Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mother Stole the Flailsnails

Regourso (Who seems to have vanished from the web)
Decided it was time to throw out a player's guide for games I run. This will be updated, changed, and tweaked as needed in the future.

Basic Stuff 

  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess as a base, Shadow of the Demon Lord initiative gets thrown in there too and don't be alarmed if I say "boon" or "bane" at some point.
  • Stats are 3d6, arranged as you want.
  • Starting money is 3d6 x 10 silver dollars.
  • Games will take place in the setting of Mother Stole Fire, unless stated otherwise.


FLAILSNAILS principles are in effect, so anything even roughly compatible is A-OK. Daniel Dean has a really good list of options, and there are plenty more lying around the blogosphere. Make one of your own if you want. If you're feeling lazy, roll below.

  1. Red Hat Hobo
  2. White Hat Hobo
  3. Wizard / Witch
  4. Cleric
  5. Link-Boy / Lantern-Girl
  6. Rake
  7. Barber 
  8. Paladin
  9. Hauflin
  10. Lilu
  11. Amazon
  12. Wanderer
  13. Conspiritor (On the Shoulders of Giants)
  14. Corpse-Worker (On the Shoulders of Giants)
  15. Prize Fighter (On the Shoulders of Giants)
  16. Witch Doctor (On the Shoulders of Giants)
  17. Stewpot Witch (Chromatic Soup 1)
  18. Merchant Knight (Chromatic Soup 1)
  19. Inventor Necromancer
  20. Goblin, more different Goblin
Wizards use the GLOG magic sysem, though you don't have to worry about any of the additional templates if you don't want to. Beyond the schools developed by Arnold, you can also look through those made by Skerples or myself.  Don't forget the summoner!

Other Notable Bits

Expanded Equipment List

The Monster Menu-All

HP and Healing 

Shields Shall be Splintered!

Think I'm missing something? Give me a holler.


  1. Even if I've got no game announced, hit me up if you want to play, I can certainly find some space.

    1. I'd like to play! What's the best way to contact you about timezones/other details? I'm relatively new to G+ and clicking on your blogger profile doesn't reveal much.

    2. Sending a private message on G+ is a pain, but if you go into my posts you can find game announcements. Just make a comment there and it can get sorted out.

    3. Do you mean Blogspot posts, or Google+ posts? I can't find any game announcements on your blog, unless you mean the play reports, and I can't find a link to your G+ profile if you have one; clicking on your name just takes me to your blogspot profile here:

    4. G+ posts. I would tag you, but the system is being the system and not bringing your name up. Put "101682089631246978881" after the .com/ and it'll bring you to my page, or just find me in the comments of anything Skerples has written. Then just hit follow.

    5. I got it to work! I'll leave the permanent link here in case someone else stumbles across this:

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  3. Eesh, the link that used to go to his tumblr now goes to some horrible squatter-bot-definitely-will-infect-your-computer site. Glad I caught that.