Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Class: Priest

Alexis Rives

Everyone and their cousin has their personal take on clerics (I really, really like Beloch Shrike's anti-magic cleric, myself) so I might as well too.

Class: Priest

HP, XP, Saves: As cleric
Armor and weapons: Light armor and simple weapons only.
Starting Items: Staff, holy text, holy symbol (prayer beads, icon, amulet, etc)

Bless: With a prayer and a laying on of hands, you may do the following:
  • Bless a person: give another individual 1d6 + lvl points that they may add to any non-damage, non-magic roll they make. This may be cast CL times per day, but the recipient may only receive one blessing per day.
  • Bless an object: The object is considered holy to the priest's religion and will remain so until the next day. If cast every day for a week, the object will permanently be considered holy.
Turn: Priests may turn away unholy beings as in LotFP. Roll 2d6 and compare to the graph below.
  • Numbers indicate what must be rolled for a success.
  • 'T' indicates automatic turn.
  • 'D' indicates automatic destruction.
Upon failure, the priest cannot Turn for the remainder of the day.

Turning works against whatever is considered unholy by the priest's religion. By default, this includes demons, malicious spirits, and desecrated undead.

Relics: Priests may use relics appropriate to their religion

Holy Orders: Choose one of the following.
  • Parishional
    • +1 to reaction rolls within your community.
    • Can drum up 1d6 volunteers or a specialist in an emergency.
  • Monastic
    •  +1 to reaction rolls with those of religious or political authority.
    •  May request access to monastery's wealth and resources (CHA check).
  • Scholastic
    • Gain 2 additional languages and 2 academic areas of knowledge.
    • +2 boons when attempting to debate on a known topic.
  • Martial
    • May wear medium armor and use bladed weapons.
    • +1 to reaction roles among soldiers and men of violence.
  • Penitent
    • +1 additional HP gained each level.
    • May Bless and Turn as one level higher for sacrifice of 1d6 HP (heals 1/day)
  • Mendicant
    • +1 to reaction rolls with the poor, homeless, and marginalized.
    •  May live on half rations.
  • Inquisitorial
    • 3-in-6 chance of accurately detecting a lie. 3-in-6 chance of false positive.
    • +2 boons on attempts to intimidate.
  • Charismatic
    • Can gather and stir up a crowd with an hour of preaching.
    • Can project your voice and be heard over long distance and loud noises.
  • Heterodox
    • Possess studied knowledge of rival religions, 1d3 close contacts among other faiths.
    • Take orders from the top: may occasionally eschew church bureaucracy.

Mike Mignola


  1. I was going to tag a section on creating a religion here, but that is worth a big post in a bit.

  2. I have always been a bit wary of making Clerics literal parish priests, but that is a lovely table of Holy Orders.

  3. Really enjoy this take, curious if it's intentional that they don't have access to the Clerical spell-list/sacraments? Or if that's an oversight.