Thursday, May 31, 2018

Class: Traveler


There's a great wide world out there, filled with all sorts of folk who might come passing through. Pull up a chair, friend, and tell us where you've been.

Class: Traveler

  • When assigning stats, one attribute may be rerolled with the higher number kept.
  • Roll (or choose) 1d4 options to determine what sets you apart, either biologically or supernaturally. (If you want to skip the roll, take three biological, or two biological / one supernatural)
  • Select HP / XP, saves, and class features. These may be of any combination (example: HP / XP as fighter, saves as cleric, gains skill points as specialist.), and a different class feature may be taken every level, if one desires.
  • Select one of the traveler class features from the list below.
  • Roll three times on the list of cultural ways, and make up something them. There's no mechanical benefit associated with these, but they can help shape a traveler's home culture more clearly.
  • Roll for a Token from a Distant Land.
 Upon leveling up, you may take another traveler feature in lieu of that of a different class.

I Know Something of Interest to You
In your travels you came to know the location of a noteworthy site: ancient ruins, an abandoned temple, the treasure vault of a lost kingdom, and so on. It will be a significant journey to get there, but your information on how to get there is correct.

You can pinpoint your location, current time, and current date using only the sun, moon and stars. This will require some translation and a map to be its most accurate,

You have a gift for quickly figuring out the basics of a language quickly. When you come across a new language you have a 50% chance of having already learned enough to hold basic conversations and read simple texts. This does not work with dead languages, secret languages, and is of limited use with complex literary / legal / magical / theological texts.

Traveler's Tales
You can enthrall a crowd like no other. You can hold the attention of a small group for 1d6 hours, provided it is an appropriate time for sitting down and telling stories.  

When in Rome
You take to local customs like a fish. A day of interacting with the locals will help you walk among them comfortably. 

cosimo galluzi

Token from a Distant Land

  1. A cracked human skull filled with waves of blue glass. Announces when the gods are fighting among each other.
  2. A palm-sized clockwork compass, engraved with runes reminiscent of family members. The needle mostly hangs at the blank space.
  3. A knotted tree branch with tiny golden leaves. Fruit like amethysts filled with wine dangle from the twigs.
  4. A glove of black silk, covered with pink-white whorls of ceramic. Makes clear notes when fingers are struck against a surface.
  5. A stained-glass hummingbird. It nests in glass flower worn on a headband.
  6. A scarf of whale-fur and mahogany beads.  Drifts when there is no breeze.
  7. A bag of striped hide, tied shut with a cord of pearls. It smells of salt and spice, and is warm to the touch.
  8. A human head, wrapped up in linen gauze. Amber marbles filled with insects swivel about in the sockets.
  9. A flagstone, inscribed with thousands of minuscule symbols. If dropped, it falls slowly, and lands gently.
  10. A jade hair comb. Lightning pulses just under the surface when it is touched.

From where do you hail?

  1. Bhakirri, the Opal City of Whores
  2. The Great Dog Plains
  3. A boneturners' camp from beside the False Sea
  4. Beneath the City Where Stars Meet
  5. From the lands stricken by the Doom that Befell Ton-Zho-Lur
  6. Blue Tiger Womb-Monastery
  7. The flooded cathedral of Dead Queens' Bay
  8. The hives of the Golden King
  9. A quiet town on the Angel Coast
  10. The Shrike Range

What brings you here?

  1. It is too dangerous to stay at home, you come seeking asylum.
  2. Curiosity and disposable income can drive someone far from home on a whim.
  3. You are looking to make trade connections with foreign merchants.
  4. You are on a religious pilgrimage to the far-distant homeland of your faith.
  5. You are a scholar on a lengthy research expedition.
  6. It is time for one last journey before you die.
  7. You need a new start, anywhere far away from where you were.
  8. The powers beyond time and space command it to be so.
  9. The open road has always called to you, this is one stop of many.
  10. You will not say, even when pressed.


  1. Also good for random Sigil denizens! Took some pointers from Joseph Manola's Rake and Daniel Sell's scoundrel here.

  2. This is lovely Dan, and you put it together so quick! And of course easily convertible between multiple systems. I will absolutely be using this as inspiration next time I take a few bashers through the Cage.

  3. The Shrike Range you say? Have you read the Hyperion books Dan?

    1. It's one of my favorite books of all time.