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The world of Fwéa

On second thought, best not to go there: it is a silly place

A few months ago I gathered up a band of my friends (none of whom had RPG experience), and ran them through three sessions of Dawn of Worlds. The thought was that, in having hands in making the setting, it would be an easier jumping-in point for them all.

The end result was Fwéa. It is incredibly silly.

The first proper session in this setting is this upcoming weekend, so we shall see how well the test goes.

All dumb references are the responsibility of the friends who made them.
Races of Fwéa

Soft, rotund, pastel-colored creatures. Their bodies are like marshmallow, their hair like red licorice, and they have little trunks for sniffing out gummi-truffles. They are the oldest civilization in the world, and have played at expansionism in the past. Those days are behind them, now.

Foul, vegetable-eating cousins of the Goblobblins. A primitive people that have waged war against their sugary neighbors for centuries. They have developed broccoli agriculture and simple plant-weapons.

Secluded inhabitants of the southeastern jungles, who live in hidden villages along the ashen banks of the Red River. Masters of stealth warfare.

Violent, fiercely territorial undead that haunt the Yellow Wastes.
Burrowing rodents of the desert, with purple fur, orange paws, and strange, manlike faces. They live in vast underground burrow-cities such as Nutopya, defended by elaborate systems of pit traps and sharp spikes pointed nether-wards.

A race of portly, mustachiod humanoids (the mode of dress is the only way to determine females from males) that go about cleaning up Oilspill Island from their base in Goodluck. 
Taller, thinner variants of Hirwegos. They seek to spread the pollution of Oilspill island, though of naiveté, rather than malice. 
Six-inch tall stone men, native to the northern mesas. Driven south to the Minefield Plains to escape the oppression of the Mushroom Men. As they age, they will cease movement and become potent magical totems.

Mushroom Men
Cruel, poisonous myconids, hailing from the Fungal Forest and their rotten city of Mush. A warband marched across the entire continent to attack and enslave the groms for their mineral wealth.

A nomadic people from the eastern planes, with elongated bodies lined with arms (8-12). Hairless, with distinct, colorful skin patterns. Famous as traveling merchants across the east. Founded Trade City at Blue Fork.

Crystal Oozes
Slime-beings animated the sapient crystals that serve as their skeletons, native to the Crystal Blight. Their great secret city lies at the epicenter under the Shard Mountain. They worship the Wolf with the Crystal Crown.

Boring Folk
A nondescript, plain people, prone to no passions of any sort. They are fit for civilization (if terribly dull civilization), and have developed many efficient schools of bureaucracy. They have founded three city states – Unnamed, Equally Unexciting, and Other City – along the Straight Road across the eastern plains.

A subset of the Boring Folk, being a most delicate breed that shies away from conflict of any sort. They will surrender to any challenge, and rarely leave their homes.

Creatures of piscine anterior and canine posterior. Of friendly and loyal disposition, making them common pets in coastal regions, especially in the West.

Tall, metallic stick-figures, the Teslamen absorb the lightning strikes and use it as both food and a means of communication. They live in Teslopya, more forest of their bodies than city, in the glass-coated heart of the Lighting Wastes.

Anurian-icthian beings from the southern seas. Violent raiders of land-based peoples. Send out parties from their nameless pit-city beneath the sea, while their kings live in a hidden citadel on a forested island, above the subterranean lake where their god, the Flower’d Fish, rests.

Treefolk / Treeple
Thinking trees from the forests of the Horn. Holders of the fortress-grove at Oak, to hold back incursions of necrotic beasts from the Deadlands.

Black-carapaced natives of the Chessfields and attendant cities of Succor and Pitch. The two sides wage a formulaic and traditional false-war against each other. They are the founders of the mighty S&P Banking Clan.

Mountain Elves
A semi-nomadic people from the mountains. They hold books, especially those of magic, in the highest regard. They possess a native tradition of warding magic and kinship with the black dragons.

Sky / Space Whales
Great airborne whales, held aloft by buoyant oil and thousands of tiny butterfly wings. In possession of magics that allows them to rise into orbit, where they feed on solar radiation and space-plankton. Their main station is Huuston in the Floating Islands, amidst the spore clouds.

Lava People
Molten rock granted life, shambling about the northern tundra in suits of obsidian. They are lonely creatures without true name, and woe to all in their path.

Two-meter worms that live underneath the Iron Desert. Their mouth-parts form a rotating drill capable of burrowing through the soil, and this is ringed by smaller, similar appendages. 
Technicolor Space People / Chromatic Folk
Born of parasites that latch on to the Sky Whales as they swim in orbit, TSP are brightly hued, quite attractive, and live primarily in the vicinity of Lorin, on the Cookie Coast. They hold a secret art of building armor from whalebone, and worship the Red-and-Gold Monarch. They war against the Edizons over the fate of the Whales.

Muffin People
Simple, peaceful inhabitants of the Cookie Coast.

Baguette People
The warrior-caste of the Muffin People, specially bred and baked by Muffinin pastrymancers. Have hats like the French Foreign Legion.

Cupcake People
A foul, frosting-covered race. It is the icing that contains this diabolic evil, for underneath they are but the innocent-minded Muffin People.

