Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Degenesis and Ruinations

Marko Djurdjevic

A while back I tried hacking Degenesis into Shadow of the Demon Lord. I got a little ways and then never any further. Lo and behold I realize now that I was making entirely too much work for myself and the thing I actually needed was in my hands the entire time.

Brent Ault's Ruinations shall serve as the base here. Everything needed for badlands survival, combat, equipment, trade, etc is in there and intact. No need to change what works. The meat of this hack shall be character creation. but, before we get to that, a primer:

What You Need to Know

  1. It’s 2595, and the world is fucked. You’re in Europe, which is survivable levels of fucked.
  2. There was a huge meteor that broke apart and crashed and had alien fungus on it.
  3. This is called the Eschaton. It happened in 2073 and everything was fucked.
  4. The fungus is called Primer, there’s a sort of spiritual aspect to it, it infects everything.
  5. There are monsters and spore mutants fucking everywhere. This is Sepsis.
  6. Civilization is founded on 13 cults. Everyone else is either a mutant or a small clan.
  7. The old world had singularity tech. Some of it is still around. There are bunkers out there.
  8. Did I mention the world is fucked? Shit’s fucked. God damn. So fucked.

For character creation, select a class, culture concept, and cult.


The following options are available.

    WastelanderFighters and survivors.Ruinations
    Hunter (I)Tribal warriors.Wolfpacks & Winter Snow
    AdeptSkilled specialists.Ruinations
    Expert (I)Tribal specialists.Wolfpacks & Winter Snow
    Sullied (II)The common mutant.Ruinations
    AberrantDegenerating and savage.Wolfpacks & Winter Snow
    ExplorerScouts and lookouts.Esoteric Enterprises
    BerserkerFrothing blood-rage.LotFP666
    Ranger Hunters and trackers.LotFP666
    MarksmanDead-eye with a gun.LotFP666
    Rat-CatcherKeeper of vermin.LotFP666
    Neanderthal (III)Sturdy as stone.Wolfpacks & Winter Snow
    OrphanAbandoned, feral.Wolfpacks & Winter Snow

    Class skills are adapted at a rate of 15% per point.
    (I) - Tribal characters only.
    (II) - Ignore mutation tables.
    (III) - Not actually neanderthals, but close enough.


    Where you're from. Reroll a stat and take the higher number.

    1) BorcaDusty wastelands, bordered by mountains to the south and glaciers to the north. DEX or CON
    2) FrankaMiserable bug-infested swamplands, dominated by the Pheromancers. CHA or DEX
    3) PollenScarlands overrun with Fractal Forests, home only to migratory tribes. CON or STR
    4) BalkhanClan holds and city states dot an untamed and fractured wilderness. CON or WIS
    5) HybrispaniaWet jungles and high deserts, embroiled in constant conflict. INT or DEX
    6) PurgareToxic volcanic wasteland in the west, fertile plains and hills to the east. CHA or WIS
    7) AfricaThere was a great migration northward into the newly-green Sahara. INT or STR
    8) From BeyondIs it possible to cross the Atlantic? Have the Chinese held out?Choose


    What defines you. Once per session, you may gain d6 points to add to a roll OR reroll a skill check if you act according to your concept.

    1) AdventurerGo out there and find some excitement.
    2) CreatorWorking, building, making.
    3) MentorTeacher and keeper of knowledge.
    4) MartyrSelf-sacrifice for others' sake.
    5) RulerControl and command
    6) SeekerLooking for answers.
    7) HealerFights against the world's decay.
    8) TraditionalistUpholds the old ways.
    9) MediatorThe point between two parties.
    10) HermitIsolation, solitude, wisdom.
    11) HereticUpends faith, casts doubt.
    12) ConquerorGlorious victory at all costs.
    13) AbominationSomething's broken inside.
    14) DestroyerLet nothing remain standing.
    15) ChosenHailed as the doer of a great task.
    16) DefilerBlame and undermine all others.
    17) ProtectorProtect and preserve what is precious.
    18) VisionaryBig-picture ideas of a better tomorrow.
    19) ZealotOf absolute faith and conviction.
    20) DiscipleFollower of teachers old and new.
    21) RighteousUnshakable confidence in their path.
    22) TravelerThe open road still softly calls.

    Cults & Clans

    Each comes with a perk and starting equipment. Special equipment can be acquired later. Clans are limited to specific regions, while cults may be found throughout the remains of the world.

