Tuesday, January 4, 2022

100 Things to Do At The Spaceport

So the rules preview for Mothership 1e is out to backers now, and being one of that lucky number I have given it my perusal. Among noteworthy changes is the fact that downtime in port can convert stress into better saves, as determined by the port's classification.


  1. Pornographic slickspace with a jailbroken scenario generator
  2. Blood sports arena (flash cloned c-levels and celebrities)
  3. Blood sports arena (self-service)
  4. Blood sports arena (tricked out robots)
  5. Religious service (Orgiastic Dionysian rites)
  6. Religious service (Radical splinter faction)
  7. Public execution (traitors to the syndicate)
  8. The Hungry Bug (good dumplings and cheap beer)
  9. Dealer: Angeldown
  10. Dealer: Hypermeth
  11. Dealer: Quantum Devil Engine
  12. Dealer: Turingfuck.exe
  13. Public appearance by local crime lord
  14. Delvers' (dive bar for all the weirdos)
  15. Goblin Market (pirated and handmade goods; sometimes both)
  16. Xenofungus-infected shaman performing spore rituals
  17. Specialty brothel ("The Kink Buffet")
  18. Passion play (Tragedy of the Lady of Fangs)
  19. Illegal bodymod surgery hall (observers welcome, color commentary provided)
  20. Place that was at some point a Burgar Konig franchise. Definitely not cursed.


  1. Cafeteria (automated food dispensary)
  2. Religious service (Nocinax Pilgrimage revival preacher)
  3. Multi-denominational chapel space & fellowship hall
  4. Talent show (open signups)
  5. Gaming lounge (inadvertently retro due to age of equipment)
  6. Universe's saddest marijuana dispensary
  7. Standardized corporate auto-brothel (capsule)
  8. Little Spacers' Library
  9. Volunteer chore roster
  10. Sit on a bench and watch the maintenance drones
  11. Union hall (charity spaghetti dinner)
  12. Hang out at the commissary store
  13. Community herb garden
  14. Mama Fiorini's Pizza Place
  15. Theater (Fuck the King of Space)
  16. Community college evening classes (audit)
  17. Dealer: Space Heroin
  18. Low-rent occult paraphernalia store (Neo-Wicca, New Age 3.0, Folk Capitalism)
  19. Swap meet + flea market and scrap sale
  20. Chain restaurant (Great Googly Moogly's)


  1. Cafeteria (Chain fast food)
  2. Hookah bar
  3. ISWU brothel (willing to moonlight as bruisers if the gig is right)
  4. Blues lounge (Real folk blues)
  5. Tea shop (private rooms available)
  6. Codepriest offering tech support and exorcisms
  7. Religious Service (Principles of Prosperity and Profit)
  8. Religious Service (Small Gods)
  9. Religious Service (Church of the High Houses)
  10. Mahjong parlor (obvious front for the mob)
  11. Devil Hunters' Lodge (public demonstrations)
  12. Neo-neanderthal drum circle
  13. Vat-meat BBQ joint
  14. Union hall (members only)
  15. Designated injection site
  16. Dealer: Blue Sand
  17. Spacers' memorial
  18. Theater (Admiralty Blues: The Movie)
  19. Cat lounge
  20. Happy Devil Noodle Company


  1. 0-G laser tag courts
  2. Boutique craft fair
  3. Axe-throwing pop up
  4. Full tactile immersion slickworld pods
  5. Codepriest cluster-monastery
  6. Mindfulness observatory
  7. Craft distillery (in the neoliberal hell future they have somehow made IPAs worse)
  8. Religious service (Ancient alien xenotheism with barely-whitewashed racism)
  9. Religious service (Principles of Prosperity and Profit, subscribed members-only circle)
  10. Singleship races
  11. Immersive AR LARP
  12. Escape room (Abducted by the Zetians)
  13. Anime convention
  14. Wandering preachers (International Society for MANA-YOOD SUSHAI Consciousness)
  15. Dealer: Space Mead
  16. Circus (0-G acrobatics and stage magic)
  17. Corporate tech exhibition
  18. Union recruitment drive
  19. Guided station tours + historical reenactment (Recombination era)
  20. AI generated live concert with android idol troupe


  1. Pornographic slickspace with a no-restraints scenario generator
  2. Blood sports arena (debtors)
  3. Religious services (Orgiastic Dionysian rites, except with yuppies and performative wealth)
  4. Religious services (Human sacrifice to appease the Market)
  5. Public execution (class traitors)
  6. Botanical garden (special exhibit of imported Earth flowers)
  7. "Communing with the aetheric intelligences" (the fuck does this even mean)
  8. A lovely night at the opera (pack your go-bag)
  9. Living art installation (The Esoteric Ecstasies of St. Balai-an of Garamond d)
  10. High-society gala (Designer infectious diseases)
  11. Dealer: Ulfire Lotus
  12. Dealer: Ultima Amanitia
  13. Dealer: ExtraSensoryOverload.exe
  14. Full-body cosmetic treatment
  15. Public dueling garden (walk-ins welcome)
  16. Cybernecromantic seance
  17. DIY chimera lab
  18. Fine dining experience (multiple courses of artificially-scarce foods)
  19. Human zoo (current exhibit "Exotic Cultures of the Rim")
  20. [REDACTED] Have fun figuring out where your missing time went.