, gigantic mouth.

  • 40% bite 1d10+4
Speed: 30%
Instinct: 30%
Hits: 3(40)
Special: 1d10 electric stun. 10m range in water, 60% touch attack on land.


Blister Beast

A purplish, ape-sized thing. Hairless, with a long tail. Six limbs, thin. Bright orange pustules.

  • Tail Strike 60, 2d10, body save vs knocked prone.
  • Sting 50, 1d10+5, body save vs 1 hr paralysis and 1d10 damage / turn for 5 turns. Successful save resists paralysis and halves damage.
Speed: 45%
Instinct: 35%
Hits: 3(30)
Special: Blister Defense - Attacks against the blister beast have a 40+damage% chance of triggering a neurotoxin cloud (1d10 / turn inside cloud, save vs 1 hour blindness, save vs incapacitation by choking.)


Flesh Party

Giblets splattered all over the walls, victims still alive. A web of skin, muscle, gristle and fat.

  • Bite 50, body save vs engulfed, victims take acid damage as below until freed or dead.
  • Acid Spit 40, 1d10+5 for 3 turns
  • Bone Spur 40, 1d10+4
Speed: 10%
Instinct: 20%
Hits: 4(80)
Special: Regenerates 1d10 / hour


Fractal Troll

Humans, once. Lumbering, neckless. Arms are huge, second set spurts from shoulder blades with fractal fingers.

  • Claws 70, 1d10+7
  • Subdual 70, strength check to resist.
  • Fractal Gouge, 1d10+4, can be used as a bonus attack to subdued targets.
Speed: 40%
Instinct: 70%
Hits: 8(55)
Special: Vacuum-immune. Memories of previous life.



Human victims of Glory virus. Leathery grey-blue skin, hairless. Horns. Breeding pairs fuck constantly, deposit zygotes into the Mother.

  • Claws 60, 1d10+3
  • Particle Beam Bolter 60, 2d10+4 (can be replaced for other firearm)
Speed: 60%
Instinct: 40%
Hits: 5(40)
Special: Drones indistinguishable from humans in appearance. Breeders only distracted by threats to the nest. Can pass on Glory strain via fluid transfer.


Immolator Mother

A mass of flesh, wombs and mouths and teeth and tentacles. Blood everywhere. Breeders depositing zygotes.

  • Bite 70, 2d10+3,  body save vs infection with the Glory strain.
  • Tentacles 70, 1d10+3, makes 1d10/2 attacks
  • Brain Spike 60, 2d10+, fear save for half.
Speed: 10%
Instinct: 10%
Hits: 6(100)
Special: Glory strain via fluid transfer. In center of immolator hive.


Land Anemone

What it says on the box.

  • Tentacle Attack 60, 1d10 + toxin
  • Grapple 60 - Swallows on next action, 1d10 damage / turn
Speed: 15%
Instinct: 35%
Hits: 3(30)
Special: Tentacle toxin, 2d10 + 10 for three turns, body save vs paralysis. Sometimes bury themselves for better ambush.



Human, once. Chose this. No empathy, regret, or doubt. Blood red skin, patches like dark stone. Gaping mouth with too many teeth.

  • Diamond Bite 70, 1d10+7 
  • Monofilament Claws 70 1d10+8
  • Tail sting 80, 2d10 +7. Toxin activates in 3 turns, lasts 10 minutes. Failed body save = incapacitated, success = -20 to all checks for duration.
Speed: 75%
Instinct: 80%
Hits: 8(65)
Special: Nasty motherfuckers, but not very creative in the grand scheme.


Stinger Hound

A sturdy shell. Four thin legs. Small head. Fast. Pack hunter.

  • Tongue Stinger 65, 1d10+3, target loses 5 points of strength / turn for 6 turns (3 on save)
  • Claws 60, 2d10+2
  • Pounce 70, 2d10+5, save vs knocked prone and pinned.
Speed: 65%
Instinct: 35%
Hits: 4(40)
Special: Camouflage - gain +30 to attempts to hide when remaining still and silent.


Veiled Leech

About the size of chimpanzee. Hairless, clammy, slimy. Invisible, most of the time. Tentacle mouth.

  • Pounce 60, save vs subdual, following turn sucker bite 1d10/2 + toxin.
  • Toxin - Save vs unconscious 1 hr. -30 to all checks for duration.
Speed: 35%
Instinct: 30%
Hits: 3(25)
Special: Gliding membranes, thermal vision, camouflage to the point of invisibility.


Void Crawler

Clever little things. Mostly arms and tail. Vacuum-adapted. Coordinated packs. Tool-use.

  • Hook 50, 1d10 +1. 
  • Tail Whip 60, 1d10, body save vs choked unconscious
Speed: 40%
Instinct: 35%
Hits: 2(30)
Special: Confusion sleight 60 - Target is disorientated, takes -20 to all rolls. Vacuum adapted.



Human, once. Lanky. Rubbery brown-black skin. Bone white mask. No expression.

  • Claws 40, 1d10 
  • SMG 80, 4d10
Speed: 50%
Instinct: 30%
Hits: 3(50)
Special: Infection vector - interacting with a wastewalker mask will drive individuals to wear it, swiftly transforming into another.


Zombie Crab

Giant enemy crab. Aggressive. 
  • Claw 50, 2d10+4. Body save vs protist infection. 
  • Bite 50, 3d10, save vs protist infection.
Speed: 15%
Instinct: 15%
Hits: 4(50)
Special: Protist infection - 5 day incubation. Afterwards, lose 5 points from each stat per day to minimum of 5. Gain obsessive compulsion to seek out water to drown and be eaten.


  1. Conversions will continue apace until I am sated.

  2. Is it possible (sorry to ask) for you to toss together a doc/PDF that would allow for other conversions (NPCs, adventures, etc) from eclipse phase to Mothership. Thx for what you you have already contributed here BTW!