Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Guns and Kung-Fu for Knaves of All Sorts

Arky Fitzwater


The bones of this are stolen wholesale from Luke Thomson and Ben Milton (again!)

Firearms come in two basic categories.
  • Pistol - d8 damage, 1 slot, 3 quality, can be fired in melee
  • Rifle - d10 damage, 2 slots, 3 quality, disadvantage when fired into melee.
Reloading depends on what kind of gun you have.
  • Black powder - Must be reloaded after each shot, reloading takes a turn.
  • Semi-automatic - Pistols have 6 shots, rifles have 8.
I tend to imagine the cutting edge of firearms in my games to be something akin to Colt revolvers and Winchester rifles. No further than an M1 Garand. Which will still co-exist with black powder muskets. Anachronism reigns supreme.

An ammo pouch and cleaning tools take up 1 slot. It can hold 24 charges / bullets

Rifles can be affixed with a bayonet (d6 damage, 3 quality, 1 slot), which can be removed and used as a normal melee weapon if needed.
For those who want more granularity / variety among their firearms, tags can be integrated, as per Luke's post.

A standard grenade takes up 1 slot and does 2d6 damage within a 10 foot radius, ignoring armor.


Martial Arts

Fighting styles fulfill the role of both weapon and armor, and take up equivalent slots. Multiple styles may be learned by a character, but only one can be equipped at a time - switching styles requires that you have the slots available for use. New styles can only be learned by finding a master and then leveling up while in their tutelage.

Each martial art has a perk and a drawback.

49 Empty Palms - d8 damage, 14 AC, 5 slots
  • Perk - Your attacks count as magical.
  • Drawback - Known only to angels.

Peasant's Path - d6 damage, 12 AC, 2 slots
  • Perk - You blend in with crowds of commoners and rural folk.
  • Drawback - You cannot hold a position of high social status.

Wheel of the Elements - d6 damage, 13 AC, Spells: Shape Earth, Control Fire, Bend Water, Move Air, 7 slots
  • Perk - 1/2 damage from preferred element.
  • Drawback - Double damage received from opposed element.

Crane Style - d8 damage, 13 AC, 4 slots
  • Perk - Your reach is as a spear.
  • Drawback - Disadvantage when resisting knockdown.

Mountain Stance - d10 damage, 18 AC, 9 slots
  • Perk - You cannot be knocked down in this stance.
  • Drawback -You cannot leave the ground in this stance.

Pressure Point Style - 0* damage, 15 AC, 5 slots   
  • Perk - You can catch anything thrown to you.
  • Drawback -Your hands are permanently numb.
* Target must pass a CON save or be paralyzed.

Way of the Pebble - d6 damage (ranged),  14 AC, 5 slots

  • Perk - If you kill an enemy, you may make an additional attack on a second.
  • Drawback -Skin takes on a rough, unpleasant appearance.

Porcelain Fist - d10 damage, 11AC, 3 slots
  • Perk - You may damage yourself to do more damage (no greater than lvl)
  • Drawback - Healing you receive is half as effective.

Drunken Monk - 2d4 damage, 13 AC, 4 slots
  • Perk - Can use any item as an improvised weapon
  • Drawback - Must be intoxicated to use this stance.

Way of the White Hand - d6 damage 16 AC, Spells; White Hand, Black Hand, 8 slots
  • Perk - Knowledge of distant lands and cultures.
  • Drawback -Vegetarian diet, deathly feud with the Red Hand.

 Several perks / drawbacks were suggested by twocalf on the Discord server. That gif is an edit from K6BD done by Cryophage.


  1. I tested the guns live while running Blood in the Chocolate, worked perfectly.

  2. I really like the idea of complex martial arts styles taking up inventory slots. It makes sense as you can't be too encumbered with various bits and bobs to efficiently use your style of choice.

  3. I really need to give Knave a read. The basic idea that equipment, spells, cyber-implants, mutations, martial arts styles, whatever else you want to use to customize your character, it ALL draws on the same limited resource ... well, it seems like a simple yet profoundly powerful thought.

    1. That's been why I've been so taken with it - a simple mechanic that unfolds to encompass whatever you want.

  4. Clearly, Gavel (my character in Dan's Danscape game) needs this. KUNG FU WOLF MAN BEST DOG TRAVELER GOOOOOOOO!

    1. Lantern Boy has clearly been passing on techniques.