Thursday, December 14, 2017

Class: Calimarimancer

by frogbians

Have you ever wished that your wizard was more squid-themed? Do you wish to join the ranks of the the calimarimancers of the Oa Atoll? Worry and fret no longer! Now, you too can become a dread servant of the Cephalogods!

Calimarimancer Features


  • You will not be attacked by cephalopods without provocation.
  • You can safely drink salt water.

 Calimarimancer Spells

Ink Splash
R: [sum] x5' T: line or cone D: 0

Covers [dice] x 10'^2 in slick, colorful ink. Those walking across the effected area must make a check to avoid slipping. Creatures directly hit by an ink splash must save vs blindness.

Marker Tag
R: 30' T: Creature D: 1 attack

Target is hit with a bright splash of ink, granting the next attack against it +[dice] to hit.

R: Touch T: Self D: [sum] rounds

Creates a blinding, stinging haze of ink that spreads to [dice] x 10' in all directions of caster.

Book Liquor
R: Touch T: Book or scroll D: Permanent

The contents of a book or scroll are reduced to a liquid that may be carried around in a vial and drunk as a potion. Drinking a mundane book will impart the contents of the work. Scrolls will be cast immediately upon conversion to liquid. For spellbooks, the spells inside will fight each other for dominance until 1d3, at random, are left.

Jet Stream
R: [dice] x 10' T: Self D: 0

Propels caster in a straight line, leaving behind a trail of ink.

Blob of Bioluminescence
R: 40' T: Point D: 0

Launches an orb of STR 45 glowing ink that will stick to surfaces and burst after [dice] minutes, turning a into [sum] x 10'^2 puddle of STR 5 glowing ink.

Dazzling Display
R: Touch T: Self D: 1 minute

Your skin pulsates with chromatophoric patterns, depending on how many dice are invested.
  • 1D: Simple color and pattern changing, no light produced.
  • 2D: Complex colors and patterns, weak light produced.
  • 3D: Chaotic pulses of color, bright light produced.
This spell can be used to gain an advantage on sneaking, but the caster must be nude to take full benefit.

Tentacular Lash
R: 15' T: Creature or object D: 0

The caster's arm transforms into a tentacle which may grapple and drag enemies of [dice] HD or lower, pulling them towards the caster. If the object or creature cannot be pulled, the caster will be pulled towards it.

Independent Arm
R: 50' T: Self D: [sum] turns

An arm is removed and imbued with its own life. it can crawl and wiggle about according to its owner's wishes.

Squid Now
R: Touch T: Self D: [dice] rounds

Caster transforms into a squid. They cannot attack, but can cast spells and move at swimming speed (2x normal) over ink-covered areas.

R: Sight T: pool of ink D: [die] x 5 minutes

A continuous patch of ink becomes [sum]' deep.

Cephalopodic Communion 
R: n/a T: Self D: see below.
  • [sum] < 5: Speak with Cephalopod
  • [sum] < 10: Hear the whispers of the Cephalogods - gain +2 to a roll of your choice, but all saves are made at -2 until it is spent.
  • [sum] < 20: Mouth of Madness - Enemies within the sound of your voice take -[dice] to their next roll.
  • [sum] > 20: The Bentantacled Ones manifest, all present check morale at -[dice], targeted enemies must save or take [sum] damage (splittable)
  • [sum] = 24: Transform permanently into a Herald of the Cephalogods, gaining the following:
    • 15' aura of fear, effecting both enemies and allies with disadvantage on morale and saves against fear.
    • Brain removal - Do 1d8 damage to a grappled humanoid opponent. On an 8 or a killing blow, their brain in removed and you gain 1d8 HP back.
    • Mouth of Madness - as above.
    • Permanent Speak with Cephalopod.
    • You cannot cast this spell again.


  1. Ink-blinded for 1d4 hours
  2. Speak only squidlish for 1d6 hours
  3. Stuck in squid form for 1d6 hours
  4. Fire a second random spell
  5. Moment of crippling existential fear: save against or be fearful for [sum] turns.
  6. All saves at -1 for 24 hours


  1. Cannot create ink or commune for 24 hours
  2. Cannot create ink or commune for 1d3 days
  3. Mind devoured by the Cephalogods. Cannot commune, INT, WIS, CHA reduced by 2d6.

by Martin Kepler




  1. I made this in the lead-up to running Blood in the Chocolate, and I make no apologies for its silliness.

  2. For Blob of Bioluminescence, does the STR value refer to the VotE distances for light sources?

  3. Can these Calimarimancers come in other forms, like tofu with noses, or humanoid rabbits?