Monday, July 2, 2018

Unified Food Theory

Veronika Niersova

People in the DIY sphere really love cooking rules in their games, but I've never seen it all in one place. That's what this post is for. Featured herein is Arnold's K's GLOG lunch rule, Lungfungus' monster corpse usage (original post no longer up), Occultesque's dungeon gourmand, Skerples' Monster Menu-All, Wizzzargh's monsters-into-magic-items, Stewpot Witches (Benjamin Baugh in Chromatic Soup 01), and my own adipomancers.

Hunting and Gathering

  • A dead monster has a 1-in-6 chance of being unusable.
    • Taking 10+ damage in one attack, fire, acid, magic, etc increase failure by 1 each.
  • Dead monsters can provide 1 field ration per hit die (Field rations last for 2 days).
    • Salt, fire, and HD hours can turn a dead monster into HD^2 standard rations.
    • A stewpot witch can do this naturally.
  • A stewpot witch can spend 1 turn of foraging (ballpark it as an hour) to scrounge up enough herbs, edible plants, mushrooms, and other comestibles for 1d8 people. They have a 5-in-6 chance of finding a random exotic ingredient, or a 3-in-6 chance of finding a specific one.
    • These ingredients, special or mundane, are treated as additions to monster meat.
    • Meals cooked with special ingredients work as in Chromatic Soup 01. (pg 44-49) 


  • Base preparation chance is 1-in-6. Increase success odds by 1 for each of the following.
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Utensils
    • Pots & pans
    • Spices
  • A stewpot witch automatically succeeds at this. 
  • A well-supplied party able to take time while camping also succeeds automatically.

The Meal

For normal meat, roll d6. Add +1 if the food was properly cooked and prepared, subtract -4 if the meat is rotten.
  • 1: Save vs CON or no benefit from meal
  • 2-5: No extra effect.
  • 6: Heal 1 additional HP. 
Consult the Monster Menu-All to determine if the monster meat has any other properties.


There are two methods:
  • GLOG-style: A meal restores 1d6 + Lvl HP. A meal and restful sleep heals all HP.
  • Dungeon Gourmand Method: HP restored is according to the amount of unique ingrediants used, as follows. This scale begins with two unique ingredients (meat and forage)
    • (2) 1d6, (3) 2d6. (4) 3d6, (5) 2d6 + 6, (6) 3d6 + 6, (7) 2d6 + 12, (8) 3d6 + 12


What is not eaten can be used in the creation of potions, spells, magical items, and magical weapons. The specific components needed might be found here and here (with more to come).
  • Knowledge of what components are useful for magical purposes comes naturally to stewpot witches, and otherwise might be found in the pages of a well-notated field guide.
Generic components (hide, bones, etc) may be gathered up into a bundle and sold for the following prices (roll d6).
  • 1-3: HD^2 * 3 silver
  • 4-5: HD^2 * 6 silver
  • 6:  HD^2 * 9 silver


And there you have it! Everything you need to picnic across the land and indulge all your Monster Hunter / Dungeon Meshi dreams. Don't forget to feed the monk, watch out for cannibals, and don't forget horrific mutations from magically-tainted meat.

Now YOU TOO can be like Laios!


  1. I have been waiting over six months to use that picture.

  2. Good stuff! You are doing [TARGET.SELF_DEITY]'s work, my friend.

  3. Note for myself : do not forget to roll encounters as monsters will be inevitability drawn by the delicious smell of the flesh of their parents / former neighbors / minions

  4. More of a reason for me to start earnest work on Stewscape.

  5. Really simple and clean rules, great stuff.

  6. Here's another monsters-into-items project akin to Wizzzargh's:

    1. Yep, I saw that one a while back. I like Wizzzargh's a bit more, but that set is really good as well.

  7. It looks like the Lungfungus monster corpse usage link is dead and I can't find it mirrored elsewhere. Am I missing out on something amazing?