    AnabaptistsSwords against the rot of the Demiurge, swords in the name of Gnosis.
    Perk: Tattoo and nose ring - Advantage on mental saves.
    Starting Equipment: Bidenhander (d10), blessed seeds, Elysian Oil
    AnubiansMystery priests of distant, jungled Cairo. Know more than they let on.
    Perk: Welcomed and sheltered anywhere in Africa.
    Starting Equipment: Anubis mask, soul stones, healing herbs, khopesh (d8)
    ApocalypticsHedonist flocks offering any imaginable vice.
    Perk: 1000 ways to the sweet spot - Human enemies have -1 AC
    Starting Equipment: Blade bracelet (d6), compact pistol (d6), tarot deck
    ChroniclersSecretive techno-fetishists. Wish to resurrect the bygone Stream.
    Perk: Barcode tattoo - Grants access to any Cluster
    Starting Equipment: Hooded robe, vocoder mask, Chronicler's suit (AC 12), dazer pistol (Save vs impairment, 1d4 rounds stunned on fail)
    ClannersThe bulk of humanity; tribes big and small, savage and civil.
    Perk: Detailed regional knowledge
    Starting Equipment: light armor, weapon (blackpowder available > TL 2, other guns > TL3), trade tools
    HellveticsGuardsmen and tollkeepers of the Alpine fortresses. For hire.
    Perk: +10 bullets / month
    Starting Equipment: Trailblazer rifle (d8 + 1 mod), harness + helmet (AC 16)
    JehammedansA religion of shepherds and patriarchs; rivals of the Anabaptists.
    Perk: Rally allies with +1 AC and saves during combat, 3/day.
    Starting Equipment: Scimitar or rider's hoe (d8), light armor (AC 12)
    JudgesBringing law and civilization to the wasteland clans.
    Perk: Informants (+2 Network for typical cases)
    Starting Equipment: Hat and jacket (AC 12), Codex, warhammer (d10), blackpowder pistol (d8)
    NeolibyansThe capitalists of Tripoli, the masters of the Mediterranean.
    Perk: Start with d6 x 1000 scrap worth of Dinars.
    Starting Equipment: Balance book, heirloom rifle (d10), seal of the Libyan
    PalersInbred descendants of Bygone vault-dwellers.
    Perk: Dark-vision
    Starting Equipment: Submachine gun (d6), sun talisman, key to a distant bunker
    ScourgersThe Neolibyan's muscle.
    Perk: Select a worthy adversary; gain +2 AC when fighting them alone.
    Starting Equipment: Spear (d6), shield (+1 AC), assault rifle (d8), flak vest and helmet (AC15)
    ScrappersLonesome scavengers of the end of days.
    Perk: Can read and make scrappers' marks.
    Starting Equipment: Rope, compass, periscope, rifle (d10)
    SpitaliansMedic-militants locked in a war against the Sepsis.
    Perk: Free access to hospitals and spore purges.
    Starting Equipment: Medical manual, Spitalian suit + gas mask (AC12), splayer with mollusk (d6, detects spore infestation), fungicide rifle (d10, as flamethrower)

    Making Your Own Clan

    This is legitimately the only random table in the entire Degenesis book. By Jove, I will use it.

    Tech LevelWorldviewGovernanceCultural identitySizeResources
    1: TL1 - Primitive1-2: Animism1-2: Rule of One1: Holy Sites1: Family1-2: Food
    2-3 TL2 - Medieval3-4: Theism3-4 Rule of a Few2-3: Founding Place2-3: Extended Family3: Mines
    4: TL3 - Progressive5: Enlightenment5-6: Rule of Many4: Texts4-5 Local Power4: Ruin Field
    5: TL4 - Industrial6: Secular5-6 Legendary Leader6: Tribe5: Bunker
    6: TL5 - Transhuman6: Raiding


    Each background is rated between 0-6. Characters get 4 points to begin, and cannot raise a background above 3 at character creation. Further increases or losses will come about as appropriate during gameplay.

    Roll a d6 when wanting to draw on a background, aiming at or below your rating. If the roll fails, you may turn it into a success by permanently burning one point of the background.
    • Allies - Contacts within the Cult.
    • Network - Contacts outside of the Cult.
    • Authority - Influence within the Cult.
    • Renown - Reputation outside of the Cult.
    • Resources - What you can draw on beyond your own possessions.
    • Secrets - Knowing the truth behind the curtain.
    Secrets generally don't involve a roll involved, and just dictate a specific thing a character knows. The location of hidden bunkers, the passwords to an ancient computer, the real reason why the higher ups are giving an order, and so on.


    Sepsis spores are everywhere, and the best Spitalian medicine can only purge them from a body in the early stages. Be vigilant.

    A character's maximum infestation limit is their CON + WIS modifier, as the spores attack both body and soul. Spore infestation up to this limit can be medically treated. Reaching 50% infection forms a sepsis stigma on the victim's chest.

    If a character is infected beyond their maximum, they must make a WIS save whenever they would gain further spore infection. If they fail, they will gain a point of permanent infection. Reaching 50% permanent infestation means that there's no going back: the character is now a Leperos, fully under the sway of the Primer.
    • 0-100% - Treatable infection.
    • 50% -  Stigma appears.
    • >100% - Permanent infection.
    • 150% - Leperos transformation. Character is lost.

    Characters gain 1 point / day in areas of light sporination, 1 / hour in areas of moderate sepsis, and 1d6 / hour in adult fungal blooms.


    Available in any settlement with a Chronicler or Spitalian presence.

    • Sell unique and curious artifacts (TL 2-4)
    • Access to communication network (100 scrap for an account, 10 to read messages, 30 to send) 
    • Salvage leads (They claim 10% on all salvaged goods)

    • General medical care (20 scrap per day, heals 1d4 / day)
    • Surgery (100 scrap, heals 5d4)
    • Detox (300 scrap, flushes out 4 points of spore infestation)
    • Complete De-sporing (900 scrap, reduces spore infestation to 0)


    1. Said I'd do it, and I've done it. Missing the special equipment list, but anyone crazy enough to use this can cover that with their own ingenuity.

      This is practice for things to come.

    2. Also: holy smokes, this is my 100th post this year.

      1. You're a machine.

        Speaking of, from something around a year ago: Did you ever playtest your Delta Eclipse ruleset? I too find Eclipse Phase interesting as a setting but unusable as a system.

      2. I haven't, and with Mothership doing its thing I don't know if I even would. Add Gatecrashing to MS and POOF, usable EP.