Friday, June 12, 2020

30 Words that Don't Exist

It's filler time! Here are some prime results swiped and adapted from this here internet website, which may be of use to you.

30 Words of Dubious Existence

  1. mallettante (n): a small wooden figure with curved projecting ribs, often identified as a model of the Virgin Mary.
  2. tricothetik (n): a small, heavy flat-bottomed brass coffin, typically an antique.
  3. offredo (n): an artistic work devoted to or in the celebration of a game or occasion
  4. spitskool (n): a soft, soft ball made of spun yarn with a triangular spike forming the top
  5. incumulus (n): (in ancient Greece and Rome) the outer layer of a body of troops prepared for execution
  6. shan (v): to strike; to strike someone or something with a sword.
  7. inconsequentialism (n): a belief held or suggested by a person irrelevant to the situation.
  8. flabberto (n): a bright red, bulb-shaped citrus fruit. It is obtained from the sea and commonly dried.
  9. seedsie (n): a member of the leading science fiction group in the 1960s and early 1970s, originally formed by...
  10. dreadfield (n): a place where a bomb has exploded or will explode.
  11. pyrrhizoid (adj): (of a disease) causing a spike of coloration
  12. thornbird (n): a  black-and-white southern Asian bird with conspicuous feathers and a long hairy tail that typically favors yellowish-gray plumage
  13. columpost (n): a soft reddish-brown, partly transparent, edible, or slightly translucent white food of many tropical and temperate regions
  14. flirch (v, intran): to sew or manipulate lips
  15. chitterbasery (n): a type of gambling for boys
  16. colicarium (n): a dark red
  17. paintbob (n): a man that is famous
  18. serlet (n): a large transparent sphere or capsule in which food or drink is sold.
  19. delocalist (n): a person who campaigns for the exclusive use of certain words or specific languages in political campaigns
  20. sliverworm (n): a small greenish worm which feeds on red plants and molds, native to swamps and Indian forests
  21. submissivist (adj): relating to or indicating submissiveness; hostile to or antagonistic to socialism
  22. loafie (n): a person who sells bread and cheese
  23. registerium (n): the province of a priest
  24. empow (n): the flesh of a cow
  25. jibberjacking(n): casual or ungracious behavior by a person, especially one that shows signs of being aggressive 
  26. honeyspray (n): a thick, transparent liquid sprayed over skin to clean and smooth it.
  27. placemount (n): a small or inferior landowner.
  28. inet-lobe (n): a member of an organized Internet communications network, its members being called on to receive...
  29. stompa (n): a violent stomping of the feet. 
  30. slugbait (n): a pretentious, biased depiction of oneself in art or literatur.
Judging by some of the definitions here, this bot is a proper comrade. Good bot.


  1. Seriously, slugbait and submissivism couldn't be better if I tried.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the "Meaning of Liff", which was a dictionary of "things that there aren't any words for yet" co-authored by Douglas Adams.