Saturday, March 19, 2022

100 Mothership Scenario Titles

Scenarios not included.

(Also feel free to actually use these, let me know how it goes)

  1. Hard Times at the Austrolopithicine Reservation
  2. The Wretched House
  3. Blood in the Ice
  4. Hot Laputa Nights
  5. The Long Dawn
  6. It's the Fucking Babodûkh
  7. To Feast with the Dead
  8. Ten Credits & a Bullet
  9. Dreams of Ophiuchus
  10. The Last Tiger in the Universe
  11. The Age of EZ Aquarii
  12. Three Jade Eyes
  13. Ghosts of the Anthropocene
  14. Dead Drop on Orchida Segunda
  15. Bridge over the River Corpse
  16. Attack of the Mooncalf
  17. Mud and Sludge
  18. Pinocchio Syndrome
  19. The Inexplicable Urge
  20. Paul Marketing's Europan Vacation
  21. Last Call at Aquinas Station
  22. Paradoxiphilia
  23. Satan, Regrettably, Was Not Involved
  24. Tribunal of Fools
  25. I Shall Not Fear, For I Have Superior Firepower
  26. Should Death Part Us
  27. The Eridani Dilemma
  28. The Apocalypse of St. Guinefort
  29. The Siege of Mount Athos
  30. To Steal the Names of God
  31. Priority Salvage
  32. System of Command
  33. Yet Another Ancient Alien Sex Cult
  34. Alleged Horse Crimes
  35. Space-Time Abcession
  36. Atmo Station Blues
  37. Perfectly Normal Barbecue Chicken Restaurant
  38. Two Tickets to Paradox
  39. Unchecked Luggage
  40. There Was A Firefight
  41. They Will Not Allow You To Die
  42. Sixteen Hundred Tons of #9 Fuel Rods
  43. Echoes in the Plastic Tomb
  44. Catastrophic Internal Rupture
  45. Organs for Sale or Rent
  46. Hypersquaring the Circle
  47. RKV Outta Nowhere
  48. The Shitshow on St. Severian
  49. The Cat and the Forbidden City
  50. Everyone is Dead, Dave
  51. Bigfoot on Mars
  52. Knives in the Night
  53. The Emissary from Carcosa
  54. The Sickness on Grall Cylinder
  55.  Emergency Bugfixes
  56. Circles Going in Circles Going
  57. Get In Losers We're Hunting Space Fascists
  58. Planned Obsolescence
  59. The Return to Great Googly Moogly's
  60. Dread Technoliches of the Hyperloop
  61. Anvil In Need of a Hammer
  62. Duct Tape and a Prayer
  63. The Indomitable Mr. Tamam
  64. Butchers of Deimos 
  65. Cry of the Gortus
  66. Keep Circulating the Tapes
  67. Finding Godot
  68. The Hidden Fortress of Susano-O b
  69. The False Clown Brigade
  70. Nuns With Guns on the Run
  71. The Curse of Dora's Scrapyard
  72. Guest Episode By Junji Ito
  73. 1001 Things That Can Go Wrong
  74. Clarified Sin Repository
  75. Only The Swine Are Left
  76. The Complex Heist of a Briefcase of Giraffe Zygotes
  77. Call-And-Response Protocol
  78. The Body Politic at Work
  79. Drums of the Debtbreaker
  80. Shoulda Read the EULA
  81. Run Run Run Run
  82. Put the Money in the Bag
  83. Layover at the Brain-Trust
  84. Interspecies Congress
  85. A House of Many Doors
  86. Casino Royale with Cheese
  87. Live and Drink
  88. Those Who Live in Death
  89. A Cavalier Attitude to Intellectual Property
  90. Do Not Let The Lights Go Out
  91. Now That's What I Call Praxis
  92. The Gentification War
  93. Dead Men Are Rather Talkative, Actually
  94. Incomplete Containment Procedures
  95. The 37th Sermon of Vek
  96. Sunflower Fields Forever
  97. So Very Many Skeletons in the Closet
  98. Reclamation Duty
  99. Ghastly Murder at Llanawen Point
  100. Music of the Spheres


  1. I should do tables more often, they are nice and easy to write and I have fallen out of the practice.

  2. Hah, quite inspiring. Isn't house of many doors a video game?

    1. So it is! Potentially I had seen it in passing and forgotten utterly about it, as is common.

  3. These could all double as ship names from the Culture series (which, btw, you should read and do a review post bc I’d love to hear your takes).

    Also, love the Morrowind reference. The ending of the words is ALMSIVI

    1. I made a terrible, terrible mistake years ago of trying to get into the Culture series through Use of Weapons and that has stopped me from ever returning to it, outside of lists of ship names (which i love)

    2. That was my favorite book in the series but it’s absolutely impenetrable. Cant imagine a worse way to start the series lol

      Should you ever give it a go, start with Consider Phlebas or Player of Games for sure.

  4. If I were to develop any of these into a scenario, mind if I release them? Would credit you with the title, naturally, if you'd like. Been looking for an excuse to design a few pamphlet-sized sci-fi horror modules, and some of these sparked some ideas.

    1. If they're non-commercial and I get a credit blurb with a link-back, it's all good.

  5. #50 could be an alternate title for Red Dwarf.

    1. I should hope so, that's where I swiped it from.

    2. Now I feel stupid. Because my first thought was in the direction of A Spce Odyssey. I'm sorry. Dan.

    3. No worries, it's all good.

  6. I'd read or watch all of these and can almost smell the yellow-edged pulp paper from some titles. Beautiful.
    Ten Credits and a Bullet is pure space-western poetry. Get In Loser, We're Hunting Space Fascists sounds like a rollicking good time. Perfectly Normal Barbecue Chicken Restaurant is something I want to play RIGHT NOW, and there's no end to the chicken-meat horrors. (I'm imagining the pulp-era conceit of a vat-grown Chicken Little that has developed enough mutant neural tissue to psionically influence the staff to mutate it further, because being ablated for nuggets is both painful and degrading).

    You KNOW the first thing that happens in They Will Not Let You Die is tripping over your own gruesomely mutilated clone-sleeve. Then falling down a small pile of the same.

    Clarified Sin Repository sounds like there's going to be a heist of Demon Liqueurs, ideally with a wine cellar and demon sommelier of flexible loyalty.

    Alleged Horse Crimes is a mystery to me but I'd play it on the strength of the title alone.

    And of course I'm stoked for more GGM content. I imagine the MacDougal as Gritty in a chef hat as drawn by R. Crumb, in the classic LSD Keep On Trucking stride.