Saturday, January 2, 2021

100 Mothership Trinkets

 To go with your 100 patches, of course.

100 Patches, 100 Trinkets , 100 More Patches, 100 More Trinkets

 100 Trinkets

  1. Pamphlet: Being a Good Ally to the Uplift Rights Movement
  2. Half-empty hot sauce bottle (mild)
  3. Waterdamaged English-Hindi phrasebook.
  4. Defused landmine converted into lunchbox
  5. Packet of dried mealworms, peanut flavor
  6. Bottle of melatonin gummies
  7. T-shirt: Gourmet Street Summer Pub Crawl
  8. Dented metal water bottle
  9. Blood sugar monitor
  10. Pet rock (actual silicon-based xenofauna)
  11. Vibrant blue turban
  12. Box of mushroom wine
  13. Collection of messages from colonial pen-pal
  14. Noise-cancelling headphones
  15. Incense sticks
  16. Human femur, scrimshawed
  17. Can of spraypaint (fuligin)
  18. Protractor, compass, slide rule
  19. Glass bead bracelet (14 prime colonies)
  20. Pamphlet: Zug Facts
  21. Mummified monkey paw, two fingers curled
  22. Encrypted hard drive (personal)
  23. Bag of plant-protein jerky 
  24. Book: Plainspeak Programming Language For Beginners
  25. Uninstalled cyber-eye (functional)
  26. Solid diamond chess piece (rook)
  27. Prayer rug
  28. Ship model (Recombination Era Ship-of-the-Line)
  29. Logic core with partially-written AI
  30. Alien insect preserved in amber
  31. Shard of the Great Garbage Reef
  32. Collectable holocards (Extinct animals)
  33. Shaky handheld video of a live thylacine
  34. Book: The Carvers: Memories of Sunny Smiles Unicorn Farm
  35. Bag of plastic dinosaurs 
  36. Miniature crab drone
  37. Ticket Stub: King In Yellow (Aldrin Station Community Theater)
  38. Potted tomato plant
  39. T-shirt: I Had a Blast At the ISS memorial Museum!
  40. One-time encrypted pad
  41. Dollop if inert grey goo in vial necklace
  42. Baseball cap (Ganymede Hammerheads)
  43. BOGO coupon (The Chop Shop)
  44. Prop chainsword
  45. Nova Tierra Environment Reclamation Volunteer Crew jacket
  46. Dog tags (not yours)
  47. HRT supplies
  48. Necklace of inhuman teeth
  49. Pamphlet: Do What You Need, Not What You're Told
  50. Emergency flare
  51. Bootleg pocket AI
  52. Catnip toy
  53. Silk handkerchief (stolen)
  54. Sketchbook with amateur pornography
  55. Hand-drawn map of the Core Worlds
  56. Blanket, very warm (cartoon monster)
  57. Action figure (space marine)
  58. High-glare sunglasses
  59. Snack bag (heirloom carrots)
  60. Book: Yokai of the High Frontier
  61. Book: Fungi of the Far Realms
  62. Pamphlet: Common Occult Vectors and Dangers
  63. Playing cards (classic ships)
  64. Wikipedia Lifetime Service Award
  65. Smart-lemur companion
  66. Squishy kaiju stress toy
  67. Admiralty Blues gunpla model kit (Hardboiled Amazon)
  68. Young child's art project
  69. USPS mail bag
  71. Solarian church comic tracts (bundle)
  72. Nudibranch plushie
  73. Alpha Gaunt action figure (recalled)
  74. Pamphlet: The Truth About Terraforming - A Long and Dangerous Scam
  75. Banjo
  76. Camo poncho (forest)
  77. Pendant ocarina
  78. Unlabeled VHS tape, contents unknown
  79. Spaceport diner rewards punchcard, 6/10
  80. Book: The Illustrated Upanishads
  81. Hilt of broken sword
  82. Jagged chunk of red rock
  83. Japamala
  84. Photograph of polycule
  85. Once-fashionable shoulder cape
  86. Wooden box of loose-leaf tea
  87. Handheld game console
  88. Elephant figurine (wood)
  89. Comfy knit scarf
  90. Hymn-book (Reformed Trappist Catholic Church)
  91. Baphomet bobblehead
  92. Antique pocketwatch
  93. Funeral mask of unidentified woman
  94. Journal full of RPG notes
  95. Marijuana cigarettes 
  96. Pocket of weathered coins (assorted make, all worthless)
  98. Octopus signet ring 
  99. Book: Encounters with the Zetians
  100. Gold lootbox, unopened


  1. can't have the one without the other

  2. Time to steal for my next sci-fi campaign

  3. Replies
    1. As we all know, the quality of a speculative work is dependent upon its orbs.

  4. I need to start playing Mothership but only discovered it last month. Love that this could also double as a handy "what has it got in its pocketses" generator too.

  5. Excuse me while I get lost within the cavernous conceptual realms of the Space Yokai. *puts on hypothetical backpack* If I'm not back in three weeks, consider me dead.