Sunday, December 30, 2018

Post-Apocalyptic Nuns on the Run, Having Fun, Insert Pun

Josan Gonzalez

Skerples' escape nuns post has always been one of my favorites, and my recent dalliance with Ruinations means that I can take those runaway nuns and apply the apocalypse which means it's time for A Canticle for Leibowitz, and I shall never give up that opportunity.

d4: Why are you adventuring?

  1. Exiled.
  2. Fleeing danger.
  3. Need to find something or someone.
  4. On a mission from God.

d6: What happened to the world?

  1. Climate catastrophe.
  2. Nuclear war.
  3. Plague.
  4. Supervolcano.
  5. Meteor impact.
  6. AI disaster.

d8: Your convent is...

  1. Overcrowded.
  2. Corrupt.
  3. Collapsing.
  4. A den of vice.
  5. Ultraconservative.
  6. Barely surviving.
  7. Under insquisition.
  8. Just starting out.

d10: Local environs

  1. Jungle or rainforest.
  2. Frozen wasteland.
  3. Coral atoll.
  4. Desert badlands.
  5. Fertile hill country.
  6. Deciduous forest.
  7. Death-zone margin.
  8. City ruins.
  9. Up in the mountains.
  10. Wide open prairie.

d%: Local threats

  1. Toxic groundwater.
  2. Encroaching totalitarians.
  3. Swarms of feral boars.
  4. Swiftly changing outside culture.
  5. Dangerous new mutant strain.
  6. Destabilizing old-world tech.
  7. Famine + mass migration.
  8. Rogue warbots.
  9. Some jackass just found a fresh nuke.
  10. There's something out there in the night.

d12: Strange vows

  1. Always honor dogs.
  2. Wear smoked glasses between dawn and dusk.
  3. Prayer tattoos. You get your first at the age of 3.
  4. Drink fresh pig's blood at dinner.
  5. Listen first, speak second. Always.
  6. Save anything with writing on it.
  7. Confession via duel. Own up or go a round. 
  8. Personalized hymnbooks containing songs of the Old Ones.
  9. Lock a door when entering a home, mark it with chalk, unlock it.
  10. Secret convent language of Old World terms.
  11. Yearly scapegoat festival. Animal varies.
  12. Mock human sacrifices + fake orgies.

d20: Patron

  1. The Great God Ohn, patron of Machines.
  2. Man was God, but committed suicide.
  3. The Giant Eagle, Star-Spangled.
  4. Saints Armstrong and Aldrin.
  5. The Old Ones in the Bunkers Below.
  6. Leviathan of the Great Lakes.
  7. The Black Glass Gods; the Multitudes.
  8. The Mangled God, tortured and murdered.
  9. Elephant and Ass, petty dualists.
  10. Igna Atomica, the Purifier.
  11. The ghosts and petty death gods of the Anthropocene Extinction.
  12. Old-World Simulationist Congregation.
  13. Nara, God of the Guns
  14. Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel.
  15. Our Lady of Fallout.
  16. Aresian Escapists (Muskovite Branch).
  17. The Holy Cosmic Sciences.
  18. Good Neighbor Rogers.
  19. Capricious Meem, the chaos-trickster.
  20. Random Number God.


  1. Been waiting for a damn long while to do this.

    It's also a good excuse to run Redwall games.

  2. Melek Taus? Don't suppose you've read The Peshawar Lancers.

    Also, is that Ohn or Ohm?

    Goodness knows how Redwall fits into all this. Always was an odd sort of community to call an Abbey.

    1. I have not, but it looks neat.

      It is supposed to be Ohn (as in "on button"), but also Ohm.

      Redwall and environs are a solid adventuring map in general.

    2. Apologies - my pun radar has clearly been switched off over the Festive Season!

      I take it the symbol of the Great God Ohn is the half-bissected circle.

    3. A post-apocalyptic version of Redwall would be cool as hell. Especially if the mice only gain their sentience after the bombs drop, to wake up to a dying world where the titanic former rulers are gone and food is running short. Mouse Guard by way of A Canticle for Leibowitz.