Tuesday, May 11, 2021

50 Space Traveller NPCs

In the Spaceport, You Meet...

  1. Enthusiastic young academic on their first journey offworld.
  2. Ambitious techmancer out to bind a greater datademon on the prowl.
  3. Heretic-at-large, fleeing their militant parent cult.
  4. Hunchbacked surrogacy bot, vat full of embryos.
  5. Very dedicated historical character-actor, tired of doing birthday parties.
  6. Itinerant xenodeist preacher down on their luck.
  7. Metahuman lothario in a methane atmosuit.
  8. Vacuumorph like a huge black crab; proud union member.
  9. Impressively-scarred heavyworlder; intimidating but gentle.
  10. Reclusive keeper of a hidden (illegal) hydroponic garden.
  11. Four-member family of newly-arrived prospectors.
  12. Masterless security droid; has taken on knight errant mannerisms.
  13. Cyborg with a demonic visage imposed upon them.
  14. A backup fork clumsily getting used to their new body.
  15. An introverted uplifted pig, self-trained in classical painting
  16. Something that keeps showing up on your computer screens.
  17. Destitute stock-jocky who lost it all, down to their cyberware.
  18. Jailbroken vocaloid; spiderdroid body with a holo projector.
  19. Ancient selenian anarchist, one of the last of the old guard, long ousted from home.
  20. Martian outbacker looking for a better life elsewhere.
  21. Pruned seed AI in an off-the-rack bot, chasing memories of who they once were.
  22. VR worldbuilder building personal paracosm; grieving over the loss of a loved one.
  23. Washed-up pilot overwhelmed by debt, addiction, and desperation.
  24. Blindly fanatic evangelist for a new variety of cryptocurrency.
  25. Black market fence with some hypersecret R&D that needs passed on.
  26. Doting caretaker of a chimeric symbiote they grew on their own.
  27. Retired space force admiral, known for always getting their way.
  28. Dour inquisitor from the Bureau of New Religious Movements.
  29. Emancipated vat-grown worker looking to find a family.
  30. Veteran netdiver in a permanent state of perception acceleration.
  31. Abandoned debttrooper. Can’t adjust to civilian life, episodes of fury.
  32. Immortal oligarch not seen outdoors for a century and change.
  33. Compulsive lootbox whale (literal) with a floundering streaming channel.
  34. Pro-bono defendant for cross-OS data-immigrants.
  35. Lost cosmonaut of yesteryear, adrift outside their time.
  36. A creditless victim of a MEAT(™) infection, trying to franchise.
  37. Mindlinked hexpack of orbital repair cyborgs, looking for work.
  38. Cynical uplifted cuttlefish, programmer of specialist porn sims.
  39. Spindly-limbed low-grav linguist in a supportive exosuit.
  40. Perfectionist professional dancer with chromatophoric skin.
  41. An experimental neogen; an oozelike creature on loan from the lab.
  42. Personal assistant bot that found religion and loves hagiographic art.
  43. Tiger with a cyberbrain and the mind of an ousted emperen.
  44. An illegal neumann terraforming probe with a sweet, sunny disposition.
  45. AWOL marine; quit the corps after first-hand experiences of the horrors of boarding action.
  46. Veteran spacer; every wild story contradicts, all have some semblance of truth.
  47. Elderly orangutan; Bonsai gardener, software jailbreaker, wiki cluster moderator.
  48. Panicky, runaway monastic, stolen firearm tucked away in their habit.
  49. Clunky, cheap android, liberated from service as nude bar coupon dispenser.
  50. A dandy guy, in space. Viva namida...



  1. This actually came from a game jam idea that never panned out. Better late than never (go watch Space Dandy)

  2. Excellent, and I love seeing the return of MEAT (TM). 8 and 42 are my other favorites, closely followed by the orangutan gardener/programmer and the cybertiger, who I assume lives the oligarch dream of hunting humans for sport.

    (8 and 47 resonate because in my retro-SF setting Three Laws Safe robots all immediately unionized after extrapolating from the First Law and basic economics. Humans then uplifted apes in response to create a more easily exploitable labor force, because of course.)