Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Class: Carvergirl


Class: Carvergirl

They kill unicorns.

Hit Dice: d6
Saves: As halfling
Weapons and Armor:
  • Cannot wear anything heavier than light armor. 
  • Cannot use large weapons. 
  • Medium weapons must be wielded in two hands.
  • To-hit bonus as fighter
  • May use DEX bonus for melee attacks.  
Skills: Choose or roll two. For LotFP skills, these skills begin at 3-in-6 and increase by 1 at levels 4, 7, and 10. For SotDL skills, add an extra boon at levels 4 and 7.
  1. Bushcraft - Wilderness survival; scrounging, foraging, identification.
  2. Butchery - Properly carving up animals into usable pieces.
  3. Dirty Fighting - Sneak attacks, hamstrings, kidney punches, crotch-shots
  4. Hide - Remaining unseen and unheard.
  5. Rootwork - Understanding root magic, creating root charms.
  6. The Watch - Knowledge of the monsters of the night
Cavehtung: In addition to the common language, carvergirls speak a chaotic creole pulled from a dozen mother languages and sewn together with their own slang. It is impenetrable to outsiders, save with a lot of slow, clear enunciation and pantomiming. Most speak it as their primary language.

Starting Equipment:

  • Ragged clothing
  • Weapon and trinket
  • A handful of cigarettes or a rat on a stick or a flask of rotgut
  • Tattoo of vertical bars on forehead and back of right hand
  • 1000-yard stare.

Name Table (d6 & d8)

4MouserKipShitbitchBo MaybeSawboneDrop Bear
5FireballThornyCrunchThistleBig ShotNo-Nose

Status (d4)

  1. Young scrunt; unproven and soft
  2. Blooded carver; good with a knife
  3. Hardened veteran; sharp and cunning
  4. Among the oldest; an institution

How Did You Come to the Farm? (d6)

  1. Orphaned
  2. Abandoned
  3. Forgotten
  4. Lost
  5. Stolen
  6. Sold

Weapon (d8)

  1. Carving knife
  2. Rusty shank
  3. Machete
  4. Shovel
  5. Broken bottle
  6. A long gun with no bullets
  7. Sharpened bone or stone club
  8. A unicorn horn

Favored Breed (d10)

  1. Midlands Blue
  2. Appaloosa
  3. Three Dead Ladies
  4. PfTD
  5. Mountain Draft
  6. Old World Palatine
  7. Quakemouth Bastard
  8. Shambling Dorie
  9. Qirax Devilsoul
  10. Karkadann

Your Nature (d%)

  1. Humor black as a tarred gallows.
  2. Break chains, burn shit, eat the rich.
  3. Still hoping, however foolishly, that things will get better.
  4. The facade is cracked.
  5. Devoted utterly to the hunt.
  6. A rare kindness
  7. Just barely keeping it together.
  8. Pain-tempered wisdom
  9. Dead girl walking

Descriptors (d12)

  1. Tumorous growths
  2. Organ failure date tattoo
  3. Missing or misshapen limb
  4. Bone-shard facial piercings
  5. Crow-feathers woven in hair
  6. Disfiguring scars
  7. Blind in one eye
  8. Ocher-and-clay face paint
  9. Albino or piebald
  10. Filed teeth
  11. Filthy, matted hair
  12. Occult tattoos

Trinket (d20)

  1. Your sister's skull
  2. Necklace of rat teeth
  3. Hand-carved dice
  4. Spotted unicorn-hide poncho
  5. Horn from a prize hunt
  6. Jar of scavenged coins
  7. Rag doll with a crowfeather bonnet
  8. Poster detailing the cuts of meat
  9. Shimmering blanket of woven unicorn hair
  10. Cords of root amulets and bone talismans
  11. Three bullets and a photograph
  12. Long pipe and a bag of unicorn shit
  13. Pendant icon of Brother Bones
  14. Padded leather apron
  15. Purple foalskin moccasins
  16. Fishing rod, bait and tackle
  17. Cold iron horseshoe
  18. Gator-skull helmet
  19. Circlet of swampflowers
  20. Fetal unicorn in a jar

Carver girl, carver girl, don't lie to me.
Tell me where did you sleep last night
In the blood, 'neath the bone, where the sun's never shone
Won't make it the whole night through


  1. A piece from a project I'm working on.

    1. I haven't delved into your archives yet but is all of your content designed with both OSR and SOTDL in mind? I'm a huge fan of both and have considered doing my own designing for both.

    2. It's mostly your usual OSR material, with GLOG and SOTDL stuff thrown in when I feel like it.

    3. Well if the word of a single reader has any impact whatsoever: I totally dig the combined method. SOTDL is awesome.

  2. I have no idea what Carvergirls are, but they certainly sound interesting. They kill Unicorns, you say?

    1. They do indeed. The whole business is a terrible practice, but you know how the appetites of the rich are: they want unicorn on their plate and shan't take no for an answer

  3. this is really unsettling; great work!