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Making Dungeons with AI, Dan Edition

Skerples did this. Now I will do this as well. You can do it too!

The door burst open! Three goblins atop each other's shoulders and wielding a mighty thwacking paddle entered the room!

"It's going to be a hard fight but… the Lord said to have a battle!" Zhang Xuan thought.

"The Lord said you had to fight against a Goblin to the death." Han Yan smiled.

"No matter how hard you fight, you'll always be a burden to the Lord." Zhang Xuan smiled. "Besides, it's only three. I guess it's hard for you the most. If I'm lucky, I've already gotten away."

After he finished explaining of the process of entering the room and preparing for the battle, the three goblins disappeared in a flash.

"Phew, he really took care of me in a hurry. Even I haven't seen another guy of his caliber in over 2,000 years…" Han Yan looked at the goblins to his left and right. "You must still be wondering about the remaining three!" He turned around and looked.
Wow Zhang Huan is a dick. And apparently really good at just vaporizing goblins.


It was at this point, however, that the Council of Wizards decided to suspend its action. When you think about it, it made perfect sense. Once it became clear that the Council was doing nothing, the first thing that occurred to everyone was, "Oh well, I won't bother anymore with that... but we'll give them time to prepare," and once they were ready to go to court it seemed like a perfectly rational thing to do.
If you're interested in what actually happened you can read the official statement from the Wizards of the Coast team which was published with the information released by them. You can also watch the video at the top of this article, or the video at the bottom of this article.

If you haven't been following the events surrounding the trial, I strongly urge that you read every single word that's been written over the last couple of days.

Wizard Justice!

Random Encounters in the City of Red Pyramids:
1. Procession of ghoul-priests
2: Elephant philosopher
3: Temple prostitutes on lunch break

4. Bazaar of bones
6. Temple-serpent god
7. Blood-sucking fiends in a cage
Bonus Level: 1/2
- The Temple-Servant
A very powerful priestess with an almost limitless power and access to magic items, who runs a temple in Red Pyramids. Also has a "special" ability – she can make the victims of her spells (including her own) become her servants, or even her personal bodyguards, and they can live in other people's homes when they're asleep, and even do stuff like take over their minds and kill their own souls!
Languages: Gnome. -2 Strength, -2 Constitution. -1 to Dexterity, -1 to Intelligence, -2 to Charisma. -2 Luck.
- The Temple-Sorceress
A half-breed half-tiefling and half-ling half-orc who was forced to marry the wizard to avoid being killed. While she was alive, she had a daughter (
Temple-Servant got absolutely wrecked on attribute scores. Maybe horrific injury? Temple-Sorceress doesn't seem to be doing much better, being the demonspawn of a halfling who was already half-orc. Does halfling + orc = normal sized human? Doesn't look like marrying the wizard did her any good, she's dead anyway.


It was clear from the beginning that the witch had no patience for any of the prince's bullshit.

She kept her gaze fixed on the two men beside her, their faces obscured by dust. But she couldn't ignore what they were doing. The Prince would have to find them if he wanted to get information about her location. How would they make that happen?

The dust on the ground continued to pile up.

As she glanced down to the dust, she saw it was coming from the prince's hands. He was trying to grab something, grabbing it, grabbing it—but as she watched, he was being pulled back from the dust and the men were pulling at him with their hands.

At that, the blonde mage could only stare. A sudden, intense surge of excitement began to surge through her body as she heard the first of the shouts. She couldn't believe what was happening. Something had to be done. Her thoughts raced and in a flash of lightning, she knew, the guards rushed

Damn dustmen, getting dust everywhere.


The train of refugees, over a thousand strong, was fleeing orc raids in the west. They were coming to safety, but the orcs were trying to keep them from leaving.

"I'd like to make you an offer," the orc said slowly and hesitantly, as he stood in the doorway near the exit, "but I'm afraid your head would just hit the pillow. What's your name?"

He raised his head. An ancient orc sat by the window staring. The train in front of him had stopped, and the other people were staring as well. This Orc was the first person to speak, and the second to leave, as she took in his face and looked him over.

"I'm sorry, lady orc."

