Wednesday, October 10, 2018

SpaceKnave Cybernetics Emporium

Jakub Rebelka

Each module takes up a single encumbrance slot, as a spell would. They may be "cast" according to Knave (one use per day, per module) or VAM rules (casts / day = level, shared among all modules). Some modules can be active all the time - in this case, invested energy is not restored.

Much of this list was torn directly from Ben Milton's Knave, and owes inspirational debt to Luke Thomson.

  1. Additional Arms - Two secondary arms.
  2. Advanced Hearing - Can hear faint noises, dampen excessive ones, filter specific sounds.
  3. Advanced Scent - Can identify and track scents.
  4. Advanced Vision - Telescopic, microscopic, enhanced clarity.
  5. Air Filter / Air Reserves - Filters out airborne toxins, provides internal storage for
  6. Body Jump - Can transfer consciousness to another entity with a cyberbrain.
  7. Brainskim - Can intercept superficial data / thoughts on local network.
  8. Catherine - Projects nanoswarm-form of woman in a blue dress who will fulfill sensible requests.
  9. Cryoprojector - Sprays a freezing mist.
  10. Cuttlefish Skin - May change skin color and texture at will; can disguise as other people.
  11. Cyberbrain - Direct brain-to-computer link and data storage device.
  12. Deafen - Temporarily deafens target.
  13. Detect Network - Detects nonstandard wireless networks.
  14. Disassembler Swarm - Nanites can break down 1 meter cube of material into components.
  15. Drone Module - Detachable, remote-controlled utility drone. Spider, snake, hover variants available.
  16. Exowomb - Provides comfortable and safe gestation of a wide range of available embryos.
  17. Foam Projector - Creates quick-hardening foam.
  18. Fog Projector - Creates a thick, cold fog.
  19. Ghostrider - Can store a secondary consciousness, requires cyberbrain.
  20. Healing Module - Any healing is made one step up the die ladder.
  21. Hibernation Module - User may sleep for up to 6 months without ill effect.
  22. Holo-Projector - Projects a moving, lifelike image.
  23. Hypercalculator - Permits high-power calculations and data-processing.
  24. Illuminator - Generates a bright light that floats about the user.
  25. Invisible Mark - You may place an AR tag that only you can see.
  26. Language Module - You may understand and speak languages they do not normally know.
  27. Library Card -  May ask research questions of the DM about specific subjects.
  28. Lockpick Module - Forcibly-opens a mechanical or electric lock.
  29. Magnetic Grips - Hands and feet may become magnetized.
  30. Marble Mania - Your pockets are filled with remote-controlled marbles.
  31. Mechanitendril - Prehensile mechanical tendril.
  32. Mindjack - Can hack into an inhabited cyberbrain.
  33. Nanovampire - Drains nanites from target individual or hive for health or additional implant usages.
  34. Night Vision - Grants greyscale, medium-range vision in low-light environments.
  35. Opposable Feet - Can hold and manipulate items with feet.
  36. Phobia / Aggression / Peace - Engenders titular state.
  37. Printer Module - Can print an item with time, blueprint, and raw resources.
  38. Protective Nanohive - Counteracts nanotech hazards.
  39. Q-Net Uplink - Permits access to the Q-Net, with all danger and reward that entails.
  40. Recover Data - Can bring back contents of damaged cyberbrain or computer.
  41. Reward Center - Grants dopamine shot or pain according to programmed criteria.
  42. Sensory Jack - You may scramble the sensory inputs of a single target.
  43. Sockpuppet - False identity, in case of emergency.
  44. Spider Grip - You can keep a grip on flat surfaces
  45. Springheel Feet - Aids in long-distance jumping.
  46. Temporal Perception Modulator - Accelerates or slows target's perception of time.
  47. Thermal Vision - Grants heat-sensing vision.
  48. Trollnet - Botswarm in a bottle, comes with selection of pre-programmed ideologies and behaviors.
  49. Web Projector - Creates a sticky silken web.
  50. X-Ray Vision - Grants vision through walls.

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  1. I REALLY like Library Card, Sockpuppet, and Trollnet. I like that you took real-world things, and turned them into gameable equipment.