Tuesday, May 29, 2018


7.5/10 too much water

Pokemon games are really just ready-to-use pointcrawls when you get down to it. Here's a map. Apply your favorite wandering monster tables and travel event tables. Throw in whatever modules you have lying around. Play as a summoner if you want.

What's Up With This Town?

  1. Elderly local biologist seeks research assistants.
  2. Old man lying in the middle of main street is not actually crazy.
  3. Museum curator is working on fossil resurrection project.
  4. Bridge over the river hosts regular prize-fight gauntlet.
  5. Run by military ex-pat. Famous cruise ship docked in port.
  6. World-famous shopping center. Casino run by the mob.
  7. Entry to city blocked to cover mob takeover of ghost-tech corporation. Famous dojo.
  8. Haunted cemetery tower, populace possessed by unsettled spirits.
  9. Rare game preserve. Also, ninjas.
  10. Abandoned mansion serves as front for mob-aligned mad scientist. Also, on a volcanic island.
  11. Seaside village of perpetually-blooming cherry-groves.
  12. Tower populated by botanist-sages, good local schools.
  13. Well leads to cave system filled with tasty, dimwitted creatures.
  14. Region's largest radio station headquarters located here. High speed train line under construction.
  15. Bell tower pagoda. Twin structure was struck by lightning and burnt down years ago.
  16. Lighthouse powered by brilliant electric monster.
  17. Dead-end island town. Sailors talk of monsters and whirlpools off the coast.
  18. Local souvenir shop owner is incredibly suspicious, store is built on top of secret mob bunker.
  19. Built right into the cliffs next to a cave filled with dragons.
  20. One inn, one store, sixteen people, and nothing else.
  21. Your dad works here. Neat! 
  22. Home office of philanthropic industrial magnate and globe-trotting geologist son.
  23. Isolated village always prowling for the next Big Trend. Lots of surfing and spelunking.
  24. Large seaport with open-air marketplace and maritime musuem.
  25. Bustling crossroads city covering up catastrophe at nearby power plant.
  26. Hideaway village. Sick folks sent from the big city to get some rarefied air.
  27. Famous for volcano-ash glasswork and bands of scholars studying local meteorite impact sites.
  28. Built right on a volcano slope, very difficult climb up or down. Hot springs and hiking.
  29. Ecologically-friendly treetop city, most inhabitants work in nearby weather center.
  30. Lavish tourist destination with world-famous fashion shows and high-end shopping.
  31. Astronomy institute and telescope array found here. Entirely too-chipper psychic twins, also.
  32. White stone caldera-city, difficult to access. Ancient cave-temple to the water / earth gods.
  33. Collection of huts built atop coral reef. Nearby mirage island and ancient tower. 
  34. Sleek and modernized communications and media hub.
  35. Prosperous coal-mining town, completed with coal-mining museum.
  36. Flower fields and beehives as far as can be seen.
  37. Fading metropolis displaying remnants of once-glorious history
  38. Gentrified yuppie place lacking in distinct identity.
  39. Built at mouth of ancient ruins filled with alien language beings.
  40. Cut off from the rest of civilization by high mountains. Cult headquarters located here.
  41. Right on the border of the great marsh. Who thought this was a good idea?
  42. Historical recreation town keeping traditional folkways alive.
  43. Bisected by a shipping canal. Region's best library located here.
  44. Perpetually snow-shrouded. A temple sits just up the mountain.
  45. Port city with scenic elevated walkways. Leading the charge with solar power.
  46. Secret base in a giant bush.
  47. Secret base in a big tree.
  48. Secret base in a cave.
  49. Secret base in a huge network of underground tunnels.
  50. Secret base is now so secret they forgot to add it in the game.


  1. Have you ever seen the damage calculation equation for Pokemon? It's absolute madness.

  2. Travel time was calculated according to the grid used on the R/S/E map. The village icon is equal to one grid square, and routes were measured accordingly.