The orc nodded to her. "That's a shame. I knew you could do it. You were my mentor and I watched you grow into a dangerous and proud warrior. I saw how much you loved men and the world, and I'm proud to watch you grow into what you are today." In an attempt to hide her disgust at first, she nodded
These are terribly civil orcs. I wonder why they want the refugees to stay? Can't possibly be good.


This promised to be an excellent space adventure.
From: Michael Sager

Subject: Re: Space Battleships?

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2004 11:22:45 -0700

I am sure he is aware of the games that are going on. I will update when I get any details about that. Michael Sager
Man this one is just an enigma. There are games going on, some third party who is aware of them, and the potential for space battleships.


Bar the gates! The army is on its way!
[Chorus: "Gods, the gates are closing against us!"] [Chorus: "If we stand strong at the gate, everything will turn for good.] [Chorus: "All of this will go from us.") [Chorus: "No one will save us now, there will never be any return"]
I imagine this is a Greek Chorus, in which case, it seems that they are going back and forth between the two armies. Dual choruses.

The haruspex was stumped, the case was going cold and now a new murder had emerged.

The victim, who didn't want to be named, said she was sitting on her balcony with her two small children when a man came out of the bushes looking for her.
You know things are good when the murder victim shows up to get the case solved.

The cults took to the inner rainforest, practicing their secret rites on the altar of the tiger-god.

Eventually, the great jungle forest became a kind of city of its own. When a shaman could not get through to the spirits within the forest, he had to go into the temple of Ganesha to reach the jungle itself. Ganesha was very important and sacred to the jungle people -- he served as a god who helped the people maintain peace in the jungle.

Eventually the city came to exist along rivers as an enormous temple of Hindu gods where people came to be worshipped like this. The jungle people who lived there were called the gansharana. A great forest temple, like the one in the Indian jungle, was surrounded by a great temple of Hindu deities to be worshiped like this.

The great tree of Ganesha was the chief god to the jungle tribes. It is thought by the Hindus
 Not gonna lie, huge rainforest ewok-city filled with statues of Hindu gods sounds cool as hell.


  1. I wonder if eventually AI becomes so good it will be able to produce consistent, coherent and readable books. Which brings me to Fritz Leiber and his wordmills from 'Silver Eggheads', which describes a somewhat similar situation with its writers.

    "FATHER: The ways depend on the words that are chosen. But once one word is chosen, the other words must fit with that first word. They must carry the same mood or atmosphere and fit into the suspense chain with micrometric precision (I’ll explain that later).

    SON: Yes, Daddy.

    FATHER: A wordmill is fed the general pattern for a story and it goes to its big memory bank-much bigger than even Daddy’s-and picks the first word at random; they call that turning trump. Or it’s given the first word by its programmer. But when it picks the second word it must pick one that has the same atmosphere, and so on and so on. Fed the same story pattern and one hundred different first words-one at a time, of course-it would wnte one hundred completely different novels. Of course it is much more complicated than that, much too complicated for Son to understand, but that is the way it works."

  2. Oh, cool. You convinced me to spend my lunch break having the AI complete AD&D spells. I want that Prismatic Wartoad.

  3. “And his bloody hand fell away. The wound was deep and clean, but his hand didn't have any teeth. The blood was in only two places and had no bite. He lay there for minutes, staring at the light that shone through the windows of his apartment. He wanted to reach out and touch some part of himself, or be touched, but the wound inside of him refused to heal. He wanted to do things with his hand, but he couldn't.

    "Oh, it'll be okay. It's a miracle." He could feel something within his arms coming together. He saw his fingers move to get wrapped around his arm, but there was no movement.

    His body trembled as if a weight were about his neck. He was paralyzed.

    "I told you I needed to leave this place for a few hours. I'll walk right back to my apartment if they'll let me." He walked out of his apartment, walking quickly towards the corner of the street with his bag and his purse.”

    Sounds like it could have been written by Warren Ellis.

  4. It works pretty well with snippets from your Soulslike Bosses post from last year. Some of my favorite results so far:

    3. The Hissing Dragon
    An enormous dragon lies on a pedestal, waiting for its master to speak. It calls to him at every stroke of his tail, but no word of order comes forth. The dragon knows its master will always die.

    3. Grogling Grubs
    They do not know of the good in you, and they know of the bad in the world. So why have you come to them?

    4. The King's Head
    His eyes shimmer as he smiles and smiles until he seems almost human.