Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Faction Progression: Knights of the Broken Sword

From Endless Legend

This is an example of one of the alternate progression systems I proposed back in this post and first worked on in my Shadow of the Eschaton hack.

Knights of the Broken Sword

Long ago there was a mighty sorcerer-king, who ruled over a vast and prosperous kingdom. When he had grown old, there came from the night, vile ghouls that rose from the earth and breached his castle by secret paths. They killed the king in his chambers and lapped up his golden blood, taking it into themselves and drawing upon this power. The king had no heir, and so the kingdom fell to ruin and dissolved among its lords. Few of his knights remained loyal, and swearing an oath to their Lady they waged a war against the goldbloods that lasts to this day.

A) Initiate
Requirements: Swear the Lady's Oath
  • Stone mask, tabard bearing the order's regalia (+1 boon to social rolls within friendly territory)
  • Lady's Compass (Detects goldbloods within 1000ft)
  • Will be called upon by higher-ranking knights to assist in the hunt of goldbloods.

B) Knight
Requirements: Complete initiation
  • Knight's Mask (Proof that one has completed initiation)
  • Blessed broken sword (1 boon to hit goldbloods, 1d10 damage : d4 to all others)
  • Lady's ring (Official seal of the order, legally binding)
  • Lady's Burden (Must consume the blood of at least one goldblooded creature per month)
  • May call up 1-2 initiates for aid in a hunt.

C) Veteran Knight
Requirements: Years of service and notable achievement. (Alt. bribery and politicking)
  • Seat on the temple council (may vote on and direct order policy)
  • Reputation precedes you (+2 boons to social rolls)
  • Access to the uncensored Annals (contains order's true history & names of the great ghouls)
  • May call up a lower knight for aid in a hunt, along with 2-3 initiates.

D) Lord Commander
Requirements: Elected to the position by meeting of the temple councils or by the Lady's wish.
  • Access to the Lady's audience chamber.
  • High broken sword (2 boons, 1d10+2 damage to goldbloods)
  • Can request aid from outside the order to assist in a hunt.
  • May direct the order in major hunts.
  • Can command goldbloods with vocal commands (target resists with 2 banes).

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  1. Endless Legend is such a cool setting. Would be perfect for RPG exploration.

    For now, I'll settle with Broken lords + Bloodborne.