Black Mountain Dragons
A race allied with the Mountain Elves through ancestral treaty and geas. 
Parasites who feed upon the Teslamen. After developing the ability to store electrical energy in their own bodies, they began to expand, founding their city of Edizonville and beginning their war to subjugate the Sky Whales. They have the most advanced technology in the world, advancing to steam-powered engines and firearms.

The Scattered God
Fragments of a god that was killed during the formation of the world, who live in the land of E-DIN, between the two rivers. A chaotic people in constant warfare, each one believing that they are the true successor of their divine parent. 
Anglerfish Trenchfolk
A people known to none but themselves, who live in the nameless city at the bottom of the Falus Trench. There they refine the chemicals of the vents and the seafloor snow into the oily sludge that rises to the surface in regions in the northwestern ocean and coats Oilspill Island.

S’sem (Scaly Snouty Eternal Monks)
Reclusive creatures that live in small communes in the northern mountains and on the border of the crystal wastes. They are immortal.

Graceful, fishlike humanoids who live in the Lovely Lake, in their city of Plinget.

Cutesy, harmless beings rooted across the Heart-Land. Enslaved and devoured by invading Omnomnians.

LSD Flowerfolk
Indistinguishable from normal Flowerfolk, this subrace will induce intense hallucinogenic visions when ingested.

Glassfolk Menagerie
A varied and diverse group of glass-bodied folk, who remain at home in their city-state on the White Cliffs. Scattered throughout the region after a traumatic earthquake laid ruin to their city and their own bodies.

Native to Red-Rock Face. Have heavily armored torsos and claws, but their heads are remarkably un-crablike.

Oceanic Crabfolk
Crabfolk that have retained their aquatic origins, living off the coast of Red-Rock Face.

Glow Worms
They live in the Pit, and generate energy there to give glow to the god at the bottom.

The other natives of E-DIN, chimeras are violent, composite creatures of origin unknowable. Some blame the Bio-wizards, but it is unproven.

Bizarre pseudo-humanoids specializing in reproductive and hybridization biomancy. Live in a mighty tower-fortress upon a motile island. Offer their services for a high, but fair price. 
Jungle Elves
The elves of the southeastern jungle have, like their cousins, a great animal companionship – this time, with the bears.

Jungle Bears  

Giant Hermit-Crabs
House-sized crustaceans living in the northern sea between the World-Roots and the Red-Rock Face.

Flying Fluffballs
Cute little puffballs, just a sphere of fur and a toothy mouth. They scream obscenities at everything.

Gods of Fwéa

Red-and-Gold Monarch 
God-King of the Chromatic Folk. Surprisingly hands-off for an immortal warrior god-king – he will emerge from his palace only in times of war or other crisis. Teaches his followers the art of scrimshaw power armor.

Wolf with the Crystal Crown 
God of the North and the Crystal Blight. A lonely wanderer in the cold.

Dark-Root Father 
An old and gnarled tree, rising high above the secluded, misty forest in the south. Its roots spread throughout the earth, so it might puppet its worshipers wherever they may tread.

Cess in the Pit 
A great mass of flesh, growing and dying at the bottom of the Pit. The source of both life and disease, this god’s worshipers will often attempt pilgrimages to the impossible island where it lives, to receive its blessings. The glow worms give homange, and the Cess is kindly upon them.

The Flower’d Fish 
God of the Flingeel, to whom they make bloody sacrifice. The Flower’d Fish lives in a deep underground lake, far beneath the island citadel of the Flingeel lords.

The Scattered God 
A god committed suicide during the making of the world, and the thousands of beings that it birthed through that death now fight eternally for the throne of the Many-Faced.

The Golden Corpse 
A comatose adolescent in golden robes, eternally asleep on a stone bed. Ferried between the cities of the Beetlepeople as part of their false wars.

The Black Lion 
A cruel and majestic beast, king of the chimeras. A distant lord of change and violence, whose visage might be seen on the distant hills of E-DIN when the night is dark and stormy.

The Unshattered High Priest 
A leader who emerged among the Menagerie in their times of trial, possessing a body of many colors and an unbreakable countenance. The survivors of the great quake use the shattered fragments of their loved ones as part of the prismatic rituals of their faith.

The Amanthrahamnun Dynasty 
Lords of the Mountain Elves who ascended to godhood through their studies of dragon magic.

The Nutcracker 
A colossal statue atop the hill of Nutopya. The Nutbreakers offer to it their slain enemies as sustenance, in hopes that it will awaken to smash all of their remaining un-slain enemies into a pulp.

The Faintest Courage 
A bodiless deity of the Surrenderites, ineffectively attempting to urge them to bravery. Fails often.

Notable Places in Fwéa

    I won’t go into the entire list right now, but that map up there includes:

  • Tropical candy jungles
  • The roots of a collapsed world-tree
  • Floating islands choked by mushroom spores
  • Necromantic Chernobyl
  • A desert filled with rocks that act like landmines
  • A miles-wide pit on a superheated island
  • A metallic desert, complete with lightning-rod monolith-trees
  • A permanent thunderstorm
  • Some of the straightest roads ever constructed
  • An island made out of a single ruby
  • Mountain Dew lakes
This will be our setting for this weekend, when I run Tomb of the Serpent Kings for the same group of friends.

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